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Fox News rolls wrong video of Palin 'crowds.' Will heads roll too?

A few weeks ago, Fox News had the White House on the defensive. Network anchors were scoring political points by ridiculing President Obama for ignoring the largest news cable audience in television. Glenn Beck pounded green-jobs czar Van Jones, who eventually resigned.

Today, it's Fox News that's on the defensive, after anchor Gregg Jarrett waxed on about the crowds former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin had been getting on her book tour. Except it turned out the footage Fox was using at the time was from the 2008 campaign.

Fox executives, embarrassed by the flap, are considering "serious disciplinary action" against someone in the control room, according to our friends at the Swamp.

Small wonder.

Last week, Comedy Central's Jon Stewart called out Fox's Sean Hannity for running video of a huge tea party protest in Washington last September -- as he was discussing a rally by the same causes outside the Capitol this month -- where far fewer protesters showed up.

Hannity apologized on air for what he called an inadvertent error. 

-- Johanna Neuman

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Easy solution. Stop referring to the organization as Fox News. They are not a news organization. You can refer to them selves as Fox Views. That is all that they air anyway.

oops! Same mistake by twice by two different people working for the same news agency. Hmm... maybe they're not so accidentally overstating the size and vigor of the 'revolutionary' movement?

Instead of the times concentrating on our government turning our lives upside-down with health care reform, unsustainable debt, lies, jobs saved, they make their reporters monitor crowds for Sarah Palin. Now you wonder why people turn to Fox for their news?

Ahh, Fox, they've just been so reliable up to this point. I just can't believe they would try to skew something like this. HA. The lies and skewed views promoted by Fox news really would be laughable if it didn't have such devastating affects on the United States.

I believe that FOX should not be able to use the word News in the title of their show.
Because they are not a fair news show like the other news stations and acting like they are is also a form of fraud.
What ever happened to who,what, when, where, and how? And getting the facts to back every story from another source.Or Was it just to much trouble for them to show the pitifully small crowd that was really there.
And the Republican't guy who run's the station was ashamed to show the rest of his cronies that no one cares about Sarrah Palin any more. Except maybe a few sad Republican'ts

No big surprise there, Fox is pure propaganda. Suggesting otherwise is an insult to anyone with a shred of intellect.

I don't know, Lee Hauser. Is it possible the Times can do both? Did you not see the article on the front page of the LAT website about the inflated stimulus jobs numbers? Maybe you've missed all the coverage of the twin disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan. The press' role is to be a watchdog for itself as well as big business and government, not just the things Lee Hauser dislikes.

did they lie about the numbers or did they just show the wrong crowd footage? how many people even give a crap or could determine how many people are there by a clip? Sarah Palin was in the clip while they were saying crowds were waiting for her! it was just the wrong footage. No lie. no statisics even given. Where is the big lie????? Sarah Palin just scares the crap out of liberals because she is a strong woman.

What a bunch of dodoheads


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