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Weekly remarks: GOP warns of new Obama taxes; Obama says reforms needed to help all

Capitol Hill at night

Remarks by Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana, as provided by the Republican National Committee

This week, like most Americans, my family came together to break bread, give thanks and celebrate our blessings.

Even in these times of struggle and trial, we have much to be thankful for, beginning with our men and women in uniform, many of whom will spend this holiday season away from hearth and home. The tragic events at Fort Hood remind us that whether they serve at home or abroad, we owe our soldiers and their families a debt of gratitude we will never be able to repay.
Republican Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana
This past Thursday, while empty chairs for America’s defenders were placed at Thanksgiving dinner tables in many homes, many other seats were filled with anxious Americans who are facing their own personal battles and struggles.  Millions of families have seen jobs and careers vanish in the midst of this recession.

Many are asking, ‘when will things get better?’ Many more are asking, ‘where are the jobs?’

President Obama told the American people that his last $787 billion ‘jobs bill,’ the so-called ‘stimulus’ package, would ensure that unemployment would not go above 8 percent.  And the Administration continues to insist their stimulus plan is working. But unemployment is now at a heartbreaking 10.2 percent.

In the city and on the farm, as millions of American families struggle to balance their checkbooks this holiday season, they watch in astonishment as Washington spends billions of dollars it doesn’t have.

And what is the White House’s answer to our struggles? Another meeting next week. A ‘jobs summit,’ and ...

... most likely another proposal to grow government, raises taxes and place more debt on the shoulders of our children and grandchildren.

The American people know we can’t borrow and spend and bail our way back to a growing economy.

The Obama Administration and the Democratic majority in Congress have taken our economy from bad to worse with their failed economic agenda and big government plans.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, Democrats in Washington continue to push for government-run insurance.  A government takeover of health care will do nothing to lower the cost of health insurance and will place further burdens on small business owners and working families.

We need leadership in Washington that will help lift the burden on struggling families and unleash the power and innovative spirit of the American people.  That’s always been the source of our national strength and the means to lasting prosperity.

The way to stimulate this economy and help working families is to let Americans keep more of their hard-earned money, not taking more from their wallets.

Republicans have proposals to get our economy moving again, to achieve energy independence and lower the cost of health care.

While these are trying times, we should remember these trials are nothing new to the American people.

The God who blessed those who landed upon these shores nearly four centuries ago still reigns today.  From the Pilgrims’ trials to the sacrifices of our Revolutionary forefathers; from the Civil War to the World Wars; from the Depression of the 1930’s to the struggles in the economy today, the American people have fought through challenges and attacks with fervor, faith and optimism.

As we were reminded this last week, our problems grow dim as we focus on our blessings.  With many families hurting during this holiday season, now is the time for us to focus on what makes America great, to join hands and work together on common sense solutions to the problems ailing our nation.

Let us resolve to help where we can help, let’s give where we can give, and let’s work together to get this economy moving on the time-honored principles of fiscal responsibility, equality of opportunity and growth.

With faith in God and the American spirit, I believe your best days still are ahead of you. And for America, the best is yet to come. I’m Congressman Mike Pence.    ###

Democratic President Obama's White House at dawn

Remarks by President Obama, as provided by the White House

For centuries, in peace and in war, in prosperity and in adversity, Americans have paused at this time of year to gather with loved ones and give thanks for life’s blessings. This week, we carry on this distinctly American tradition. All across our country, folks are coming together to spend time with family, to catch up with old friends, to cook and enjoy a big dinner – and maybe to watch a little football in between.

As always, we give thanks for the kindness of loved ones, for the joys of the previous year, and for the pride we feel in our communities and country. We keep in our thoughts and prayers the many families marking this Thanksgiving with an empty seat – saved for a son or daughter, or husband or wife, stationed in harm’s way. And we say a special thanks for the sacrifices those men and women in uniform are making for our safety and freedom, and for all those Americans who enrich the lives of our communities through acts of kindness, generosity and service.

But as much as we all have to be thankful for, we also know that this year millions of Americans are facing very difficult economic times. Many have lost jobs in this recession – the worst in generations. Many more are struggling to afford health care premiums and house payments, let alone to save for an education or retirement.

Too many are wondering if the dream of a middle class life – that American Dream – is slipping away. It’s the worry I hear from folks across the country; good, hard-working people doing the best they can for their families – but fearing that their best just isn’t good enough. These are not strangers. They are our family, our friends, and our neighbors.Their struggles must be our concern.

That’s why we passed the Recovery Act that cut taxes for 95 percent of working people and for small businesses – and that extended unemployment benefits and health coverage for millions of Americans who lost their jobs in this turmoil. 

That’s why we are reforming the health care system so that middle-class families have affordable insurance that cannot be denied because of a pre-existing condition or taken away because you happen to get sick. We’ve worked to stem the tide of foreclosures and to stop the decline in home values. We’re making it easier to save for retirement and more affordable to send a son or daughter to college.

The investments we have made and tough steps we have taken have helped break the back of the recession, and now our economy is finally growing again.  But as I said when I took office, job recovery from this crisis would not come easily or quickly. Though the job losses we were experiencing earlier this year have slowed dramatically, we’re still not creating enough new jobs each month to make up for the ones we’re losing.  And no matter what the economists say, for families and communities across the country, this recession will not end until we completely turn that tide.

So we’ve made progress. But we cannot rest – and my administration will not rest – until we have revived this economy and rebuilt it stronger than before; until we are creating jobs and opportunities for middle class families; until we have moved beyond the cycles of boom and bust – of reckless risk and speculation – that led us to so much crisis and pain these past few years.

Next week, I’ll be meeting with owners of large and small businesses, labor leaders, and non-for-profits from across the country, to talk about the additional steps we can take to help spur job creation. I will work with the Congress to enact them quickly. And it is my fervent hope – and my heartfelt expectation – that next Thanksgiving we will be able to celebrate the fact that many of those who have lost their jobs are back at work, and that as a nation we will have come through these difficult storms stronger and wiser and grateful to have reached a brighter day. Thank you, God bless you, and from my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.    ###

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Photo credits: Associated Press; Associated Press; Ron Edmonds / Associated Press

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It is truly a sad day when a man calling himself the leader of the greatest country in the world stands before those who elected him into office (and the great number who wished they had not) and lies.

Where are these tax cuts?
The stimulus given as addition to earnings this man is so proud of, has a few little teeny tiny flaws -- it was not for each wage earner, but for each household. Therefore, if both, husband and wife, worked, one of them illegally obtained $250.00 they did not deserve. The government wants that back and will get it by April 15th.

The Health Care bill will burden those who can afford to purchase better insurance in two ways, tax their earnings and tax their purchase of this better insurance. Yet, we hear from the mouths of Democrat Congress-people that to hold down insurance costs, people will have to pay for procedures the "Panel" feels are not necessary, following another panel's recommendations. This panel will eventually make decisions, as did the one in Germany during World War II, determining who was a "life unworthy of life."

The hidden costs of this plan, a few are: Issuing contracts; Forced enrollment; Punishing insurance carriers for making a profit or increasing premiums; Awarding grants to states--one to the tune of $250,000,000; Punishing the states for having a federally mandated Medicaid plan and forcing them to keep that plan, not allowing a reduction in the amount they are currently spending in order to awarded a contract to cover high risk pools (what ever that is-- I assume this pool are those people currently on Medicaid).

This does not even begin to cover the thousands of other ways Congress is trying to destroy the middle class -- Cap and Trade, for instance, heating and cooling bills will rise significantly for those who have lost jobs and are barely keeping their homes. It will come down to, "Do we burn up or freeze, or do we pay the mortgage?"

One being bounced around, a "War Tax." President sends troops to another country to fight a war, U.S citizens, whether they approve or not, will be taxed to pay for it. Is this not taxation without representation?

In fact, isn't this Medical Plan, taxation without representation? The Democrats are not listening to the majority -- those who elected them -- they are listening to the siren song of someone's euphoric dream -- an unrealistic picture in some child's mind -- Mr. Obama's dream world -- even Mr. Obama is not listening to those who elected him into office.

Power has allowed him to begin to achieve his real goal the dismantling of America and the destruction of all infidels. For as we know, Muslims believe that those who are not of this faith are infidels and must either be forced to convert or die as they are no better than dogs. Maybe, voters need to start worrying that perhaps his agenda is not to help America grow stronger.

Will we mourn the by-gone era of the greatest political experiment the world has ever seen?

Obama and the dems never get it. Gov't doesn't create permanent jobs as we are seeing now with the failed $787 Billion dollar stimulus boondoggle they rammed through and their lying about jobs in non existent congressional districts. The only way to really create jobs and opportunity for people is to get gov't out of the way by lowering taxes on both established and new businesses. Make it attractive for business owners from around the world to come back to the U.S. Why do people think these businesses left in the first place? Over burdensome regulations which gov't forcefully inserted like it was a primary partner in people's private business, ever increasing taxes and fees, labor unions that increasingly demanded more and more money and benefits to the point that some demanded part of the companies profits and yes, healthcare costs that have been driven up by gov't itself by forcing hospitals to cover people who can't pay in the emergency room, like illegal aliens. Also, health insurance companies are made to mandatorely cover many different procedures and events that they might not cover in basic plans or they could be offered ala cart to a subscriber. Tort reform is not mentioned. Letting people buy insurance across state lines is not mentioned to increase competition between health insurance companies thus lowering costs to the subscriber, but we keep hearing from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed that the gov't run public option which will become a monopoly itself in the end, WILL increase competition and lower costs? These people are living in fantasyland. They don't care about the people. It's all about control of the people and their resources for the democrats.

Government IS the problem with almost every aspect of our lives! When Ireland lowered their business tax rate why is it that companies flocked there and Irish immigrants that once came to America looking for jobs went home? What, because the lowering of taxes to attract new business "didn't" work? The answer to America's economic problems are obvious. Lower taxes on both business and the people, reduce or eliminate burdensome regulation, stop unfunded mandates to the states, reduce spending and stop printing money which will ultimately create hyper-inflation. Our "representatives" in Washington though will not do this because it would diminish their control over the people and it would reduce their use of a "crisis" to get their agenda through. Yes, I'm speaking to you Obama and the rest of the dems on Capital hill. You don't deserve the seats you hold and to me and many you are bordering on Treson against the people of this great nation just so you can get your agenda passed. Vote Conservative in the 2010 Congressional election and again in the 2012 Presidential election as well as your local elections. It is time to take our country back from these Marxists!

Awesome comments from Mike Pence. For the majority of Americans, we still live in a great nation and God is still in control. It is when we start believing our government can save us that we get into trouble. Help where you can help. Happy Thanksgiving America.

Rep. Pence thinks the economy has gone from bad to worse under Obama? Our economy grew 2.8% last quarter. Home sales are up. Car sales are up. Manufacturing is up. Stocks are up. Consumer spending is up. Corporate profits are up. The President inherited the worst recession in decades. Now our economy is showing steady signs of improvement. This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for the steps the Obama administration has taken to improve our economy and fuel growth.

President Obama did inherit a mess and has worked tirelessly to add to it. Creating govt. programs to improve the economy is a false promise. Jobs paid for by the govt(which is you and I) that are supposed to improve our economy is like transfering money from one savings account to another and then saying you're wealthier. Nobody who can be elected President can be that stupid, so obviously his mission is to destroy our republic and re-mold it more into something like Chavez or Castro would desire. God Bless men and women like Mike Pence. Let's all work to get more people like Pence into office to help mitigate the damage Obama, Reid , Pelosi, Grayson and others of their ilk are doing to our republic before it is too late.


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