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First peek: What's in Sarah Palin's new book

The Sarah Palin Book Cover

(UPDATE: An updated paragraph has been added below.)

Not that anybody even cares or clicked here on purpose or will gobble up every word because Sarah Palin isn't even Alaska's Republican governor anymore and her GOP presidential ticket lost last year big-time and critics made a lot of fun of her habits and family and her clothing and the way she talks and didn't get an abortion and then quit as Alaska's governor.

And she's got no chance of succeeding in national politics because she's a dim conservative and no one cares anything about her to the point that her book publisher, HarperCollins, only printed 1.5 million advance copies of "Going Rogue," coming out next week.

But first Monday comes an appearance on TV with Oprah, who became a media billionairess by simply boring her audience with what they didn't want to see. (BTW, that interview was taped in Chicago today and Palin reportedly did not say no when asked if she wanted to do a TV show.)

(UPDATE: 7:18 p.m. On her Facebook page tonight Palin reported that Oprah was "hospitable and gracious," the audience "warm, energized and (no doubt) curious"" and the two women enjoyed the "great conversation" so much they went over time; the extra chatter will go on

However, just in case there are one or two people out there who remain interested in the ...

... woman who actually excited the other side of American politics last year and pumped some desperately-needed Geritol into the McCain campaign's sclerotic arteries, we bring you word that our friend and insightful political pro Mark Halperin over at Time magazine has talked with some unidentified people who have seen the book and:

a) Despite the help of a professional writer, the book sounds just like Palin, written warmly and personally, the way she talks, doggoneit.

Sarah Palin's trademark Wink during tghe vice presidential debate fall of 2008

b) Five chapters.

c) It contains a description of how her family's upbringing shaped her into a maverick.

d) It's got a strong testimonial to the power of faith in her life.

e) She settles scores with some of those brave McCain folks who as genuine teammates in battle anonymously leaked unhelpful things about her to journalists during the campaign. Ms. P helpfully provides their names.

f) As a delightful insider's joke on the inbred Washington political establishment, the book has no index. So they can't find mention of themselves while browsing in the store. Buy it or lump it.

Mark's got some more details over here. And he's also got a longer, interesting story in the upcoming issue of Time right here that notes there's nothing Going Rogue about Palin anymore. She's a professional rogue.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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H/T to Josh Painter at the vigiliant Texas4SarahPalin blog here.

Photo: Reuters
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Who is Sarah Palin?

I'd rather read cheesy rhymes in road side bathroom stall, much better content.

"And she's got no chance of succeeding in national politics because she's a conservative and no one cares anything about her to the point that her book publisher, HarperCollins, only printed 1.5 million advance copies of "Going Rogue," coming out next week.'"

Not at all...she's got no chance of succeeding in national politics because she has a simplistic approach to complex (but important) topics, she has little or no grasp of national and global issues facing the U.S. and she represents a vocal but incredibly narrow minority of the American electorate. Printing 1.5 million books is a big number -- for printing books but not when you're counting votes on a national level.

Sarah's endorsement couldn't get a conservative elected in a Republican district (NY-23) that was voting to replace a Republican! She's going to succeed on a national

Regardless of what anyone says about Sarah Palin, please show me another governonr that has taken on BIG OIL and PREVAILED. Almost all governors and congresspeople are in Big Oil's pocket..certainly Feinstein, Boxer and Arnold have been and are. She also took on the Republican establshment in Alaska over issues she felt were corrupt - and prevailed. How many are willing to challenge corruption in their own party.
One can read and study and become aware of necessary information (which she was short on in her Katie Couric intgerview), but one cannot overnight develop the toughness and boldness and INTEGRITY to do such things as take on BIG OIL and their party's corruption.

And we're supposed to be impressed with this? Five long chapters on Sarah's personal life and who didn't/doesn't like her? What could possibly be in there that we haven't already heard? And how can she possibly keep knocking the media when they print everything she says and does? She should get down on her knees and thank them for keeping her front and center for soooooo long.

I see that people are revealing their education levels today! That's okay. It is much more satisfying to have a broad knowledge of information from ALL sides and ALL views, than it is to be a limited zombie of the propaganda machine.

Thank you for making my day, folks!

Every time I see or hear another lib attack Sarah, like "RIP GOP", I wanna run to my turntable and put on Pretenders II..."Jealous Dogs." You ugly libs are jealous of her looks, first, and then it all goes downhill from there. Your lives are paltry compared to hers, and you know it. Google up the lyrics to that GREAT Chrissie Hynde song, who was something of an establishment-breaker in her time, and just read 'em and weep.

Everything you fought for in the '60s and '70s, you fight AGAINST now.


Andrew Malcolm - you're an alright guy. I enjoy your writing style, and you're one of the only MSMrs that has given Palin a fair shake.

Why did John McCain insist on foisting her upon us?

Sounds like a good Read. Sarah Palin did excite the ticket and got McCain alot more votes than he would have if he had picked from the lot of fuddy-duds he had.

It will be interesting to see Mrs. Palin debate the bumbler President Obama in '12. There won't be a teleprompter, and President will actually have a record to run on this time, which will be a poor one at that.

You go get 'em Sarah!!

Heh, the leftists just can't resist any Sarah Palin post... they have to demonstrate that hate and intolerance are all they have. :)

"And she's got no chance of succeeding in national politics because she's a dim conservative and no one cares anything about her to the point that her book publisher, HarperCollins, only printed 1.5 million advance copies of "Going Rogue," coming out next week."

I'm guessing the person who proofreads this nonsense isn't in today??????? "got no chance" ??? Really??

Promote the weak opposition.

I fear the T & the RIP doth protest too much. World class intentional run on sentence Mr. Malcolm. Loved it! You're too cool.

A breathless, four line paragraph lead-in that is a sentence.

The fear and loathing of this woman is breathtaking.

One more year of Obama and any reservations about Sarah Palin will evaporate. Americans will see her as a Joan of Arc.

I heard that she almost signed an endorsement deal with Nissan to promote their car -- "Palin Goes in a Rogue" -- but backed out when her husband informed her that Nissan was not an American car company. The deal with Chanel-- "Palin in Rogue Rouge" may still be on unless she finds out they are French.

Generic smug contemptuous statement concerning a Republican. Add bathroom humor to prove my street creds. cut... paste.

As an aside, Lou Dobbs has quit CNN and Anita Dunn has departed the WH. Now, Obama must be receiving different advice because he is granting Major Garrett an interview next week. What a difference a few days can make, eh?

Glenn Beck is making the WH nuts. But if they think the departure of Dunn will calm the waters, they are sadly mistaken. Beck is just getting warmed up!

It's so good to see a REAL muckraker on the job. Beck is not a journalist, but he's the best journalist in America!

Go Glenn! Don't take an prisoners...

somebody help me!! there are starbursts exploding all around my room!! oh! oh!

Only Palin has the power to send liberals into convulsions.

i'm gobbling this up because lou dobbs just quit/got fired/whatever and his farewell broadcast sounded like, no, was a formal announcement of your candidacy for -- the presidency? there will be LOTS of attention paid to the ever-photogenic Ms. Palin these days.


All you did with this post was to clumsily re-cast the points made in Mark Halperin's article and post.

You could have saved a lot of space and time by simply linking and calling it a day. What you wrote shows you as a poor communicator compared to Halperin.

But keep it up! Practice makes perfect.

Over 400 pages and supposedly five chapters - that's going to make for some epic chapters!

Hopefully there'll be some checkpoints within the chapters though, as I don't like to spend too long reading at once.

Unlike you, Sarah Palin loves America. That's all I need to know. I really don't care what you lefties think of her. Your the morons that put the current debacle in the White House. Hey, hope and change, how's that working out for you/

The left's obsession with Palin is amazing. Their best strategy would be to ignore her. However, she’s like a bright shiny bauble they can’t resist. As much as they try to play her off as a ditz, unworthy of notice, the more they reveal about how compelling they find her.

Sarah Palin is a well respected member of the republican party. She his fully supported by the conservative faction and feared by both the RINO and DIABLO factions. She is hated by the democratic party like all strong and independent women. She has influenced and changed goverment policy by making comments on her facebook page.

What kind of idiot makes comments about the content of a book they haven't read and will not read because it does not blindly follow their stale dogma?

If the critics of Sarah Palin believed anything they say about her they would support her in an effort to weaken their political enemies.

note to andrew: palin owes her current media success to the same factors that have lamentably made household names out of the kardashians or britney spears

and you can be assured oprah would be nice to them too

Sure. Go ahead and denigrate Mrs. Palin in the comments folks. It's all about how much you hate her, how stupid she is, and how the GOP is dead. I guess what scares the fool out of you says volumes about you. Cowards will always find a way to dump on a Mother of 5 who attempts to do a good job with Alaska's money, and all you can do if tell lies about her.

Keep it up folks. A rude awakening is in your future.


"I'd rather read cheesy rhymes in road side bathroom stall"

Well then, Obama has a book out that will suit you fine.
"White men's greed runs a world in need."
Cheesy racist rhymes, just for you!

I like Sarah Palin as long as she keeps her mouth closed. Give me a break! Her educational level is dim and her book sounds like pure entertainment fluff. What more can I say?

Please go home to Alaska and practice some of your 'Family Values' with your OWN family! They NEED it more than the GOP party.

All the Palin haters are just ignorant and jealous of her success. Liberals, progressives, Democrats...whatever you liked to be called this week...she has a different opinion than you, but calling her names only shines the light of bigotry squarely back in your small minded faces.

Palin is the perfect foil to Obama. They are only a few years apart. Both have their adherents no matter the issue or outcome.

It will be a very interesting decade ahead.

She is going to be president one day. The extreme that is Obama will be counter-acted by the extreme that is Palin.

Pundits have called Obama the Messiah, but I wonder if the Second Coming is a woman to make up for God's screw-up : making Eve out of Adam's rib and not making Eve out of the same material as Adam.

A new book just released in conjuction with Sarah Palin's book is called "Dalton Shores," and it's much better

Palin's latest book, as was the case with Obama's last book, is setting the stage for a presidential run. The book tour Sarah Palin is conducting in states important in the GOP presidential primary points strongly in that direction.


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