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Take back Al Gore's Oscar, 2 Academy members demand in light of Climategate [Updated]

Ex-VP Democrat Al Gore clutches his 2007 Oscar--from his cold dead hands

No, it wouldn't do anything for the environment.

But two Hollywood conservatives (yes, there are some) have called upon the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to rescind the prestigious, profitable gold Oscar statuette that it gave ex-Vice President Al Gore et al two years ago for the environmental movie "An Inconvenient Truth."

A Top of the Ticket post Dec. 4 about former Vice President Al Gore and the film “An Inconvenient Truth” incorrectly reported that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded Gore an Oscar. Although Gore appeared in the film and participated in the Academy Awards ceremony, the Oscar was given to the movie for best documentary. The post also refers to the “leak” of controversial e-mails concerning research into global warming but did not explain how the documents were obtained. The e-mails were obtained by computer hackers who then leaked their contents to the public by posting them online.

Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd, both academy members, are among a small, meandering pack of known political conservatives still believed to be on the loose in the liberal bastion of movie-making.

In 2007, Hollywood's academy sanctified Gore's cinematic message of global warming with its famous statue, enriched his earnings by $100,000 per 85-minute appearance and helped elevate the Tennesseean's profile to win the Nobel Peace Prize despite losing the election battle of 2000 to a Texan and living in a large house with lots of energy-driven appliances.

Chetwynd and Simon were prompted to make their hopeless demand this week by the ... 

... leak two weeks ago of a blizzard of British academic e-mails purporting to show that scientists at the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit systematically falsified data to document the appearance of global warming in recent years.

The university is reportedly investigating the claims, which added dry fuel to the never-ending political debate over whether the Earth really is warming as a result of human activity or if it's just normal natural cycles and the debate is what's heated. The demand to withdraw Gore's award provides yet another opportunity to argue.

The startling leak comes at an inconvenient time just before next week's United Nations climate change meeting that will cause an immense carbon footprint with thousands of people flying up or over to Denmark to talk about saving the environment.

These airplanes will include Air Force One with its primary passenger President Obama, who's returning to the Copenhagen scene where he didn't help win the 2016 Summer Olympics for Chicago, which could do with a little global warming at this time of year.

Simon, a screenwriter who is also chief executive officer of Pajamas Media, a network of conservative online blogs, conceded he knew of no precedent for the Academy withdrawing a previously-awarded Oscar, despite decades of Hollywood hijinks and worse. But, he added, "I think they should rescind this one."

Democrat ex-VP Al Gore talking about the environment

The controversial leaked documents have been assembled here by Pajamas Media and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The joint demand by Simon and filmmaker Chetwynd is available on video here.

The television news-watching world in America has not learned much about the so-called Climategate scandal because it has not really been mentioned on the air except for a notorious cable news channel named for a three-lettered, wily, wild animal that often seems to revel in debunking liberal shibboleths.

Network news programs have been far more concerned with the obviously more important White House party-crasher story involving a couple of formally-dressed phonies.

The falsified documents do not come up in Gore interview excerpts published late last night here by Politico's John F. Harris and Mike Allen.

This week White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs claimed that global warming was no longer in dispute by most people. But a subsequent Rasmussen Reports poll of Americans finds only 1 in 4 adults believe that most scientists agree on the topic.

And while only 20% claim to have followed the leaked e-mail story Very Closely, nearly 60% believe it is at least somewhat likely that scientists have falsified environmental data to support their own global warming beliefs and theories.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photos: Associated Press

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Since this is a blog run by the LA Times, as opposed to, say, some random blogger, maybe the paper should correct this article about people calling for the rescinding of Al Gore's Oscar, so that it reflects the minor fact that Al Gore did not, in fact, receive an Oscar.

Wow, it's really hard to believe newspapers are going out of business.

The Academy should at the very least re-categorize the award. Why would a cheesy fictional 'mock-umentary' be given the Best Documentary Award, especially when it was up against Winged Migration, one of the more amazing real documentaries ever made?

Oh, and they should also issue an apology to the makers of Winged Migration for stealing their moment of glory in order to promote Gore's hysterically driven new religion...

By this Bozo logic, they should rescind the two Oscars they gave JFK. Subsequent computer analysis of the bullet trajectories basically proves that film's thesis to be incorrect. (And of course, let's not even mention that the so called falsifying of the data was really just revising some emails to iron out what only SEEMED to be holes in the scientists' arguments. Bad form but hardly proof that climate warming is a hoax.)

All the politicians and scientists involved in perpetrating this HOAX shall be investigated. Those who by fanaticism -or out of greed- lied to promote the Man Made Globar Warming Ponzi Cheme shall go to Jail (one of them is Al Gore).

This is serious, Folks...the scientists -knowingly- cooked the data and destroyed any data that was not in their favor.


Man simply doesn't have the power to affect global warming or cooling to an even close to measurable degree. The sun's the most likely suspect. Has anyone considered that the sunspots are at lows not seen since the late 1920s? I would suggest that this phenomenon has far more impact on the global climate (which, by the way, has been cycling for millions of years even before the Industrial Revolution) than some scam thought up by people trying to get rich at the public trough.

Its a FACT, data has been manipulated. There have been numerous errors found in Gore's movie.He has even admitted to some.Another fact, when the Vikings were ravaging the Northern Hemesphere, hundreds of years ago,there was less ice than there is now. How can this be? The sun is in control of the globe.We humans are insignificant in the outcome.The earth cools and warms no matter what we do.We could be skiing in Florida in 20 years.We have no contol over it.

PSALMS 2:4-5

If Milli Vanilli can be stripped of Grammys based on fraudulent performances, why wouldn't Al Gore or Michael Moore be forced to give back an Oscar if it was a awarded for a fraudulent piece of work?

Remember, their work was not judged as fiction as most movies are, but in the "documentary" category. Documentaries are supposed to be factually correct and informative. If they are, in reality, political agenda-driven fiction pieces masquerading as non-fiction with the sole intent of being used as a tool to promote their political policies, they are no longer legitimate "documentaries", and they should absolutely be stripped of any awards fraudulently achieved.

If a "documentary filmmaker" had prepared a "documentary" that appeared to show Barack Obama as unfit to be president, and the "facts" presented in the film had generated enough swing in public opinion that it had kept him from achieving the democratic nomination, then later it turned out that many (or most) of the facts presented in the "documentary" were either fictitious or staged, wouldn't most in Hollywood demand that the filmmaker be stripped of any academy awards? I'm sure they would. What's the difference here...other than liberal agendas trumping truth and fairness.

Posted by: Steve | December 04, 2009 at 04:09 AM
so fine this was a "gone with the wind" production that was given an award based on its truly beautiful film presentaion ....bull!!! it was give an award to stamp so called content that makes the end of the world ...get a horse ride the train(no trains where I live ) happy ....take it back, debase him for the fraud and con man that he is and where the hell is the money for the nobel matter what all of you tree hugging fools do, there will be a end to it all, see you in hell

To all of you arrogant idiots, otherwise known as progressives: the recent exposure of the "scientists" in East Anglia and others involved in the Climategate scandal should tell you that not only are these people, who are major players in the AGW issue, deliberately falsifying data, attempting to suppresss opposing views, and destroying evidence that is required to be turned over to a FOIA request-this is proof of the malfeasance of the global warming alrmists. It is the politicization of science that has destroyed the credibility of the scientists who get huge amounts of funding, publicity, and political clout for touting man caused global warming. Al Gore, who has used this issue for fame and huge profits, is such a complete fraud and phony it is unbelievable that you warmers don't see it. You are living in your own man made fantasy world. The science (and I am a practicing scientist) does NOT support your fear mongering claims. You condescending idiots suggest that those of us who haven't joined your cause are somehow desirous of the olds destruction, That is simply stupid, and if you had the ability to think, rather than just meonorize yelling points you'd see that it is illogical to say that people want to see harm come to the planet. You should be ashamed that people like James Carville, who represent you, say things like "the pollution lobby". There can never be any useful progress made ina scientific endeavor when people choose to be this contentious. You think that climate scientists who disagree are all funded by giant corporations, which is just simply false. Did you ever think (I knw its hard for you, but you should try) that if the scientific evidence were so solid in favor of what you believe, that there wouldbe no need for anyone to shout, and certainly no need for any behavior like that shown by the Climategate evidence. As for Al Gore, his Academy Award, as well as the Nobel Prize, are totally phony, completely political awards. There is no merit to either one of them. Both should be rescinded if there is any honor among those who awarded them. These are just as bad as the award to Obama for a peace that he has done absolutley nothing to secure. Those of you who support these awards need to take a hard look at yourselves, you have left the world of integrity and are flying solo or in flocks through the land of the lost. Grow up.

In spite of the fact global warming, or global climate change, or whatever they're renaming it these days is being exposed for the hoax that it is, Al Gore should not be pressured to give back his Oscar. I believe it was won in the category of best documentary and at the time was seen as based more on politics than merit anyway. All documentaries usually pass themselves off as the truth, but many of the ones made today are works of fiction that Hollywood gets all wee-weed up over and loves to heap awards on. His film is no different.

Have any of you actually witnessed or felt this global warming? I haven't...and I doubt you have, either. I'm 35...and I haven't seen any change in my short time on earth...and I doubt you have, either.

The earth is 4.5 billion years's time on earth isn't even a grain of sand in the grand scheme of time. And we're so arrogant to assume our activities have changed CLIMATE? Liberalism reeks of self-important arrogance, and the notion of man-made global warming reflects that.

Who cares? I stopped paying any attention to the Oscars the year Cher won Best Actress. And the Nobel Peace Prize became meaningless whrn Arafat got one. How could anybody keep a straight face while preasenting a peace prize to a known terrorist?

I noticed that Mr. Simon and Mr. Chetwynd are Academy members. Since both gentlemen were nominated for screenwriting awards (Simon for co-writing "Enemies: A Love Story" in 1990; Chetwynd for co-writing "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz" in 1975), I'm intrigued that they did not do their Oscar research and discover that despite all of the press photographs, producer/director Davis Guggenheim received the Oscar for "An Inconvenient Truth", not Al Gore.

Climategate? That's out of my hands.
Trying to rewrite Oscar history? Shame on both of them.

We all know the liberal media is always going to support anything that is the will of the people like Al Gore . What the Democratic party has become is sickening to those of us raised as Democrats by the old time Dem's. My father and grandfather would highly approve of my changing parties as I have done . As far as the White House is concerned we have put the fox in charge of the hen house. What will it take to stop them ?

sensible people have always known Gore was a fraud. he has never agreed to debate global warming theory. Gore, you lost the election after every attempt to steal it, now go away.

Hey,,, Oscars are generally given to films of fictional work.... So on what bases do they want Gores award rescinded? Wasn't it a great work of fiction???????

You cannot spell LIbEral without LIE. The only way I can see the Goracle saving face, is to have an affair with Tiger Wood's wife...

Al Gore, with his climate change scam, is nothing but a complete fraud, and is much worse than the Maddof fraud, as Gore's scheme affects the entire world. Not only should Gore Oscar be taken away, but he should be summarily charged for fraud and brought to trial where I'm sure he would be found completely guilty and finally put in prison. He should also be forced to pay back all the earnings he received from all his schemes he has promoted against unwitting and stupid people.

I have questioned this all along. I mean the man who invented the internet(lol) is the man who is going to tell us about how terrible we are as human beings in relation to breathing and being the problem with global worming(pun inteneded). This worms mis-information is the problem. We should start to drill for oil, gas and other resources we have so we can become more dependent on domestic supply. This has been halted by these green keeping worms and it is time we take back our country and do what is right for the people.

Change the category to fiction for promoting a global deception framed as a documentary.

I can't believe it, it's the first time I read an entire article on the LA Times website without getting nauseous, Nice Job!

Poor clowns, you gave an oscar to yet one more undeserving overstuffed idiot and now you are thinking about retracting it? Well do you still think Michael ( I made a gazillion but hate capitalism) Moore is still an oracle? Well then let the Goracle keep his statue, like a monument to stupidity.

Well, actually, Candyman, the arctic ice sheet has moderately metled back in the last 3 years, while the antarctic sheet has increased its volume over a similar period of time.

It doesn't do your argument any good to simply lie about actual statistics that can be confirmed by hundreds of independent and unbiased sources. You're nothing more than the fraud that ALL climate change proponents are. YOU are culpable in the worst and most expensive hoax ever played upon mankind.

Happy? least you and yours are now out of business.

Why do people still get sucked into this negative spin the media puts on every news article. Are you really that blind to not see what the point of the article was? It was a tactic used to get the Blue and Red sides to bicker and further the division among each other. You cant deny global warming its science not mythology

Because climate change does not affect them directly, these idiots are like babies who think you do not exist if they close their eyes and not see you. The bunch of you, why nor crawl back into your mothers' wombs? Or were you all hatched from an egg?


Never heard of either one of these "hollywood types". Now I have heard it all - DRUDGE IS QUOTING HOLLYWOOD!! Have loser matt gone hollywood? "climategate " is matt drudge "masterbate" - he is just rying to increase web hits. Never visit his sponsors!

Reagan ends the cold war and Obama gets a Nobel Peace prize. Carter gives the Panama Canal away and he also gets a Nobel. Gore creates a fiction film and gets one too. Are these awards on sale at Toys-R-Us?

let him keep it.
not much use in jail.
maybe trade it for a pack of smokes.

Gore should definitely be tried for participating in and profiting by this scam.

uh, the well is dirty. the premises have been shown to be false. it is not unreasonable to be suspicious of the claims of man made global warming after thousands of emails from THE leading scientists in the movement are telling a different story. it is outrageous that you would dismiss concerns out of hand in such a matter of fact way. you obviously do not think logic is beneficial to thinking clearly, which is fine, but please, don't insult those of us who try to make decisions based upon sound reasoning.

Best news of the day. They should put this traitor in prison instead of taking back his trophy.

His simple desire is to destroy the US economy through cap and trade taxes on carbon. In this way he fuels the one world government by crippling the last country that could be a force for good in this world if it would throw out these America hating hucksters that are taxing us to death and making off with the money by paying fat cat bankers as the government takes over banking and industry. Gore and Obama should get adjoining cells for life, right across the hall from Madoff. TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THESE SCOUNDRELS!

The funny thing about this slimeball, is that the people supporting him are stupider than Gore himself. That is relly stupid and slimey.

If you put a lit candle under your house thermostat and it increases by 6 degrees, is your house 6 degrees warmer? Of the 1221 U.S. temperature sensors, 89% are now under the influence of direct human heat sources. The average of these sensors show the 'hockey stick' in Gores film. The remaining 11% of sensors that are still rural show a 2 degree temperature decrease in the last 5 years.. Satellite data and ocean sensor also show Global Cooling during these years.

Those in charge failed to recognize bad bad data and failed to listen to those who understood what was happening. So was it deliberate politically motivated fraud, or was it incompetence, or a mixture of both?

Behold in the latter days of the false prophets for they shall lead the masses astray, aka... Gore, Boxer, Pelosi, Reed, Franken, Frank, Kennedy(RIP), and the rest of the believers that have used this issue to try to bring this country down and submit to internationalism. Now they have their incompetent fool infesting our White House to finalize their treachery.

Another nail in the coffin for the Rethugs. If a democrat says it they deny it. Thats all they do now. Go to to read about the bogus climategate scandal.

Wow, the hatred seething at Gore is teeming. He is like a lightning rod for conservative hatred toward liberals. This little story is just an excuse to vent. A man committed to protecting our planet, from real possible damage - is called a liar and much worse. Al Gore almost lost his 6year old son, and that experience brought him to realize the importance of protecting our planet for our children. He chose not to run for president- though it was a major opportunity for him to do so, and instead, during that time her wrote the book "Earth In The Balance." This is a man with a vision who cares. Whether global warming is a sun cycle, CO2 accumulating, or both, there's no need for inciting such hatred. On a side note - nothing so far in the emails themselves has been shown to have actually been 'hidden' from the public. They might have discussed WANTING to downplay some data, but in the end it WASN'T. The emails were DISCUSSIONS in private, the kind you and I have everyday at the watering hole, not meant for public consumption, with lots of things we would regret if publicized. If ANY of the global warming deniers on this forum have evidence of an ACTUAL successful coverup based on these emails - PROVE IT.

Gosh, first Al Gore's his Nobel Prize? Finally, the closing of Gore and his partner Blood's Carbon Credit Trading Business in London? (yes, it really is "Blood and Gore").

The fact that because of ClimateGate, the MET Office in the UK is now re-investigating 160 years of temperature data - from 100+ countries, and will take 3 years to do it, is a serious admission that perhaps the data has been "cooked" (pun intended).

Then there is the CEI's Freedom of Information request/pending lawsuit in Washington against NASA and global-warming hero Jim Hansen. Hansen allegedly fudged both satellite data (missing data due to "programming error" was mysteriously found when independent researchers challenged the raw data once they got their hands on it).

And the latest NASA Hansen kerfuffle: questions on the truthfulness of the underlying temperature data maintained by NASA provided by the NOAA array of earth-based white thermometer boxes...

If these raw temperature numbers ultimately get "revised" downwards, then there's been no global warming. No global warming means no problem. So, the 31,486 scientists who recently signed the global warming petition calling into question the entire global warming premise might be correct after all ( Hmmm...

Perhaps then we can get onto dealing with the real ecological problems facing the Earth today - like lack of clean drinking water for billions of people, and overfishing by the EU which has turned the North Sea into a desert. For starters.

"Global Warming" is the elephant is the room - which sucks all the money out of all the other really important ecological projects which can really do something to help improve people's lives. But it sure is good at making lots of money for the usual vested interest: progressive politicians, big businesses like GE - and Wall Street, ready to hustle new "carbon credits" indulgences to assuage one's guilt.

Over at Human Events we often discuss this amazing phenomena of the lemming-like behavior of the media over "Global Warming". Fortunately, polls show that the American people will have none of this. The vast majority of Americans, when polled, say it's all a bunch of hokum. And they're right.

Al gore is a idiot.with his iq he should be working at a car wash.Its not about climate change.Its about bringing down capitialism and the country.Evry thing there doing is the exact opposite of what should be done.Bankrupt the country is just one objective.Are there any americans left in AMERICA.

Amazing how many people seem to have been waiting for this news. Of course, if they would bother to read the story, or bother to read anything for that matter, then maybe we could take their claims more seriously. Three or four scientists were involved in this.

So I guess that means that global warming is a hoax. I guess that means that liberal/communist/socialist/fascist/dog-catchers are the only ones who care about global warming.

I think you should all go fishing in Pittsburgh.

I also hope that someone hacks into your emails and shares them with everyone.

Can you say Milli Vanilli?

To anyone with common sense, this movie was seen as fiction from the very beginning. Anybody who bought the lies would have bought other movies as fact, as well. The Day the Earth Stood Still was mroe believable. RUN! RUN! Was he given the award based on truthfulness of the piece?

This is just history repeating itself. Mark Twain Knew it:

"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes."

The problem for Al Gore and anybody else who bought up the hoax, is the truth.

No one is debating whether or not the earth is warming and the ice caps are melting, they are, it is the CAUSE that is being debated, well being debated among selfish special interest groups with hidden personal and commercial agendas. Real scientists, like me who are still interested in the truth, who are not chasing grant money to deliver whatever results you pay for, do all agree, the earth is warming, and it is because of normal ice age cycles. The earth is positioned in space on a tilted axis, this is why we have opposing seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres. This tilt "wobbles" in space and varies about six degrees over the course of about 26,000 years. It has been about 13,000 years since the last ice age. That means we are right in the cusp of the warmest period. When is it the coldest outside? Right before the sun comes up. When is it the warmest? Right before the sun goes down. The same is happening now on a grander scale. We are in the warmest period right now and after a 30 to 40 year period of strange weather as a result of this, we will start going back towards a cooling period and eventually into an ice age. That's it folks. Yes, some people will die, the majority will be fine, "some" people die every day. And the earth, well it was here for billions of years before us and will be after us. The earth will simply trap this "human experiment" into another layer of deposited rock and eventually bury all of it and move on. It is not the earth that is in trouble, it is only some of the humans that inhabit it. Yes, we should stop "poisoning" ourselves with all of the harmful chemicals we are exposed to, but do it with an honest approach and stop the scare tactics. The simple fact is none of us were here the last time this happened to be able to make any calls on what's "normal." And justifying anything on a global scale based on only the last couple of thousand years of information, whether from ice sample composition or any other means is ridiculous. If the history of time spanned from Los Angeles to China, then we are only looking at a pubic hair of time for our information. Sometimes, the smartest thing a person or people can do is admit what they do NOT know.

They have to take it back!!! It's all a lie... They lies to us.......

Leave Al Gore alone!!! I want President Obama stripped of the Peace Prize????? Did he get this for the BEER SUMMIT?????

What a joke!

Those of you who support Al Gore should rent this fake documentary again, and see if listening to a deperate politician lie on film is as entertaining to you know, as it was the first time.

If the Times articles were written like this blog, i.e. kind of like something you would seen in an Economist post, I'd read more than the comics in my daily paper.

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