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Sarah Palin apologizes for leaving 100 books unsigned in Indiana

Based on the above video (found here), the scene in Noblesville, Ind., at the end of Sarah Palin's appearance looked more like a protest than a book signing.

Outside the Borders bookstore in Noblesville (wouldn't it be great if it was a Barnes & Noble in Noblesville?), dejected Sarah Palin fans shouted, "Sign our books! Sign our books!" as her personalized bus sputtered and prepared to drive away.

Some booed as they held fresh copies of "Going Rogue" without a wet signature from Palin. However, they were plenty wet from the rain they had been waiting in.

The estimated 100 or so disappointed fans were reportedly given signed pieces of paper, while some demanded refunds. But click here and take a look at the photo of how many fans there were during the signing.

Palin quickly addressed the disgruntled crowd in a Facebook post titled "Not enough hours in the day."

"We are working on a solution for those who were left behind," she wrote. A revisit?

-- Mark Milian

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palin is a great woman and would make a great president

Finally something we can latch onto to drive this woman's popularity into the ground. Hurrah!

Angry crowd? Or did it sound like three voices chanting "sign our book." I think you got it wrong on this one....

At least Sarah Palin stands for America!

Obama went to Jeremy Wright's church for 20 years where he preached Anti-US hate as well as anti-white American's

Jeremy Wright is the Godfather of Obama's children.

Eric Cantor went to Jeremy WRight's church ...Coincidence?

It isn't too hard to connect the dots...

You are looking at the devil himself..Be warned!

The lib-Left media continues to hate & fear Sarah Plain, more then they do Al Queda!!!!!

'Dejected Sarah Palin fans' or typical Obama nuts?

With the DNC's complete Palin freakout, people screaming insults outside her bus seem more in line with what we've come to expect from Obama supporters.


If Obama and all his cronies think Palin is such an idiot than why are they asking for money to fight her? This seems to be the typical liberal wackos response, if they don't like someone they try and beat them into the ground. Obama has surrounded himself with true degenerates of society, look at his cabinet. Furthermore, I am sick and tired of the "drive-by Media" saying he is the "first African-American" President...he isn't...He is the first "inter-racial" President...White/Black...He is destroying this country beyond any words...People better wake up our rights are being stripped from us in the context of "saving us from ourselves"...I hope he does fail...HE IS A MARXIST!!!!...PALIN 2012!!!

I really don't care for Ms. Palin, but come on. Is the LA Times really basing a news story on a YouTube video?? At what point did YouTube become a reputable news source?

Yes, there is a crowd of people gathered around her bus, but I only can detect 3 or 4 individual people who seem to be "protesting."

Mark Milian and the LA Times have crossed the line from "news blog" to "gossip." This is poor.

Typical moronic Palin supporters. According to them anyone who thinks this woman is just another phony politician must be some flaming liberal. I didn't vote for Obama or McCain and I truly believe that this woman is a cancer to the United States of America. And really, is there any bigger sucker than a fan of Sarah Palin? While this woman is pretending to be a person of the people she's touring in a luxury van with her signature on it. At least Obama didn't try to hide his ego. He was an elitist, but not one in disguise like Sarah Palin. You should all be ashamed for supporting this fraud.

She left 400 people with unsigned books....not 100!!!

T. Barr
I asked myself, why did Palin choose Noblesville, Indiana of all places for a book signing? It's, a very small town. I know, I lived near there for 32 years, and then I remembered that area was once a KKK hot bed, one of the most rabid in all of Indiana. Ah, ha! She would definitely appeal to those people!
Today, 7:33

Typical Sarah Palin. She could never finish the job. She quit in Alaska and she couldn't even handle a book signing.

Get your headlines right, LA Times. It was more like over 300 books, not 100. And she didn't even have the decency to apologize to the crowd in person. Once again, quitting on the job.

Pathetic Palin Plebians in a Plebiscite!


I was there; and, it's not all Sara's fault. There were a few things that occured during the day that cause the entire situation to unfold. First of all there were rules with regards to the book signing and the bands. This was NOT expressed correctly to the media. A certain reporter, ( which I'll not name), indicated in his broadcasts that the bands were one per family. This caused alot of those with the bands to bring there family members to the signing later in the evening and afternoon. There was a limit as to how many books Sara would sign - 2000 tops. Since with 1 band you're authorized to have 2 books signed, and only 1 band per person was authorized. The bands were made out in groups of approximately 50 per letter in the alphabet. Sara got to the letter "m" and those with the left over letters, were not given an explanation as to what was going on as one could see security and others preparing to leave. What was obvious from where I was, was someone should've given a statement or explanation as to the reason why the signings stopped. If she was tired, that would be understandable; yet, for those of us with letters "n" thru "u" that didn't get our book(s) signed, the book store shoud've let us know of the situation. It was explained to some of us as we got our bands that she may not sign all the books due to time issues. The book store closed at 9pm, and everything went with regards to the store's closing. Yet, with a group of people that were aware of a stage platform and a megaphone that could've assisted those of us with an answer, it let some of us literally watching the bus drive off without an answer. If Sara, or anyone involved in the situation, want to correct this - Here's an idea: Have those that still have their bands call the store so WE can can get on a list. Then this list would be sent to Sara so she could contact us, and verification of this would be by the bands themselves. I still have my band and it's with the receipt and with the book too. Have any questions, let me know.

We have real problems in this country. Why do you bother to even report on this nothing person?

You might say she is a public figure but only because she is so divisive. There is nothing there. She has no ideas. She has no job. She has no brain.

And yet you report on her more than the real issues that are wrecking this country.

rogue.........1. a dishonest, knavish person; scoundrel.
2. a playfully mischievous person; scamp: The youngest boys are little rogues.
3. a tramp or vagabond.
4. a rogue elephant or other animal of similar disposition.
5. Biology. a usually inferior organism, esp. a plant, varying markedly from the normal.

Palin is a great woman and would make a great " President " Oh my god what is this country coming too-????
Palin is such a screw ball along with the rest of the sheep that follow her......Like stupid Gerald!!!

Sarah Palin has a following and is loved.
She has done well for a mother of five.
Borders can take care of this but will they?
It will take more than this bias from u-tube
to turn her followers away from her.

They were Left Behind?
The rapture fades and they were Left Behind!

"Finally something we can latch onto to drive this woman's popularity into the ground. Hurrah!"

Anything to make your anti-Palin movement look credible, huh Roger?

Hello. I was there, and I was among the 150 or so people who did not get to go into the Borders store. Some clarifications are in order:

Some folks were shouting "Sign our books!" - A dozen or so people, I'd say, for less than 30 seconds.

The crowd was not "plenty wet." The rain was more like a mist.

The Borders store there is part of the Hamilton Town Center Mall, and closing-time is 9:00. That's why the book-signing stopped shortly after 9:00.

It would have been nice if some smart person had said, "Y'know, maybe we should bring along 250 or so pre-signed copies that we can quickly exchange for unsigned copies, just in case Mrs. Palin can't get to them all in three hours." I wasn't happy about not getting a signature. But let's consider the essence of this story: "Store closes; guest author has to leave." I don't consider it a reflection on Mrs. Palin, any more than I would consider it a reflection on any other author if the same thing had happened to him/her.

So she quit signing before the job was done, but it wasn't her fault.


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