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Wanna serve McDonald's takeout to Guantanamo inmates?

With the U.S. unemployment rate now having climbed into double digits and no dip in sight, despite Joe Biden's optimistic talk, here's one job opening that's, well, still open.

Can't imagine why.

McDonald's is looking for an assistant manager willing to relocate to the one McDonald's burger joint on the communist island of Cuba. That McDonald's is, however, still able to serve freedom fries because it's located on the 45-square-mile U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay.Dancing McDonalds Fries in Spanish

Yes, yes, on his first workday after experiencing Aretha Franklin's Inaugural hat, Barack Obama promised to close the prison at Guantanamo within one year.

That promise like a few others has been delayed indefinitely, however, because not even Delaware has offered to take any of the terrorist detainees kept there.

And, anyway, the promise only involves about 215 of the American base's 6,000 residents, who include numerous Jamaican and Filipino guest workers.

So plenty of McWhatevers still to go around on that Caribbean isle.

Besides ample sun and being surrounded by miles of barbed wire and numerous rapid-firing guns, the job at the fast-food franchise has a few perks. They include possible tax-free status for year-round residents and half your rent paid. No mention of salary in the Worker Wanted ad.

The Cuban Golden Arches is supplied with frozen food by barge from Jacksonville, Fla. And military guards have been authorized to bring in takeout Big Macs, etc., for the prisoners. The fast food has even been used as an inducement (or threat?) during interrogations, officials said. No doubt a dining dream come true for the alleged jihadists.

Assuming they're not watching their saturated fat intakes.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Serving the GITMO inmates McDonalds is a form of torture!
I guess George W. ordered Big Macs for all of them!


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