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Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama: The approval gap silently shrinks to a few points

Republican Sarah Palin signs Going Rogue copies in Michigan

Not that it matters politically because obviously she's a female Republican dunce and he's obviously a male Democratic genius.

But Sarah Palin's poll numbers are strengthening.

And President Obama's are sliding.

Guess what? They're about to meet in the 40s.

Depending, of course, on which recent set of numbers you peruse and how the questions are phrased on approval or favorable, 307 days into his allotted 1,461 the 44th president's approval rating among Americans has slid to 49% or 48%, showing no popularity bounce from his many happy trips, foreign and domestic.

Virginia line for Sarah Palin Going Rogue Book buyers

Riding the wave of immense publicity and symbiotic media interest over her new book, "Going Rogue," and the accompanying promotional tour, Palin's favorable ratings are now at 43%, according to ABC. That's up from 40% in July.

One poll even gives her a 47% favorable.

Most recent media attention has focused on the 60% who say she's unqualified to become president. Her unfavorable rating is 52%, down from 53%, which still doesn't ignite a lot of optimism for Palin-lovers.

On the other hand, 35 months before the 2008 election, that Illinois senator was such a nobody that no one even thought to ask such a question about him. Things seem to change much more quickly these days.

Saturday night Palin's book bus swung by a mall in Roanoke, Va., a state Obama won a year ago but just recently elected a Republican governor to replace departing Tim Kaine, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. The former Alaska governor wanted to greet the hundreds of fans already lining up in 39-degree weather for her Sunday morning signing.

"She brings out a different crowd, " Salem Republican Party Chairman Greg Habeeb told the Roanoke Times. Habeeb was struck by the numerous non-Republicans he spotted in the line snaking all over the mall. "She taps into something that the Republican Party really needs to tap into."

Sunday, Palin flew ahead of her bus to visit the Rev. Billy Graham and his son Franklin at the father's North Carolina home before her appearance today at Fort Bragg.

Overall, Palin's, well, campaign will visit 25 states, most of them politically crucial. Florida gets the most stops, three.

Everybody thinks 2012 when they think of Palin, who last week pushed Oprah's show to....

... its highest ratings in nearly three years. Remember, though, in 2012 the first hurdles a rehabbed candidate Palin would face are her own party's primaries, where diligent conservatives conscientiously come out to play. Sarah Palin Going Rogue Book Cover

If she somehow mobilized Iowa's white evangelicals as Mike Huckabee did to win the 2008 season-opening caucus, many bets would be off about her unelectability. Right now, Palin holds 65% approval among white evangelical Protestants, not a bad place to start, if she decides to.

Anyway, Palin says 2012's not on her radar. Which is a good idea. The year 2010 is much more important for both of these political personalities.

No longer holding any office and personally set financially by the book's runaway success, Palin can devote her SarahPac and the entire year to collecting chits from local Republicans.

As Mitt Romney has already been quietly doing. Other Republicans will no doubt nominate themselves to join along the way, especially if Obama looks vulnerable after November 2010.

Although presidential incumbency has hardly kept Obama chained to the Oval Office, he and Joe Biden now own the U.S. economy, where their much-vaunted $787 billion economic stimulus package has so far stimulated unemployment to grow from 8% to more than 10%.

Democrat president Barack Obama walks alone on China's Great Wall on 11-18-09

And then there's the growing deficit dread and the mounting costs -- human and financial -- in the increasingly unpopular Afghan conflict, where Obama is about to commit more U.S. troops at the end of the eighth and worst casualty year of the war.

We'll all hear much next year about how jobs are the last thing to improve in a sour economy, even in congressional districts that don't actually exist. Which is too bad for Democrats because jobs are the obvious first measure the public uses to measure the economy.

Historically, the White House party loses about 17 House seats in a normal midterm election cycle. That wouldn't change control of the House.

George W. Bush's GOP actually gained seats in 2002. Democrat Bill Clinton's first midterm election was a political Katrina, producing the Contract with America and so-called Republican revolution that saw the GOP take control of both houses of Congress after years of minority status.

Much of that turnaround was attributed to Clinton having run in 1992 as a centrist and then immediately pushed a more liberal agenda involving something called healthcare reform.

But that couldn't possibly happen again because of the popularity of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi whose current favorable poll ratings are -- let's see here -- OMG, only about half of Palin's.

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-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credits: Getty Images; Keith Srakocic / Associated Press (Virginia book line); Jason Lee / Reuters (Obama walks alone on China's Great Wall). 

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"35 months before the 2008 election, that Illinois senator was such a nobody that no one even thought to ask such a question about him."

Ha, what a joke. Mr. Hanky has been in office for 10 months and "leftist" propaganda news papers, like the LA Times, have yet to ask him a question of any substance. You still don't know what and who he is.

Let me enlighten you. He is Mr. Hanky, The Christmas Poo, aka, the "Stain in the White House."

Thanks to the LA Times, NYT, WoPo, and the major networks, his creds were hidden from the public and now we have a brown stain that we are stuck with for the next three *&%$#* years.

Since you are so enamored with him, I hope he succeeds in driving the economy down so your stinking paper goes belly-up and all your propagandists get laid off.

So Cram IT, Clowny,


I loved the part of her book where she showed surprise at people dissing her for finishing her degree in more than 4 years. Unlike the Obamas, she took no student loans, worked her way through, and wound up with a degree...and NO DEBT. The sarcastic opening line comparing the media-led perceptions of the two principal players was neat...almost as fine as the closing remark.

Go Obama!...and take Pelosi with you!

God you people are a bunch of illiterate slack jawed yokels. Haven't you ever heard of a joke? political satire? comedy? The first opening comment is a saracastic remark making more fun of the president than anything. However, admittingly, it does take a high school education to understand such high level literay antics.


Great article! It's unfortunate that so many of the readers missed that your opener was tongue-in-cheek. (It must be true, because that's what the Left has been spewing all year.) I encourage everyone to read the WHOLE article. :-)

I also found it quite amusing that all the emotional drivel from the detractors could apply to the current POTUS as well (hasn't done much, doesn't know history, etc.). I suppose it is unreasonable to expect a lib to actually use reason and logic to support any argument posed. Hey Libs, get a new play book; name calling doesn't work and makes you look like an idiot!

Barak a genius? I didn't know that he had a degree in mathematics or physics. Oh, wait...he's one of those verbally smart people. Clever is probably a more accurate term for those types.

There are more mathematicians who could be lawyers and doctors then there are lawyers and doctors who could be mathematicians.

Aww,,,, isn't that sad. All the moonbats are getting their panties in a bunch now that people are starting to turn on Captain Teleprompter.

That's what happens when you put an incompetent hack of a community organizer in the White House.

If Barry Sotero thinks it's tough going now he's really not going to like it after 2010 when the GOP picks up seats in both houses of Congress.

Oh well...we made it through Jimmy Carter. We can make it through the sequel.

Sarah a dunce? O'Bama a genius? you must have reversed the order...who is the dunce? Palin has O'bama outflanked in everyway.

"Not that it matters politically because obviously she's a female Republican dunce and he's obviously a male Democratic genius."

But you're not biased, are you?

I've never read a "news" article that starts out so blatantly biased (as well as some other things). That's your opinion, not news!! The truth is the Ms. Palin is far more liked by the American public despite the lack of exposure (vs. Obama's 2-year campaign as Senator and constant presence overwhere) and despite the constant attacks (vs. Obama who is handled with kid gloves by the media). I know you find that hard to believe. At least 90% of the media, and I'm sure including the LA Times, are liberal and voted for Obama which alone would explain the constant adulation.

And the Times wonders why it's rated and company are in the tank. Something is wrong when you describe Obama as a genius. He's a racist, divisive, inexperienced, Marxist moron.

BHO is still finding it necessary to campaign, you gotta love it. In a head to head debate Sarah Palin would trounce BHO and the libs know it. That is why they are shivering in their tie dyes. It is encouraging to see them so distressed over Palin, whether she runs or not the crats will be so distracted and aggrieved for the next few years they are going to self destruct. WooHoo!

Gee! How truely scintilating pro-Obama can a bad report get? I'll bet the writter had to be twu=isted into a pretzel to write it.
Look It would be impossible for any other to push a Black out of this office other thsn a woman. There are no other women standing. just one. Please don't bring up Hilary I don't think she has the place in America's heatrt.

Wow, you Obama lovers are crazy. You talk about Palin knowing nothing about our country, yet YOU elected this guy. Oh, and he looks much better talking and bowing in front of other foureign leaders than Palin would. Get your heads out of the sand people.

i imagine Palin's popularity boost is related to obama's popularity fall. Also it was inevitable that all the ridicule and character assasination of Palin by liberals would lead to a backlash even amongst those that are not overly excited by her.

Ms. Mae,
I would just like to draw to your attention the fact that Obama once said he had not yet visited all 57 states, yet he is currently the United States president.

I think that much of the media are attacking and mocking Palin mercilessly because they have exactly no clue to why the public is so drawn to Palin. Regardless of the lack of understanding of her popularity, they set out to portrait her as a dunce, dumb, ditsy and dangerous....yet, she persevere. Palin has no instinct to be kicked and kept down so she rises times and times again and speak the so perfectly imperfect mainstreet language that most folks relate to. I believe that much of the media is hoping that this woman will have a breaking point and eventually will curl up and hide and get worned and torned down by the constant attacks. Perhaps....and maybe this is the very reason why the public continues to be drawn to her. Almost as though they are rooting her on in order to root themselves on to never give up and to perservere. My judgement of Palin is still out and I do not know if i am yet convinced she is qualified to be president. BUT, I am interested and her toughness has earned enough of my respect for my eyes and ears to now be openned to see what she will do next.

I honestly think the "dunce" comment was said in jest - if you read the whole article, the last line tells you that the writer obviously is saying "dunce" tongue in cheek. But, it's hilarious how much Sarah pisses off the left! Their envious angst about Sarah only increases the resolve of the right. Keep it up!

Very few people are prpared to be President. Obama is without question not only the most unprepared to be elected but,he has surroundeded himself with ideologs. There is very little pragmatic that in his inner circle. arrogance,IOU's and a tin ear are a recipe for disaster.

Sure Palin is unprepared. She is the opposite of Obama in many ways. They are both empty vessels in many ways. Because she speaks folksy and tough, many fill the cup with their fears and contempt. Obama speaks in platitudes and makes no judgements allowing all the liberals to fill that cups with anythihng they want. Brilliant from a campaign perspective--but holy crap he is now in charge-and he has been the worst leader of the 20th century.

Nice bias again Andrew! Trying to bolster the most unqualified and incompetent President in history by bashing a private citizen who has admitted no current political ambitions? Why does Sarah scare you liberals so much? Why not discuss Obama's blame America first foreign policy? Why not discuss the broken promises from Obama? Why does the entire liberal strategy boil down to "blame Bush"? Why not report the truth about the liberal lies of global warming and the fake science from the IPCC? Why not discuss the party President who sees the White House as his party playground? Why not discuss the idiocy of Joe Biden, the VEEP with no cogent thoughts? The Obama administration just whines and moans and complains like daycare babies. Why don't you do some real journalism and present facts rather than opinions as facts? I'd take Sarah any day over the worst black president Obama and the America-haters and socialists/communists he surrounds himself with.

The media is obsessive about Sara Palin just like they get about certain celebs. They over report and follow their ever move. After they do that then they set about shoving it down your throats want it or not. They especially attack women more so than males in this manner. They did it with Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and now Sara Palin. They would never do this to a male cause they are afraid.
This is the continuous double standard and lack of respect America has for its women.

"She has more experience than Obama. She is not an arrogant, narcissist like Obama. She is refereshing and honest."
Posted by: webo

More experience at what? Quitting? Honest?? Are you really serious? Lying comes as easily as breathing to this woman! You can say what you will about Obama, but to seriously suggest that this woman is honest is beyond ridiculous. She even forgets some of her lies and then contradicts herself in interviews. I just don't get it. You people bash Obama and say he is unqualified, and then you cheer for a woman that is even less qualified. Why? It makes no sense. Just because she is cute and perky? You people truly frighten me.

Does this even really deserve any recognition? Sarah Palin versus Barak Obama?
Who even gives credit to this junk? Sarah Palin is the best the Republican party can do? Wow, all you conservatives out there should be embarrassed and ashamed. There are far more qualified candidates to run for President against Obama. Not saying any of them would win, but gheez, give some of the true Republican players out there some credit. What a sad state of affairs our Politics have fallen into.

I would also like to American people that I was once a staunch Dem. and supported Hillary Clinton and and even campaigned for her . Hillary was my NY Senator and a very good one at that. I didn't like the way the media treated her and it was mostly MSNBC and CNN. I didn't like the Florida and Michigan thing ,Hillary won the popular vote in Florida and she won the state by double digits and Michigan Obama took his name off the ballot. I opened my mind and heart and started to listen to the other side and was amazed at some extremely gifted republicans, like Bobby Jindale young 36 year old Gov. of LA and how he handled the flooding a couple years ago. I opened up to people I once would never listen too and got a surprize. I'm independent and leaning right now towards talanted people of the conservative poarty and the star really is right now Sarha Palin. She has energized the conservative base and she is not going to go a way and the tenacity of her toughness to be able to take punches from liberals and the left makes her a strong formidable possibility to run for President. She has stated that you don't need a title to serve and because I opened my mind and started to hear others like Bobby,Mitt Romney,Karl Rove I was surprized at how brilliant and smart these politicians are. I'm here to say people can and will change their minds because I'm one that did. I have many african american friends I work with and are personal friends I'm not racist. I just don't like the direction the country is going in and right now the polls are showing that 56% disapprove HR and 38% I believe something like that number approve the HR bill. Sarah has stated that yes HR reform is needed but we could achieve that goal in a commonn senseical way and other conservatives,republicans have said the same thing. I would also like to mention that I didn't before the high rate of unemployment in my state 10.2$ and other states as high as 15%. I do not want President Obama to fail and I hope he opens his eyes and he and congress start listening to what Americans want and that does not seem to be happening as they are pushing for this HR bill so quickly that I do believe there will be a great price to pay. The President can turn his direction around if he wanted to but I just don't think he really cares about how AMericans feel about his policies as he is going to get it pushed through if he can and that is that. I don't hear too much about V.P. Joe Biden and his popularity is not good. I'm an American and I support my leaders and although I have become independent and do like Palin a lot and feel she does have a voice as other talented conservatives and republicans she is right now the star and we are not jsut her fans as one African American Professor from Columbia stated we are supporters nad this grass roots thing is going to get bigger and bigger and we are seeing a shift right now as Chris Christi won in NJ and Bob McDonnel in VA . It's telling of what the 2010 elections are going to look like I believe. The tea parties have been a huge success and if they keep it going the unhappy once Barrack Obama supporters will change their minds in 2012 unless he turns things around. He has tried to pack so much in a year and at a fast rate that it's not too smart because as I've stated there will be price to pay and it's very important that all AMericans understand Hr and his policies so each American can make and intelligent vote in 2012 and next year in 2010. The tea parties represent Americans are fed up with big Government and we want to take our country back.

I found this article rather aggravating. To imply that there is a causal relationship between the stimulus and the subsequent rise in unemployment (which was predicted by the Obama team itself) is nonsense. LA Times, find some journalists who have taken an intro economics course, please.

The article would not be so quick to minimize Obama's accomplishment if the author had any interest in communicating the complexity of the problems he's dealing with. It is precisely because of very poor reporting like this that someone as selfish, media-seeking and wholly ignorant as Sarah Palin's popularity can approach that of Obama.

I am very disappointed with the LA Times, and I hope others among the readership will demand more informed (if not more objective) journalism. This is truly a disgrace to the reading public.

As someone who despises republicans, I will be campaigning strongly for Palin to be the GOP nominee.

Marie: "If the media had treated Obama as they did Sarah Palin, he would not be sitting in the White House today." >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> If Obama was as inept and ignorant as Sarah Palin has proven herself to be you would be right.

Your article failed to mention how Obama's low approval numbers are artificially inflated by a sycophantic and dishonest MSM. Imagine where their respective approval numbers would be if the MSM gave Palin the fawning kid-glove treatment Obama receives, and treated Obama with the contempt and derision they direct toward Palin. Palin's approval numbers w/b in the 90s and the so-called "genius" would be in low single-digits.

While our fifth columnist press has done its best to hide Comrade Obama's disturbing past, each day more Americans are seeing that this man hates his country and is hellbent on ruining our economy and undermining national security. Now he wants to give the enemy combatant who masterminded the 9/11 terrorist attacks a public stage to spew his hatred of America. Perhaps it is Obama's actions and his anti-American, anti-freedom ideology that explains the growing disapproval with this president.

And what evidence do you have for Obama's supposed genius when he doesn't even know how many states are in the US and sounds like a stuttering buffoon without his teleprompter?

The comments here show why media catering to Republicans is always less clever and more simplistic: The opening line of this article was clearly meant to be sarcastic; if anything the opening line is attacking Obama supporters, painting them as sexist (which, btw, is completely irrelevant to the discussion).

But of course, conservatives are not capable of perceiving to this level. John Stewart sucks because his jokes make no sense. The Simpsons is a horrible show because Homer and Bart are bad examples.

OMG. Once again people - get a clue. The commentary is SARCASM. Has the intelligence quotient of this country really fallen that low?

The author is a CONSERVATIVE. Please READ the article.

From a (highly embarrassed) fellow conservative.

Palin is very intelligent and qualified. However, she isn't polished or well-spoken. She is a diamond in the rough. And like Obama, she needs speech writers, and teleprompters to hold high office. She would do well to give herself some years to polish her speaking skills, although I'd never like to see her become one of the elite, word-twisting, information-twisting, deceitful politicians that are the status quo of America today. Obama, unfortunately has turned out to be a piece of coal. He'll never get my vote again.

Palin is a threat because she relates to the average American. She is honest, down to earth, wants truths, and has a burning desire to help the American people, and do what's best for America. And doing what's best is almost never popular (ex. cutting expenditures), albeit very necessary. She is real and refreshing - no hidden agendas. And unlike everyone else in the capitol, she is squeaky-clean. This is what makes her such a huge threat to the status quo. Those of us who are on top of things, can easily see falsehoods, lies, distractions, hidden agendas, etc. Unfortunately, Palin is no where near ready to strive for high office. She will be, in time.

I hope Sarah Palin does run for president. We don't need a bunch of communists in the White House (a.k.a. the Obama Administration)

She is a dunce, just like Bush, and if so many people like her, we have a big problem. People forget that it was 8 years of republican rule that lead the country into economic trouble, war, corruption and a moral crisis.
Republicans have run out of ideas and now do everything to stop the country's progress and cause Obama to fail.
As far as Palin... She even couldn't hold the Governor job - what experience are you guys talking about? what did she accomplish?

Gosh...You guys at latimes are smart...I like you guys...




This from a NC redneck...Geez

When Andrew called Palin a dunce and Obama a genius I honestly thought he was being funny in a sarcastic, ridiculing kind of way.

Obama gave his war speech tonight. He said that defeating the Taliban and Al Qaida is necessary for the security of the world, but he's only willing to try for 18 months.

Does anyone take this goof-off seriously? Obama assassinated JFK all over again tonight. The United States is dead. Maybe only Palin can save us.

Sienna -- does 9/11/01 ring a bell in that vacuum between your ears? I think GWBush faced far greater responsiblities and decisions than Obama. Wow, some people forget so quickly.

Palin doesn't have the experience (or honesty) to run our country. John McCain saw her for what she is, a grandstanding pit bull with lipstick who cannot think on her feet (Katie Couric). Her husband tried to secede Alaska from the UNITED STATES! How American is this?

Plus, what kind of values is she teaching her own children? Even though she preaches abstinance, her own daughter got knocked up right under her nose. She didn't teach this young woman to avoid white trash (Levi). Levi's mother abused drugs and is serving time. What kind of influence is this?

I don't see her being much of an influence for anything other than cosmetics.

I find this article to be silly and frivolous. With all the problems in this country, I seriously doubt that anybody in the President's position would be "popular."
That goes for McCain, Bush, Palin or anyone else if they were in the hot seat. Anyone who still thinks Sarah Palin is more experienced than Barack Obama is still living in the past. Even 11 months in the presidency dwarfs 18 or 19 months as a governor of a state with a relatively small population. It's like comparing apples and oranges. There's a big difference between running a huge, complex country and going on a book tour without any political responsibilities.

Besides, we're talking about 2 people well into their 40's, which makes the popularity question even sillier. There are undoubtedly people who "hate" Palin, but she opens herself up to criticism when she shoots off at the mouth without thinking. What happened in NY 23 was a good case in point. She and others decided to endorse Doug Hoffman over the Republican Dede Scozzafava, solely because he fit their criteria of conservativism. He was clueless about the issues there, but she and others like Dick Armey were dismissive of those issues. They trashed Scozzafava, who dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democrat, Bill Owens, who won. If that is an example of "common sense," we don't need it.

As a 45-year-old mother of 2 adult children and a grandmother, she is long past the time in life when it's excusably childish to just say anything without reflecting first. She is a good-looking woman, but even if she never entertains political prospects again, saying hateful and inflammatory things ("palling around with terrorists" or "death panels") is irresponsible and reckless. It's one thing to disagree with a president, but another to run her mouth and have no solutions of her own. What's scary is the idea that anyone still thinks she is presidential material.

Comparing Sarah Palin to Barak Obama or any of Democrats in office is an insult to Sarah. That is not comparing apples to oranges. It is comparing Apples [Sarah} to Nuts.

"I don't think that any one president has faced such dire responsibilities as a president of the United States as Barack Obama".
--Now the left says being the President is hard...where were they during 9-11, and a war that Bush was handling along with national disasters and stock market crashes. Oh yeah, Bush was an idiot---but Barack is a genius!
--Please, libs need to update their talking points. It's getting old.

Ok I honestly could not read any more comments after I read the first line of the first comment. No other president has faced such dire responsibilities? Really now? Ok well i guess the cold war and the job kennedy had to do was childs play. oh and what about franklin d. roosevelt and WWII? Give me a break lets not go over board with the praising of someone who has yet to actually follow through on anything he ran his campaign on. This man said the deliberations on policy would be able to be seen on cspan. oh that must be why he has all of those behind closed door meetings with his democratic colleagues. and wasn't he the one who was gonna change politics in washington? well he himself still participates in the age old practice of finger pointing. loving that change. he also said americans would not see an increase in taxes. OMG yet another lie but lets give praise where praise is due. he has managed to spend money at a much faster rate than any other president in our nations history. But I suppose thats Bushs fault, right? Oh and my favorite the promise that unemployment would not exceed 9% hmmm thats really interesting considering we're getting closer and closer to 11%. What an amazing approach to fixing the not addressing it at all because he and his colleagues find it necessary to pass hc reform yet another thing we cannot afford but thats ok china already owns over 10% of our debt why not ask for more money from them? And that stimulus that we had to RUSH through you know the one where states were forced to take even the states who did not need it such as Texas? Yeah thats effectively done nothing. No wait it has successively made the hole that is our national debt deeper. But thats ok lets print more money and run the currency value down even further. Yeah he's a man of such high praise. Give me a break.

"Not that it matters politically because obviously she's a female Republican dunce and he's obviously a male Democratic genius."

I am cracking up at how your sarcasm pissed off, well, apparently people who honestly think Palin would make a good President. I am so, so sorry you LA Times people got so slammed (and I lean to the right), but I gotta tell any readers who can't figure it out on their own - that comment is a slam at DEMOCRATS. Come on, people, how many newspapers come out and print it that way in black and white? Have you ever met any snooty liberals who figured being conservative made you stupid? Liberals who acted like the Democratic party was akin to Mensa "which is why I'm proud to be a member"? The piece is particularly insulting of Pelosi. Is it okay to insult Pelosi? If not, go ahead and express your rage.

Obama is paying the price for his arrogance and ignoring the citizens our ferur is a eletists snob i hope his entire demcRAT party pays a big price in november

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