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Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama: The approval gap silently shrinks to a few points

Republican Sarah Palin signs Going Rogue copies in Michigan

Not that it matters politically because obviously she's a female Republican dunce and he's obviously a male Democratic genius.

But Sarah Palin's poll numbers are strengthening.

And President Obama's are sliding.

Guess what? They're about to meet in the 40s.

Depending, of course, on which recent set of numbers you peruse and how the questions are phrased on approval or favorable, 307 days into his allotted 1,461 the 44th president's approval rating among Americans has slid to 49% or 48%, showing no popularity bounce from his many happy trips, foreign and domestic.

Virginia line for Sarah Palin Going Rogue Book buyers

Riding the wave of immense publicity and symbiotic media interest over her new book, "Going Rogue," and the accompanying promotional tour, Palin's favorable ratings are now at 43%, according to ABC. That's up from 40% in July.

One poll even gives her a 47% favorable.

Most recent media attention has focused on the 60% who say she's unqualified to become president. Her unfavorable rating is 52%, down from 53%, which still doesn't ignite a lot of optimism for Palin-lovers.

On the other hand, 35 months before the 2008 election, that Illinois senator was such a nobody that no one even thought to ask such a question about him. Things seem to change much more quickly these days.

Saturday night Palin's book bus swung by a mall in Roanoke, Va., a state Obama won a year ago but just recently elected a Republican governor to replace departing Tim Kaine, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The former Alaska governor wanted to greet the hundreds of fans already lining up in 39-degree weather for her Sunday morning signing.

"She brings out a different crowd, " Salem Republican Party Chairman Greg Habeeb told the Roanoke Times. Habeeb was struck by the numerous non-Republicans he spotted in the line snaking all over the mall. "She taps into something that the Republican Party really needs to tap into."

Sunday, Palin flew ahead of her bus to visit the Rev. Billy Graham and his son Franklin at the father's North Carolina home before her appearance today at Fort Bragg.

Overall, Palin's, well, campaign will visit 25 states, most of them politically crucial. Florida gets the most stops, three.

Everybody thinks 2012 when they think of Palin, who last week pushed Oprah's show to....

... its highest ratings in nearly three years. Remember, though, in 2012 the first hurdles a rehabbed candidate Palin would face are her own party's primaries, where diligent conservatives conscientiously come out to play. Sarah Palin Going Rogue Book Cover

If she somehow mobilized Iowa's white evangelicals as Mike Huckabee did to win the 2008 season-opening caucus, many bets would be off about her unelectability. Right now, Palin holds 65% approval among white evangelical Protestants, not a bad place to start, if she decides to.

Anyway, Palin says 2012's not on her radar. Which is a good idea. The year 2010 is much more important for both of these political personalities.

No longer holding any office and personally set financially by the book's runaway success, Palin can devote her SarahPac and the entire year to collecting chits from local Republicans.

As Mitt Romney has already been quietly doing. Other Republicans will no doubt nominate themselves to join along the way, especially if Obama looks vulnerable after November 2010.

Although presidential incumbency has hardly kept Obama chained to the Oval Office, he and Joe Biden now own the U.S. economy, where their much-vaunted $787 billion economic stimulus package has so far stimulated unemployment to grow from 8% to more than 10%.

Democrat president Barack Obama walks alone on China's Great Wall on 11-18-09

And then there's the growing deficit dread and the mounting costs -- human and financial -- in the increasingly unpopular Afghan conflict, where Obama is about to commit more U.S. troops at the end of the eighth and worst casualty year of the war.

We'll all hear much next year about how jobs are the last thing to improve in a sour economy, even in congressional districts that don't actually exist. Which is too bad for Democrats because jobs are the obvious first measure the public uses to measure the economy.

Historically, the White House party loses about 17 House seats in a normal midterm election cycle. That wouldn't change control of the House.

George W. Bush's GOP actually gained seats in 2002. Democrat Bill Clinton's first midterm election was a political Katrina, producing the Contract with America and so-called Republican revolution that saw the GOP take control of both houses of Congress after years of minority status.

Much of that turnaround was attributed to Clinton having run in 1992 as a centrist and then immediately pushed a more liberal agenda involving something called healthcare reform.

But that couldn't possibly happen again because of the popularity of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi whose current favorable poll ratings are -- let's see here -- OMG, only about half of Palin's.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credits: Getty Images; Keith Srakocic / Associated Press (Virginia book line); Jason Lee / Reuters (Obama walks alone on China's Great Wall). 

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The intellectual elite love to call "their people" geniuses. They like to think of themselves among their company. There are geniuses in this world, but most have absolutely no common sense whatsoever. Obama is certainly in the crowd of the lacking. The genius part remains to be seen. We certainly haven't seen it so far!

The attacks on Palin are just those elite's telling everyone who they fear, and deep inside, are jealous of. I never thought I'd live to see another President come along that can make Jimmy Carter look good!

Obama is a genius and Palin a dunce? That's why newspaper all over the country are going out of business faster than Obama can spend other people's money

"I don't think that any one president has faced such dire responsibilities as a president of the United States as Barack Obama."

Talk about historical ignorance....

I guess FDR didn't have to deal with the Gret Depression and WWII.

I guess GWB didn't have to deal with an economy brought low by Democrat-cooked numbers and this little party held on 9/11/01.

I guess Reagan didn't have to deal with a collapsing economy, absolutely no respect for the USA abroad, and a USSR advancing forcefully on all fronts.

I guess Abraham Licoln had a walk in the park when one half of the country decided to go to war against the other half.

No sir! Only Barack Hussein Obama (MMMMMMM MMMMMMMM MMMMMMM)has EVER had to deal with a bad economy (despite the fact he's made it worse than the Democrats had helped to make it before he got here). The poor boy; he's been too busy to play golf or hoops, or even to take his wife to a nice NYC show. Nope, he's been nose-to-the-grindstone ever since he took office!

Yeah, and if pigs had wings, Congress would replace O'Hare as America's biggest airport....

People are obviously to stupid to see the humor at the start of the blog. People are way to sensitive.

Don't worry. Palin will never be elected.

10 million DEAD voters, registered by ACORN, will re-elect our current terrorist-sympathizing, Muslim president.

I challenge each one of you Liberals to go back to the comment string and re-read what other Liberals wrote - but read it objectively. I think you will agree that you don't make any sense!

I wonder why no one ever asks if Barack Obama is up to being President?The answer is an unqualified NO!...He can't run an economy and obviously has a psychological illness that causes him to bow uncontrollably...

The liberal bias news media wanted Obama elected and anybody in their way had to be destroyed. She and her family were smeared and attacked. Her accomplishments in Alaska were not reported honestly but were distorted and used against her. She made many enemies fighting corruption in both political parties and the liberal bias reporters and the Obama campaign used the information they supplied to demean and discredit her. It's very sad her public service record has not been accurately reported.

The book Sarah Takes on Big Oil, by Kay Cashman and Kristen Nelson, is an unbiased account of how Palin fought both corrupt republican and democrat politicians in Alaska and the oil company's BP, Conoco Phillips, and ExxonMobil. These oil companies bought and owned many politicans and appointed officials. Cashman and Nelson are both newspapers editors and have covered the oil and natural gas industry for many years in Alaska. It's an excellent book.

Sarah fighting against corruption in Alaska's government and in the oil and natural gas industry have never been reported by the Obama cheerleading press.

"Not that it matters politically because obviously she's a female Republican dunce and he's a male Democrat genius."

About 40 people have responded to this line who clearly do not understand that it was meant to be sarcastic, or ironic, a parody of the mindless attitude of the MSM who are happily giving her all this publicity because they think she is not a threat to their president. It reminds me of Charlie Chaplin's movie "The Great Dictator" which portrayed Hitler as a mean-spirited dunce we should laugh at, but which fell flat when it was released, because by then we all could see Hitler was no laughing matter. Both parties in Minnesota regarded Jesse Ventura as a joke, until election day. And the democrats thouht that surely no one would vote for Ronald Regan. Sarah may follow in his footsteps. I suspect that the spectacularly unseccessful PBO will be aced out for the nominanation of his party by his Secretary of State, and the next president will be the first woman to hold that office.

Sarah is HOT!Obama is NOT!He's flailing and fumbling, while she is proving her mettle.

Oh, the Premier is a "genius" alright. He is single-handedly wrecking our economy by quadrupling the debt, passing a Porkulus package that has killed off any hope of creating jobs, continues to bash our country when he goes overseas, appeases countries like Iran and Venezuela, goes golfing while our men in uniform battle in a war he said he would end, and is trying to push our country over the cliff in the name of Socialism.
You Libs can't stand it that someone who's honest and intelligent might actually be a formidable threat to your "Hope and Change" guy; the one that promised salvation for all and a government handout.

Doesn't look like that hope and change is working, is it?

Sorry Libs...Lots of Love for Palin....with or with out you, 2010 here we come with power and then we can think of 2012 =0)

"Not that it matters politically because obviously she's a female Republican dunce and he's obviously a male Democrat genius." Ah Andrew, I'm longing for the day when bias is taken out of our lives. Great sentence though. It shows just how far away from reality the Left and Uberleft are.

I am amazed at the hatred and pure venom that you LIBERAL democrats throw at Palin. I did vote for McCain nor did I vote for Obama, I thought both were wrong for the job. But I can tell you this, if I had to vote on a President, and you put Palin's job background up against Obama's record I would have voted for Palin.

Obama was a community organizer? Palin had background as a Mayor, then a governor. I think it is so hysterical to hear how Palin has no experience, yet Obama had zip, nada, zilch and IT IS SHOWING> SO by your standards, Obama is a court jester and we have been played. Genius,, good grief, stop drinking the Kool-aid and step away from your keyboard. Your a fool for even writing this article. Not an ounce of professionalism, just venom.

the first line of this commentary just PROVES to us that the real idiots are the leftist elites in the Democrat party- tell me, just how brilliant is it to push Marxist policies on a free America that have been shown by a century of history to be deadly, enslaving, and impoverishing? How brilliant is it to look at a country that owes generations of debt to China, and decide that the best way to proceed is to SPEND MORE MONEY THAT OUR GREAT GRANDCHILDREN WILL HAVE TO PAY BACK? How brilliant is it to believe that singing Kumbaya and talking is the best way to deal with a bloodthirsty terrorrist? How brilliant is it to cry about our dependence on foreign oil, but vote to keep us from drilling for more of our own? Lets see.....Sara says, lets use common sense Reagan-conservative ideals to restore our country to it's past greatness, which is basically- STOP GROWING GOVERNMENT AND SPENDING MONEY WE DON'T HAVE- and she's the idiot. Obama follows the prior-outlined failed ideology to a T and expects that the results will somehow be different, and HE IS A GENIUS?
Are we living in Wonderland? Where is the mad-hatter?

She is a "dunce" like a fox, and I think the author is attempting to suggest this, rather poorly in my opinion.

The LA Times is unaccustomed to attacking one of their own, and does so clumsily.

"I don't think that any one president has faced such dire responsibilities as a president of the United States as Barack Obama."

Oh, poor Barry! Give me a break. The Democrat-controlled Congress created most of this mess and Obama said he was up to the challenge. Guess what? You've been duped. He's a puppet the "powers-that-be" cherry-picked to expedite the decline of the United States.

Those of you who continue to bash Sarah Palin have been under the influence of a year's worth of biased, negative press. You. Just. Don't. Get. It. A recent study proved that during a specific two-week period during the 2008 campaign, there were EIGHTEEN negative stories about Palin for every ONE positive story.

If she is so irrelevant, why do you think she continues to generate so much coverage? Because she threatens the very power-base that has stolen your country from you. WAKE UP!

Feminists, in particular, should be outraged. Once the previously-beloved Hillary was eliminated, they went after Sarah. The puppet-masters simply do not want a woman near the White House. Both Clinton and Palin, though with differing political ideologies, were vastly more qualified to occupy the Oval Office than the TelePrompTer™-reading, empty suit Obama.

Sarah Palin is not stupid. She's smart, strong, and attractive. Better yet, she CONNECTS with people. The fact that this CONSERVATIVE WOMAN has so much charisma and power scares the hell out of the DNC and their media lapdogs as well as the old boys network in the GOP.

Face it... for years, Americans had been hungry for real "hope" and "change we can believe in." Americans erroneously bought the hype on Barack Obama. The hunger pangs remain because socialism NEVER works. Palin talks about COMMON SENSE ideas that THINKING citizens appreciate and want to see implemented.

Go ahead, stay in denial. Be a hater. Call her names. Make fun of her. But, Sarah Palin is the real deal. And half of the country already knows it.

This is so funny, lol, lol...........Sarah Palin has the totally angry left side sweating. Poor prez. probably couldn't find his backside with both hands
tied behind his back, like he can't even carry on a conversation without the
ever present teleprompters. If he were so intelligent, he wouldn't rely on
all those socialist (marxist) czars telling him what to do. Talking about
mopping the floor, I think Sarah could mop the floor with him. ha ha ha.
Boo!, dang I just saw the whites of their eyes from fright. Boo!

not-that-it-matters-politically-because-shes-a-republican-idiot-and-hes-a-democrat-geniusbut-sarah-palins-poll-numbers-are-c.html bias here - interesting title to save the page under.
He's a genius ? Proof please.

Sienna's comments sound like fascist hatred.

Most of you are missing the point to this. Palin certainly does sound like a dunce. She doesn't have anywhere near the affluency of Obama, but that's placing value on the wrong factors. Us concervatives look at ACTIONS, not words. I don't care what anybody has to say, what I do care about is what people do. Obama is a prime example of what can happen when people are "sold" based on words. If you look at Palin's actions, you will see why Obama isn't even close to being in her league. I advise you people to look at the bigger picture before you condemn her.

I snickered at the writer's mocking early in the piece a Sara Palin idiom: "Guess what?"

Let's hear some of Obama's idioms. Those are real eyebrow knitters or fingernails on a chalkboard, considering he is the most articulate president since Thomas E. Dewey. You betcha.

Show the idioms in just one of Obama's speeches. Use the one recommending car tune ups to save gas. The idiocy of a tune up is not the idiom. Hear the idomatic ambiguities in the speech.

"Palin is a Republican dunce" followed by "Obama is a Democrat genius." Why not Obama is a Democrat genius followed by Palin is a Republican dunce? Reversing the order makes it clear to everyone the setup is a joke.

The the extant order, on the other hand, will appear as a joke to (what are Palin favorables, 43%?) 43% of readers. Why repel nearly half ones readers in the first sentence? A newspaper that does that might end up losing readership. It has? Ne'er mind.

Well, guess what? If I had known it was the LA Times, I wouldn't have read it either. You dang tootin. I stopped after the part about Palin's support.

PS - Palin's healthcare plan's better'n Obama's. Gee willifkers, did ja know she's already colored in her own healthcare plan? But, shucks, she types it "healhtcare," but, hey, neither Eric Holder's wife nor his brother had a problem with the spelling.

Obama continues to vote 'PRESENT' while Afghanistan burns and the dollar slides further and the job numbers are being hidden for the public.....

Yeah, got to hand it to him he's a jenuis all right and you smarmy dems and Obama worshippers are getting just what you wanted a quadrupling of the debt, an economy in the toilet thanks for NOTHING!! And you said Bush was stupid better look in the mirror for stupid!!

Somehow I find it difficult to use the word intellectual with anything associated with California, which should be renamed "The Moron State"

Posted by: dave m | November 23, 2009 at 05:12 AM

Dave, I've ALWAYS called California the "Granola State" 'cuse what ain't fruits and flakes are NUTS! LOL!!! hehehe.........

Reply to Ross Archer: I, for one, WOULD vote for Mariah Carey for President. She couldn't possibly do any worse than the nitwit we have now. . . .

At firs I thought this article was going to talk about how voters were sobering up from the obama kool aid, but then I realized it was in the LA Times and of course they still drink from that jug. The only reason why Palin matters to liberals is because she stands for things they hate, like being pro-life instead of killing their unborn children with abortion, or marriage between a man and woman, instead of gay rights, which is a celebration of using your digestive system as a sex organ, or smaller government instead of driving everyone out of work an into the welfare system. She stands for God and country and liberty as stated in the constitution instead of marxism and tyranny of the obamatrons.

"I don't think that any one president has faced such dire responsibilities as a president of the United States as Barack Obama."

Uh... have you ever heard of a guy referred to as FDR?

"The saddest thing of all is that she is given so much press time, as if she had done anything at all in her life to deserve it."

Just what I said about Obama, the half-term senator who became president,
whose supporters criticized Hillary Clinton for her "ruthless ambition."

"Just how much more sexist could you be on this topic of a republican female, Andrew -("Not that it matters politically because obviously she's a female Republican dunce and he's a male Democrat genius.")? Sorry dude, you slip is showing."

I think he was being sarcastic, parroting the leftist spin.

Two points:

1. Palin is not a dunce but the writer is.

2. Obama is not a genius. This is the same guy that thanked himself in third person because the wrong speech was in the teleprompter; the same guy that gave a "shout out" to someone after the Fort Hood shootings; the same guy that used the US Postal Service as an example to support government run health care (not once, but twice he did this in speeches); the same guy that talked about the "Austrian" language in a speech in Europe. Yeah, he's a real genius!

Obama's an idiot.

Hey Sienna. Some presidents faced a few little things like WWII and matters liek that . Obama is a Socialist and the grand plan if to , as he said, fundamentally chance the way things are.Wake up. can;e you see the obvious. Looks who he surrounds himself with past ans present. The Federal Government has NO BUSINESS what so ever getting involved in all the areas they are involved in. No authority at all. Read the rule book for America when you get a chance. This guy wants this ot be a Socialist nation and that is beyond obvious.
Most Americans prefer Democracy and that's what this is all coming down too.
Enough already with the last administration left us a mess. Obama came and took that mess and tripled it in 9 months.

"The policies of the Republicans have left the USA in a terrible state on all fronts."

Did you happen to notice that Obama has been president for almost a year and that the Democrats have had full control of Congress for 3 years, including massive control this year? And who are you blaming?

Wow, just wow.

Dear Sienna,
where's the "love" there sweetheart? Oh, and the "tolerance" of opposing views?
My goodness girl, you're miserable.

keep it dumb america

It is amazing how you liberals start off at the beginning of these comments lists as the loudest and most critical, only to be followed by an amazing landslide of conservative, common sense, rebuttals to your negative ill conceived opinions of a real American like Sarah Palin. If you people would really stop and think about what you're saying, you would realize just how stupid you sound.

Oh please, the first comment I read is how "no one president has faced such dire responsibilities"... Boo Hoo. Right off the top of my head WWII comes to mind. The decision to use a nuclear weapon against Japan had to be much tougher than anything going on today. How about WWI. The Cuban missile crisis. The great depression. And frankly the bombing of the WTC using airlines seems to even top the issues of today. That darned republican Lincoln sure had his hands full against those racist democrats who wanted to not only keep slavery but expand it; then those democrats started the civil war in order to fight to keep slavery. I repeat ... the DEMOCRATS fought violently to KEEP and expand slavery. The decisions of today are not nearly as difficult. The problem is the leader isn't focusing on the actual issues of today because he is consumed by his ideological agenda. Instead of making efficient and prudent decisions about Afghanistan he is off trying to get the Olympics to his home state, or speaking at a political fund raiser. Instead of managing the economy he pawns that off on the federal reserve and treasury while he tries to push through gigantic entitlement programs costing Billions of dollars at a time when the economy has tanked and people and businesses can't afford to keep up with tax increases. All the while they lie about the costs. The average health insurance plan costs about $8000 per year. They say they want to insure 31 million people. 4500 * 31M is $140 Billion per year in costs. Over 10 years assuming 2%growth (matching population) and 2% inflation that is a whopping $1.7 trillion cost assuming fraud is controlled, illegal aliens are not allowed in, and they don't actually decimate the private health insurance industry (all of which are probably bad assumptions). And this is being proposed during the worst economy in at least 30 years, maybe going back to the great depression.

What are you people afraid of?

Or are you just jealous....

If Sarah has no chance at becoming a viable candidate, then don't worry about it.

On the other hand, looking at the screwed up mess we are in now, and looking at a failed governent attempt to fix anything (throw more money we don't have) healthcare, economy, jobs etc..falling dollar, I think your man in the whitehouse now is more intent on shining shoes, looking at the bows he wants to make to foreign leaders. Looking at the popularity polls, then maybe you had better worry about it.

Hey, wait a minute, don't get upset now. You are supposed to have thick skin and be tolerant of others opinions.....NOT!!

All you people complaining about the "dunce" and "genius" line -- I think the writer was skewering and satirizing the "accepted line" that our great wonderful Obama is "brilliant," and Palin isn't. It's satire! I thought this was a great story -- Obama is an idiot and is running this country into the ground. Abotu time someone noticed...

As oBOWa's approval numbers go south, Palin's approval numbers are on the rise.

Several more months of the socialist Cockroach-in-Chief and American voters will see Sarah Palin as the definitive answer.

Sarah Palin 2012!

Wow! You LIBS are in an awful panic! What gives? Could it be that you realize that America is seeing Barack the Destroyer for the typical LYING LIBERAL that he is? Nah. Could it be that you all know that when he finishes he free-fall, that he'll be taking the democrat party with him? Nah. Maybe it's that you are now realizing that YOU didn't elect him. The gullable independants did. I bet you know, they won't get fooled again don't you? I bet that's where your rage is coming from. It's not the SUPER HOT Palin that bugs you. It's because you know it's, already ANYONE but Obama! LOL!
Well here's something for you to munch on. If, and when, it's learned that he's not leagally qualified to be POTUS. EVERY bill he signs into law will be NULL! I would think you LIBS would want to see his records more than us good, decent, conservatves do?
ALL HAIL Barack the Destroyer! Bringer of the next REAGAN!

Barack Obama has turned into a cartoon character Pimp On Steroids. Smooth talking, hypnotic style all the while lying to your face while he steals and cheats you of your hard earned money. Then, just for keeps, he'll knock you around if you don't stay in face jail if you don't buy health insurance. Obama has a lot of political paybacks that are over due so just bend over and get ready....Super Pimp is here to ruin the day. See your job disappear, your mortgage get foreclosed, and finally your bank account stolen because the FDIC is broke. Obviously, the LA Times is part of his working stable. You gotta love him, he's the Super Pimp of the World! Who's the dunce?

From a fellow conservative - Calm down folks! If you bothered to read the article in its entirety you would realize that the first sentence is brilliantly TONGUE IN CHEEK. Read the last line and maybe you will get a clue... Great writing with a large dose of sarcasm.


Do libs ever actually come out and defend what they believe in or just stick to character assault and name calling for those that don’t agree with them?

But then, I ask a rhetorical question....

This paper is contributing to global warming by the waste of trees being massacred to print these pathetic articles. The only reason people are reading this is because of Drudge! Palin is scaring liberals like Reagan once did. 2010 is going to be a blood bath. Conservatives and Independents are rallying by the droves. Your Liberal Socialist dream is just a flicker of a star billions, or should I use a word everyone is becoming more familiar with, trillions of light years away. And I should remind you, the universe is expanding. Palin 2012!!!

(Pssst! This is an online blog. No tree dies in the creation of any item because there is no paper.)

How blind can folks be? Americans don't vote for Presidents because of their IQ, Experience Level, Accomplishments or anything else OTHER than likability. Period.

Why to you think Obama was elected? Because of his Einsteinian level ability of abstract thinking? Or his long, successful governing experience? Or his exceptional list of accomplishments? He was nominated because he was more likable than Hillary, and elected because he was more likable than doofyy ol' McCain. Shallow Americans found his smile engaging, others believed he was going to make manna fall from heaven into their shopping carts, and Time readers were fascinated by the idea they could show the rest of the world just how "progressive" America is because we elected a black man. Well, the rest of the world likes us better now because Mr Obama is the first "Post-American" President. Meaning, that he governs AS IF he were elected by the rest of the world to bring America in line with their "blame America for everything, and make her pay for it" way of thinking.

Sarah Palin is at least as bright as George Bush, which is to say just enough to get by if she had the right advisors. At least as good-looking as Bill Clinton; at least as photogenic as Barak Obama; has a family at least as All-American as JFK's. What more does one need in today's America?

And to that silly person who posted some drivel about Obama's presidency being more difficult that any other president... good grief... what an impressive display of historic awareness. Has she or he never heard of, oh, say, Washington, Lincoln or Truman, just to name a few?

Our deal leader went to Asia and got NOTHING accomplished. He went there thinking the throngs of Asians would be hanging on his every teleprompted word, but they were not. In fact, they laughed at him with regards to his off the cuff remark about human rights, they nearly busted a gut laughing when he mentioned the unfair rate of the yuan, and they laughed till they bled when anyone mentioned that farce called global warming. Meanwhile, Obungler has done nothing with regards to Afghanistan, the war which was to be the cornerstone of his foreign policy (for those gullible fools who believed the campaign lies, that is). Our boys continue to die, and the boy genius is scrambling to keep the taint off of his graven image. From the looks of things, some of his knee-cap sucking minions in the MSM are hard at work trying to assassinate characters of any and all comers like Palin. The funny thing is that they still don't see the jig is up...2010 here we come

I wouldn't worry about a thing,All those people showing up for a new be, don't sweat it Just think, as she becomes more seasoned she'll be better no big deal everyone knows she stupid and won't go no where keep whiseling in the dark

The O'Bama administration is responcible for the shape of the economy, everything that has been done was voted for by O'Bama before he took office, from the mortgage issues to TARP and when President on to the stimulus bill and lets not forget the omnibus bill of pork. Billions upon billions of dollars and all thrown towards failures and corruption. The Cabinet is full of socialists, communists, radicals and tax cheats. The auto bailout of GM shafted the investors who owned stock at the tune of 30 cents on the dollar but there buddies at AIG, Goldman Sachs and Leahman Brothers got paid back 100% of all outstanding debt. Unemployment has continued to grow under O'Bama even after he said it won't go over 8.5% if he got the stimulus, well it's at almost 11% and growing, not expected to get any better for 2 to 5 years. You idiots got the nerve to blame Bush for that?? O'Bama is in the league of the Jimmy Carters but far worse as the American people are starting to see. O'Bama is a community organizer and that is all he will ever be, president only in title. He couldn't carry Sara Palins water.

If BHO is a genius who graduated "Magna Cum Laude", why he's hiding his grades? And, how come the media is not 'fact checking"?

Compared to the bumbling corruption of this administration, Sarah Palin seems like our American Joan of Arc, maligned by the power structures (of both parties!) but leading an army of righteous followers to bring down the enemies of the people.
"You lie!" may turn out to be the most prophetic remark made during this disasterous presidency, and become the brand by which Obama will be remembered in history.

blacks are failures and should be deported.

There can only be one winner.

multiculturalism is a jewish strategy of misogyny and rule.

Obama is the dunce!

Sarah is definately a breath of fresh air, she speaks from her heart. She cares for America just as she cares for her family and its not all an act. Just because she may not have all the "superior credentials" BO has does not mean she is not the right WOMAN for the job! I'd take her common sense anyday over the educated "idiots" we have trying to lead us in Washington now. We will never be a great nation until we start putting GOD FIRST & FAMILY SECOND the rest will fall in place as it should. This current administration is so worried about not stepping on toes and being politically correct that they can't see
beyond their high dollar incomes! Just take note how Sarah got rid of the jet and cut her own paycheck she leads by
example, she is a government servant first and foremost. BO feels he can make rules for everyone else but he stands exempt from them. Come on America, wise up before its too late! I'm for Palin and Proud!!!!

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