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Oprah talks about what Sarah Palin talks about

As we pointed out here last week when the manager of Barack Obama's never-ending presidential campaign agreed to go on the dreaded Fox News Channel to sell his book, book tours have a way of making superficial friends out of past opponents.

Sarah Palin as the Republican Party's vice presidential candidate

Thus, we will be treated Nov. 16 to the sight of Oprah Winfrey, arguably Obama's biggest celebrity booster, chatting up Sarah Palin, arguably America's most argued- over celebrity politician in recent years.

The subject, of course, is Palin's new book -- "Going Rogue: An American Life" -- which goes on sale the next day, with 1.5 million copies in print so far.

Palin took Piper and Willow with her to Chicago for the interview, which was taped at Oprah's studio Wednesday.

As The Ticket reported Wednesday night, Palin wrote on her Facebook page that the unlikely pair had such a great conversation that they ran overtime.

Which, goldarnit, means that Oprah will have extra exclusive minutes of video she'll simply have to post on for folks to click on. One thing exiting audience members said was that when asked if she wanted her own TV show, Palin did not say no.

And then, of course, Barbara Walters gets second crack at Palin, which will be broken into five parts on various ABC platforms midweek. What's-her-name and what's-his-name over at CBS don't seem to be on the Palin schedule just yet.

Right after Palin left the studio, Oprah (who looks shorter without makeup) made a short video here to....

...describe the O-P encounter and what all they talked about: inside the campaign, The Pregnancy, both babies and, well, pretty much everything.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Joe Burbank / campaign pool.
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Who is Sarah Palin? I wish people would stop making something, from nothing.

Americans love contraversy and dysfunction. The only people that have kept Sarah Palin alive as a "candidate" are the media. The media loves and is fascinated with Sarah Palin while the media's viewers and consumers are not. Yet, Sarah Palin can't sneeze without the media reporting it. Of course the narcissistic Palin is posting her every word and activity on facebook and twitter. The truth is...Sarah Palin did not last even 1 term as Alaska's governor. She quit the job because she became obsessed with an unattainable fantasy and grandiose delusions that she...with her small mind and shallowness, could be President of The United States. She is smoking crack her perception is so far out in right field. Palin will never be President. The Republican party will sabotage her and begin trash talking her and demeaning her....and Huccabee already has as have others. Now we need to comminicate to the media that we are sick and tired of seeing Sarah Palin on the news...even if we threaten boycott and action....much like our recent successful bid to remove Lou Dobbs. Palin is a has been.

Refresh my mind as to why this woman is relevant? She has a spotty record where the primary highpoints are lies/mistatements and quitting a governorship! Again, why does anyone care? It shows how low the Rep. have fallen. Maybe she can team up with Boehner, who doesn't know the difference between the Constitution & the Declaration of Independence to lead us(undereducated/xenophobic/white/rural/mostly southern)wink, wink, real Americans to take back our country!

It's all a show. Behind the scenes these politicians laugh at how divided they have the rest of us.

Well, it's going to be a relief to get past the tension of this not having happened. Now it's happened. Gracious on both sides. Everything Palin expresses and stands for in public life suggests if she had her way, we'd still have plantations where she'd be getting her mint juleps from people she owns. This is known to all observers whether they still want to own the services of lesser people or not, drive and control the patterns of expression and expansion of consciousness in the country or not, own the media, set us back a hundred years of the evolution of conscoiusness that they cannot see or tolerate. It's going to be fun to see Sarah Palin tell her story to Oprah. Lovely of them both to step up and get it over with. Not likely to see Palin's book be a Book Club pick.

I have to post to "justiceserved"'s comment that "Boehner, ...doesn't know the difference between the Constitution & the Declaration of Independence"; I hope that you are at least as harsh when it comes to our President who doesn't know the difference between the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Medal of Freedom. Given that he personally put the medal around Dr. Joe Medicine Crow's neck, I would say that was a much bigger gaffe.
Obama is George Bush with a teleprompter; take that away and he has had at least as many speaking errors as our former President and is doing everything to destroy our liberties, no different than did Bush with the Patriot Act. Let's open our eyes and see our world for what it is and do everything in our power to make it what we would like it to be...

To the author - Your attempt at being hip/cool in your writing just comes off as immature and silly.

I hate the idiots that spout opinions about people based solely on whether they agree with their politics or not. This happens on both sides.

Sarah is relevant because she will be our next president. "yes we can"

"One thing exiting audience members said was that when asked if she wanted her own TV show, Palin did not say no."
I think you mean "excited," but then again it appears whoever penned (or "edited") this bit of drivel found it all a bit too exciting.
In any event, I consider myself a moderately conservative progressive (or is it progressively moderate conservative?) and it continues to astound me how seemingly angry liberals continue to raise this marginal character to near-martyr status: just ignore her, "news" such as the above post only makes Democrats look bad.

If Sarah Palin were a democrat she would be touted as an amazing mother doing a fantastic job of balancing career and family and facing the everyday challenges of raising a child with special needs.

Let's face it, Sarah Palin, is the gorgeous, popular, beauty queen, head cheerleader and homecoming queen all rolled into one . . . and most women that look at her are taken right back to the lunch table in the junior high cafeteria looking at her, thinking how pretty she is, why does everyone like her so much, wish I could be her friend . . and look how thin she is after having that many children. That's how women are and that's why women can't stand her . . it has absolutely nothing to do with records or politics. Women are women and will always be in junior high. She's pretty. They hate her but sometimes wanna be her.

I pray to God that Republicans put Palin up as their presidential candidate in 2012.

If only the Democrats could be so lucky...

People who say they are not interested in Sarah Palin but know so much about her and take time to post their opinions about her must be paid presidential bloggers. That is the only thing that makes sense about this phenomena.

BTW, now that Lou Dobbs has left CNN, CNN can make its total metamorphosis to liberal propaganda network like MSNBC.

There are some who hate without knowing why they hate, ignorance is not bliss. Sarah Palin is a real genuine person, those that admire her have done the research and don't rely on sound bites that are patently distorted from an ideological perspective. The institutions Freedom loving Americans should be concerned about are the ones that divide us, through misinformation, through deceit, through class warfare, and those are the institutions that are frightened by Sarah Palin. History will show that a huge mistake was made in November of 2008, people bought into a charade, a charade that is, day by day, becoming ever clearer.

From the comments submitted it seems some are envious of Sarah Palin for coming so far in the political field. I give her credit for stepping down from the governship as she could not devote her time to both being governor and campaigning for what is important to her. I ask you - what has Sarah done to you to make you so critical of her? As far as I know she has done nothing to harm or injure anyone of you. I for one wish her the best of luck in the future.

A newspaper man once told me that the news publishing business revolves around just three stories: heroes, villains, and victims. Go ahead, test it. It's true.

Sarah Palin will always be in the news because she sells. I don't mind; she looks particularly good in red.

--"much like our recent successful bid to remove Lou Dobbs. Palin is a has been.
Posted by: Robert | November 12, 2009 at 05:56 AM"--

Jeeze, you sound like Lenin. When will you simply just start shooting us over ditches, Comrade?


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