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You betcha! The Sarah Palin speech(es) we never heard one year ago tonight

Alaska Governor and Republican vice president Sarah Palin at the ticket's Concession 11-4-08

This is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin one year ago right now during the concession speech of her Republican running mate, Sen. John McCain, outside the Biltmore Hotel in Phoenix.

Turns out Palin would have liked to give a little speech too, thanking some folks, graciously wishing the best to the Barack Obama winning ticket of Democrats and introducing with effusive praise the man who plucked her from the political obscurity of Anchorage and thrust her, unprepared but eager, onto the national stage.

Turns out now, we may be hearing more about her in coming years than the military hero who picked her.

Anyway, in their new book, "Sarah from Alaska," two journalists - Shushannah Walshe and Scott Conroy --  publish among other interesting information the two speeches the first female on a Republican national ticket was prepared to give, one a victory speech and one a concession. The Beast has published a story about the book over here.

The Ticket has independently confirmed that the speeches from the book are, indeed, the....

...ones written for her in advance but never delivered because the McCain campaign staff decided the evening of surrender should belong to the old man and the old man alone.

We did not hear Palin say this in defeat:

My fellow Americans, tens of millions of you shared our convictions and gave us your votes. And I thank you for your confidence. For us, it was not our time… not our moment. But it is our country… the winner will be our president… and I wish Barack Obama well as the 44th president of the United States.

If he governs America with the skill and grace we have often seen in him, and the greatness of which he is capable, we’re gonna be just fine. And when a black citizen prepares to fill the office of Washington and Lincoln, that is a shining moment in our history that can be lost on no one. Barack Obama has achieved a great thing, for himself and for our country, and I congratulate him. God bless you and your beautiful family, President-Elect Obama.
John McCain and Sarah Palin at announcement of her VP pick

And here's what we did not hear Palin say in victory:

It’s been just 68 days since that afternoon in Dayton, Ohio, when Senator McCain introduced me as his running mate. He is truly the maverick.

My fellow Americans, tens of millions of you shared our convictions and gave us your votes. And I thank you for your confidence. We were facing tough odds and formidable opponents.

It’s not always easy in politics to see the best in our opponents. But we have seen the grace and skill of Barack Obama, and the grit and determination of Joe Biden. By his nomination and extraordinary campaign, Barack Obama has achieved a great thing, for himself and for our country, and for that America will always honor him. I say God bless you, Senator Obama, and your beautiful family.
We'll hear plenty from and about Palin in the very near future with the Nov. 17 publication of her advance bestselling book, "Going Rogue." The interviews with Greta and Barbara Walters and Oprah, et al. One also suspects though in the months and years after that we will be hearing some more Palin speeches.

--Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Jim Watson / AFP / Getty Images; Associated Press (McCain and Palin at the announcement of her VP pick).

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Let's pray we hear far less from her in the future than we already have. Though I guess the speech writers need the job.

She's a pretty lady.

Why is this even a story?

God bless you and your family Mrs. Palin.

She would have probably inserted her "you betchas" and other hokey lingo into those speeches had she given them. Sarah Palin just has NO class. Now that she has become "a millionaire" through the sale of her book (and McCain exposing her to the world outsidee of Alaska), she will probably try to become a talk show host or actress. I believe BIG money will be her main interest in the future. As far as politics, she couldn't even complete her tour as governor; she is untrustworthy and is not very smart at all. She "wings" it at best.

Good. I could use some more comedy.

Makes you wonder how gracious Obama would have been had he lost. Assuming of course that graciousness is in his persona.

Dear Sarah

Thank you for having the guts to stand up for people that don't kill their babies that also believe America is a great nation of people and that men should marry women. They call you names because they are unhappy with there manchild leader and want to take it out on you. They did the same thing to Mr Bush because most of these belly aching no voting girly men don't have anything else to do.
I think you have a lot of class and hope to call you Mrs. President soon.

She was the first woman nominated to run for VP of the United States ...she deserved the opportunity to speak...but wasnt allowed by the worst campaign planners ever... McCain lost because his campaign was run so poorly... Sarah injected life into the campaign and at least gave him a fighting chance...

Good thing you all like talking about her... because you have not seen or heard the last of her yet... Go Sarah... time will tell the story ... you can bet on that....

(Small correction: Gov. Palin was the first Republican nominated as VP and the second woman after Democrat Geraldine Ferraro in 1984.)

Very nice post! Than you!

WORST VP PICK - EVER! John McCain can NEVER live this down.

no deb, Palin was the 2nd woman to run as VP

Who gives a moose's behind on what she has to say.


"She was the first woman nominated to run for VP of the United States ."

ummm.....actually that was Geraldine Anne Ferraro...good try though

Why do people support this loser? Are any of her supporters non-white, non-Christian, non-heterosexual? I wonder...if you're out there, I'd like to hear from you.

Hopefully we never have to hear an important speech from her again. She should just stop.

I hope Sarah Palin gets aids. That's all.


It's spelled "their."

I'm thrilled that I'm able to destroy a fetus so that it won't be a burden on society. Thank God that I have a president that will let me, and not force religion down my throat.

To the future, I say!

Who cares as long as she is good in bed. Drill baby drill.

My 18th birthday was on this day, I'm so glad it wasn't ruined by her being elected VP.

Posted by: John Zaffis

I'm thrilled that I'm able to destroy a fetus so that it won't be a burden on society. Thank God that I have a president that will let me.

I guess a liberal believes in equal rights for all - except innocent defenseless children. Another of the logical inconsistencies that forced me to change my views once I grew up and started using my brain. Unless, of course, John would say that since liberals have become a burden on society they can be destroyed as well (didn't think so).

The above is why the majority of Americans now believe our county's best days are behind us. A society is always measured by how it treats its weakest members.

God bless Sarah Palin and God help John Zaffis. What if John's mother had aborted him?

The book will come out and she'll make some money. Good for her.

Then, she can quietly go find something she is good at... like fishing or praying or bible thumping or picketing outside abprtion clinincs.

It is refreshing to see the Liberal Bias so distressed
with a real American Girl with more brains than the rest
of the crooked polititions all pilede togeather, Democrats
and Republicans. Stand back, She is going to win with a
land slide , either lead, follow or get the hell out of the\
way and that is the way I see it;.

This Lady cannot even write a book. President Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. There couldn't be anything substantially intellelectual or substantive, that a 5th grader couldn't write. This is damning evidence of this Lady's sheer ignorance. She is not alone, her supporters seem to come of the same stock of bakwards Americans. The buyers of this book buy the National Enquirer at the same super-market shelf. A person of Intelligence would not consider reading something written by someone who is not a Writer. This book is pure tabloid folly for White Trash Americans who support the NRA, hypcrotize the Holy Book and this Book is an indictment of the Decline of the American Dream. The Dream is not for White people only, it is for the world culture that made this country, not Puritanical Hate, Bigotry and Ignorance. The Joe Plumbers of America need education, culture and real purpose in their empty lives.

In the 70s I voted for Jerry Brown for governor of California. My older brother worked on McGovern's campaign for president. We are both older and wiser now, and conservative. The saying that to be young and not be liberal is to have to heart, but to be old and not be conservative is to have no mind rings truer and truer each day. Sarah Palin may be unqualified to be president but she's far closer to being qualified than either Obama or Biden. Eric Holder's embarrassing performance in front of Sen. Lindsay Graham regarding the KSM trial planned in NY is indicative of an administration which apparently never thinks anything through. Charisma ain't enough, Mr. President. You actually need to know what you're doing.

Now we can see who she really is...I myself am discouraged with our current political situation and have hope for a future president who hears and respects the voice of the people, even if it is the opposition....lets see what she can do till then, pretty encouraged with her putting herself out there with a true ambition and voice for those who are concerned with the direction we are heading into...GO SARAH !!!! 2012? time will tell but good luck and many supporting and believing in u

I truly love Sarah Palin. She is an inspiration to Americans of every color, gender, and creed. I REALLY hope she goes for PRESIDENT 2012. LOVE YOU SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Zaffis, your comment made me wanna THROW UP. How could you be so insensitive & dsgusting. The world needs less people like you. GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC.

oh how i love her.

Y'know CharlieK, you must be at least 13 years old to participate in this message board...

To: The Shark: you are not named correctly. Your name should be Slimy, Slithering Snake. Liberals who defend the practice of drilling a hole in a baby's skull and sucking it's brain out should be over on the huffington pis-sed or (make the biggest mess imaginable in the here and now, but never mind, move on)

By the way -GEAUXXXXXX SARAHHHH !!!! Folks;get ready to run with her,'cause like the Saints she's marching in - and frankly,she's still UNDEFEATED

She's good, and not gonna back down. Maybe the media should start paying attention because we won't stop paying attention to her....

Why do we the general public have to endure the nonesense by this
uninformed woman.
She does not want to leave the stage, however there are more important
subjects to consider in these perilous times.


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