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Today's a big day for Obama's turkeys (no, not Biden and Geithner)

November 25, 2009 |  2:12 am

White House turkey at Willard hotel

As mentioned in this space Tuesday, President Obama, who seems rather fond of photo ops that get him out of that oval Oval Office, gets the best one of this week today.

White House. A backyard table. Two turkeys. Trained (really!). He spares their lives. Cameras click and roll. Smiles. The heartwarming cliched scene reminds millions of Americans to take their dead birds out of the freezer for Thursday's oven.

Obama then goes on about his business of waiting another week to announce his troop deployment decision on Afghanistan next Tuesday because, well, apparently nothing can interfere with a long holiday weekend and "Monday Night Football."

The pardoned turkey pair, meanwhile, fly with a sober United Airlines pilot to appear in the Disneyland holiday parade, for some reason, and spend the rest of their few months of life in well-fed comfort at the resort.

PETA, meanwhile, has petitioned the commander in chief to send the creatures instead to an animal sanctuary. And while he's at it, have a vegan Thanksgiving dinner.

Good luck with that one.

But here's the best part. So pampered are these two White House-bound birds that they spent Tuesday night in a deluxe room, No. 326, of the historic nearby Willard hotel. Not kidding. Details here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credit: Associated Press