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George W. Bush makes secret visit to mourning families at Fort Hood; Laura Bush goes too

Then president George W Bush visits with US troops in Qatar 2003

Last night former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura made a secret visit to the devastated military families at Fort Hood.

The Bushes instructed the commander of the mourning military base that they wanted no publicity. With their Secret Service detail, Bush and his wife made the 30 mile trip unannounced from their ranch near Crawford, Texas Friday evening.

Fox News broke news of the visit this afternoon. Other sources said the former first couple spent about two hours meeting with the wounded, family and soldiers, talking quietly and at times hugging them as they did in private at other times of crisis such as post-9/11.

Most presidents come to feel a genuine respect and affection for the people they lead as commander-in-chief and sometimes the affection is reciprocated.

Many base workers and residents on Fort Hood are still reeling from the shooting this week by Major Nidal Malik Hasan that killed 13 people and wounded dozens of others. (See video below.)

The White House announced today the Obamas plan to attend a memorial service there on Tuesday. Some foreign news reporters have begun to write unflattering comparisons of the emotional Bush vs the ever-cool, possibly cold Obama.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press, 2003.

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Good for him.

Obama is not cold; he just despises the military. Why? His goal is to put an end to the republic and finish installing a socialist government.

GW went to Fort Hood and BO went golfing - that should be clear enough for anyone.

Bush went to Fort Hood, but where was Obama?
God bless George W.!!!!

Class act for President George W. and Laura Bush.
No cameras needed if you go to Ft. Hood for the right reasons.

Obama the narcissist. Yep, that's all he is. Doesn't give a genuine sh*t about anybody but himself. If it walks like a chicken, and talks like a chicken, it must be....

What a great guy. He is trying to stay out of the limelight to respectfully let Obama do his job. Yet he has a genuine heart and wants to reach out to the people at Ft. Hood.

For all of Bush's faults in kowtowing to the libs on domestic policy, it's times and quiet instances like this that make me realize what a great president he was. History will vindicate him. I'm already throwing up a little in my mouth waiting for Obama, after his panicky advisors get ahold of him at Camp David this weekend, to try and muster up the fake teleprompter-fed emotion for his mandatory appearance at the memorial service Tuesday. I wonder if 4 days is enough time him to conjure up the appropriate amount of sympathy for a display of emotion that, I have no doubt, he'll still manage to make "all about him" yet again. Sad days for our country. Sad days.

If the photo that accompanies this article was not taken at last night's visit, then you should say so. I doubt it was.

(It does. Of course, it wasn't taken last night. Don't those soldiers look a little happy for a mourning? Look at the photo credit line it says the picture was taken in 2003. Or put your cursor on the photo and see the same thing.))

"The Bushes instructed the commander of the mourning military base that they wanted no publicity. "

0bama would not understand the concept of "no publicity". Everything is centered around him. Even his speech Thursday (AFTER he finally got past the Interior / Indian conference) talked about how HE felt after learning about the massacre.

0bama is simply a clueless fraud, and the sooner we get him out of office, the better.

Thank you President George W Bush. The majority of Americans know you have a big heart.

Yeah, Bush wanted no publicity... there just happened to be a professional photographer on site ready to take photos.

I guess Obama is pretty cold for not turning this tragic event into a PR stunt.

(Don't you think those soldiers look a little happy for a mourning? Look at the photo credit line it says the picture was taken in 2003. Or put your cursor on the photo and see the same thing.)

And Present ObaMAO the PINO (president in name only) zips off to camp David to play golf.

It was a most disgusting thing to witness ObaMAO give a shout out and spend several moments blathering. Then almost as an afterthought, oh, I want to mention there has been a shooting at Fort Hood.

Good for him.

I want to give my thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of those brave men and women that lost their lives and to the wounded for a fast recovery. I am so thankful to those that risk and give their lives for our very freedom. Absolutely did not surprise me to see that President Bush and Lady Laura went to Ft. Hood to see the wounded troops and their families because that is how thoughtful and caring they are...he loved his people. While Obama was busy this weekend with his own agenda. How he has treated this terroristic tragedy is an insult to the fallen, their families, and every TRUE american. To the families again of the fallen and wounded I'm so very sorry...and Thank You..and thank you to all the heroic men and women that serve this nation.

Obama is too worried about his phony, trumped up healthcare "crisis" to spend any time with the soldiers. And then going off to Camp David. Will probably play a round of golf. Meanwhile he missed all the tributes done so far for Ft.Hood. Was awol. And will be awol until he can come riding in on Tuesday for the "formal" memorial service, with all the media in tow singing his praises. That way it can be about him again. So he can be the center of attention at that service and have his teleprompter all ready to go.

Yes, it's all about his agenda, no matter what else happens. They could have put off the healthcare crap until after a decent amount of time had passed after this Fort Hood shooting. And let the media attention and focus be on this where it belongs, instead of the antics in congress this Saturday over "healthcare." I'm so sick of "healthcare" coming from the Dems mouths that I could scream. Just go ahead and take over our healthcare system and feed your power-hunger, already. And the rest of us will think about the soldiers.

Nice little puff piece to help Bush's tarnished image. Was the hatchet job on Obama at the end really necessary? Regardless of how many facts there are that show Bush doesn't care about anyone, especially the troops (multiple tours, lack of equipment, sending them to a unnecessary war) , the mentally weak devotees of the GOP will always ignore them due to their blinding need for a strong father figure that absolves them of any adult responsibility.

I sooooo miss George W!!!

Obama's going to Ft Hood Tuesday to make (another) high-profile (for him) speech? Obama's too late. A leader wouldn't have had to think about this -- at all. He or she would have been on the way as soon as hearing that HIS/HER people had been through something so horrific. It's in a leader's fabric to know they needed him/her. The heck with all else. That's what President Bush did, and what he would have done had this ocurred while he was in office. What's left to do? Give a speech. Again. Maybe the families will get a shout-out, like that Native American on Thursday. Wouldn't that be nice for them. Just another photo op, just like Dover. I'll bet the absolutely co-equal point of the speech will be that Muslim Americans are scared and have his sympathy, too -- notwithstanding that the only Muslims killed in the US during the GWOT were killed by other Muslims on 9/11. I'd say "Enjoy Camp David this weekend," but no self-respecting leader would, or indeed could, in hese circumstances.

Obama is too busy denigrating Americans by calling them "teabaggers" as he did this weekend.

This is the worst administration in the country's history.

Setting us up for collapse.

Obama doesn't exist without cameras and stagecraft. It's all about serving his image. Dover wasn't about fallen soldiers -- it was about Obama's 'perceived' grief. Sadly, his trip to Texas will be just another way for the man to use people he does not admire and does not believe in. Bush would've never walked onto a stage Thurs. and used 'all eyes on him' to do more politicizing, to give a shoutout. He wouldn't have needed advisers to remind him that this was a tragedy. George and Laura Bush are a class act. Obama: watch them - and take notes!

Given what's happening in the Obozo Admin & the spendthrift Congress varmints, George Bush is a breath of fresh air in a dying nation.

I think that former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush did a thoughtful, appropriate and selfless act of kindness. My heart goes out to our military families at Ft. Hood. I wish our current President had the common decency and a true moral compass to have some compassion and not just turn everything into a publicity event or photo opportunity. He can campaign for a failed governor, like Jon Corzine how many times but he cannot honor fallen soldiers subjected to such a tragedy?

God bless, President Bush and Laura, and God bless the United States of America - and protect her against enemies foreign and within.

funny, he said no publicity, but there it is.... he sickens me... he lives with blood on his hands everyday as does that soldier murderer dick cheney.. they have made millions off the backs of wounded and murdered soliders... my husband being one of them.... I hope he and his family rot in hell.

Unlike Barack Obama, as president, George W. Bush did not lie to the american people. He did what he thought was best to emprove the economy, the country, and keep america safe. I believe George W. Bush and wife Laura are true americans who really love america and all it's citizens, especially our soldiers who put their lives in danger fighting to keep americans safe while helping others in other parts of the world gain their freedoms. God bless the Bush family.

I miss Pres.Bush....our military genuinely loves him and our freedoms are being taken away from Obama and Pelosi w/ the insane taxes and forcing this Health care reform.

George & Laura Bush are visiting the families at Fort Hood because that is what a caring respectful president do. No cameras needed when you are sincere. Obama doesn't have time for anyone but himself. Now if visiting the troops and families would help him pass one of his bills, or get votes for his party, he will show up right away. So much for a president in name only.

Other sources said the former first couple spent about two hours meeting with the wounded, family and soldiers, talking quietly and at times hugging them as they did in private at other times of crisis such as post-9/11.

The former President made a sure and swift decision to provide comfort and solace to the troops and their families. Too bad he couldn't manage that in Katrina's early wake. Also sad that there are so many people who claim to "love America" while hoping the current administration fails. Sad, but considering the level of ignorance that is so pervasive, not surprising.

Such a secret, it was only leaked to Fox News. He shows such concern, he would never stage a photo op, like flying onto a aircraft carrier and speaking in front of a "mission accomplished" banner. Its his lies that have led to the deaths of thousands.

"Obama is not cold; he just despises the military. Why? His goal is to put an end to the republic and finish installing a socialist government. "

It's clear you hate this country, why don't you move to a real dictatorship so you can see whats its really like? Idiot.

I am very impressed that George Bush and Laura made a top secret vist to our mourning troups at Fort Hood. I only found out about it from the pictures and write up in the papers. It doesn't seem to be a secret and the troops don't look like they are mourning. Other than that, this grasp for publicity seems genuine.

"Most presidents come to feel a genuine respect and affection for the people they lead as commander in chief...."

Excuse me, but President Bush never needed to "come to feel". He had genuine respect and affection for our finest long before he ever became commander in chief---one of the reason so many of us like him. Would that our current commander in chief had been similarly. Unfortunately, Mr.Obama seemed more upset about George Tiller's death than this tragic episode. Why could he not be just as fiercely and viscerally angry about it as he was about Tiller?

What's truly disgusting is those who would make this about politics or who use this opportunity to degrade and demean our Commander in Chief. Frankly, if Obama had tried to appear, people would have criticized him for increasing the burden on the military at this time. Think it through folks, a President can't just swoop in and hug people. Bush probably called President Obama before appearing on post. I'll bet President Obama encouraged him to make the visit.
For a Christian country, we sure do have a lot of hardened hearts. Make God bless and keep all who were involved in this terrible tragedy.

In light of Obama's request that we not jump to conclusions regarding the Fort Hood slaughter--or spree, as the NY Times calls it--and recalling Obama's non-jump in the Gates/Crowley dustup--"stupid" was the word I believe Obama used...perhaps a beer summit can be arranged on the White House lawn, between Hasan (when he's feeling better) and the officer who shot him. I'm certain that the "Great Conciliator" can get Hasan to show forgiveness for the officer's intemperate, race-motivated attack on him.

A very thoughtful gesture.

The former President made a sure and swift decision to provide comfort and solace to the troops and their families. Too bad he couldn't manage that in Katrina's early wake. Also sad that there are so many people who claim to "love America" while hoping the current administration fails. Sad, but considering the level of ignorance that is so pervasive, not surprising.

Posted by: deecline

Yea, and it took President Bush two days to visit LA. It's taken Obama double that to rally the cameras together so he doesn't waste a moment in the photo op. As someone in the military, I can say people who voted for him are now having serious doubts about his leadership abilities. For that I say, God Help Us All!!

Fear not. President Obama is likely crafting another "historic" speech. That should bring the families some comfort.

God bless GW Bush. God save Obama. God save the Republic.

I am the wife of a retired Air Force member. Between my husband's and my family there is a history of 150 years of service to this country.
Mr. Bush is responsible for the protracted conflict in Iraq that his administration instigated with lies. He also took his eye off the ball in Afghanistan to fund and man his ill-advised plans in Iraq. Now he's trying to resurrect his public image, in part, on the backs of these fine service people.
Mr. Bush knew his "secret visit" would be leaked to the press. George W. Bush will never be able to repay those who have lost loved ones at Ft. Hood, which is most likely an out-growth of anti-Christian and anti-Muslim hostilities brought on by the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts that have gone on far too long. He must live with this for the rest of his life and so must we. The long-term affects of this mess will go on for many years as evidenced by the post-Viet Nam era.
Let us hope, that at long last, we've learned we cannot continue to force our way of life onto every small sovereign country with whom we disagree. We've remembered nothing from Viet Nam, nor the USSR's experience of 10 years in Afghanistan. Those who forget, or most likely in Mr. Bush's case, didn't study, history are doomed to repeat it.
I'm horrified by what has happened and my prayers are with those at Ft. Hood and other service people around the world. The strain of this war is causing a lot of collateral horror. Our service people deserve far better.
I am praying that Mr. Obama and his administration will bring these conflicts to a swift, and overdue, end so that our service members can come home to their loved ones.

How bout a trade Obama for Bush straight -up!!!!!!

Fake story, GW the draft dodging deserter would never be allowed on base, it would be a race to see who would cut his throat first and get the Medal of Honor.
Soldiers hate GW as much as Osama, he is a coward and a disgrace.
I deployed from Hood, all you Obama haters are POS nutcases.

that pic was from 2 years ago, why paint it to make it look like last night
its from qatar

Are you kidding me? did we forget that George Bush was playing golf while people were losing their life after hurricane katrina. did we forget that dick cheney was making billions of dollars while thousands of men and women were losing their life in iraq? did we forget that there were no weapons of mass distruction found after 9/11. are we really upset with the president was playing golf? what have you been doing since this tragic day happen? did you go out a visit the families at for hood or any soliders for that matter? did you go out and do some volunteer work at any of the VA facilities in your city? please let's give this president a break. we have been riding him and giving him a hard time ever since, o, wait a minute, before he got into office. president bush did get a fair chance. and by the way if we think that any president can stay in that white house for 24 hours 7 days a week, we are all crazy. they would go crazy.........

I bet Obama takes his state run media people with him, you know, ABC and MSNBC, etc. Can't waste a photo op.
Good for you GW, class, real class. and a true Commander in Chief.

Wow. Good job turning a tragic event into a political mess!

First of all, too bad we don't live in a Communist country, because I'd love to see all of you here who belittle and condemn YOUR present Commander in Chief, tried and hanged for your lack of respect. Meanwhile, why don't all of you try to undo all the wrong G.W. Bush did to this country in a mere 6 months.

Second of all, couldn't have been a very "secret" meeting if it's all over the news today. Wonder how word made it to the "Un-biased" (Republican favoring) FOX news.

Thirdly, how soon we forget the things America belittled and condemned Bush for. Like finishing a children's book after being notified of the events of 9/11. Or, as someone else pointed out, how he continued playing golf while Hurricane Katrina ruined a lot more lives than those lost here at Ft. Hood. What, G.W. and wife left the dinner table last night to hug some of their fellow Texans? Gee. What a guy.

And finally, give the man who this country VOTED FOR a chance to fix G.W. Bush's mistakes. It's not easy to undo 8 years of inaccuracy! Bush ruined our economy. Let Obama fix it in any way he can, WITH or without cameras. Who cares? Let him to his job, and go back to your own pathetic lives.

Some of you people are really ignorant. President Obama (let me reiterate, PRESIDENT, not former president) President Obama was fighting for Health Care in DC. An issue just as important in the long run as the war.

We everyday Americans deserve respect as much as any one in the military. After all, they are fighting to protect us. Just as a soldier has a duty to his/her country, so does the President. He went today when he had the opportunity and the time.

Health Care is a battleground as much as Iraq...and we needed him on that front. Bush is retired, and he had the time. Glad he went, he should. For once, maybe he can do something worthwhile.

A true commander in chief, now we have a coward in chief, and appeaser and a radical.

Funny...this pic was obviously taken years ago. The uniforms are old and these people are from the Air Force, not the Army! However, if it was such a secret visit, why is it posted all over the internet? Nice Mr. Bush...I'm an Army wife and I am so happy you are not my husband's Commander-in Chief anymore! Prayers for all the Ft. Hood families and all the other military families. God Bless all.

(Hard to hide an ex-president's visit with hundreds of people after the fact.)

Of course the photo is an old one. I would presume the Associated Press' photo from 2003 was used to show that sometimes the affection displayed by the commander-in-chief is reciprocated. The article says it was a "secret" visit. Why would Bush have a professional photographer on hand when he wanted no publicity? You can't have it both ways; either Bush was pulling a PR stunt & thus the photo...or as the article states, he & Laura just wanted to express their love & support for the soldiers & their families...& an old photo was used to demonstrate the reciprocal feeling from the soldiers towards G. W. & Laura.

It is just like President Bush to not want publicity, but just to do the right thing. Obama can't even bring himself to admit that this shooter was a terrorist. The photo above speaks volumes.


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