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Fox News pulls huge election day ratings

Chris-christie If you followed the suspense of Tuesday's elections, odds are you landed on Fox News.

Fox News Channel absolutely crushed the other networks in prime-time election coverage ratings.

Despite -- or perhaps thanks to -- being on the Obama White House enemies list recently.

Between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. (8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern time), Fox News grabbed 4.04 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The other outlets weren't even close.

MSNBC had 974,000 viewers. The CNN-owned HLN (previously CNN2 or CNN Headline News) had 842,000, and CNN trailed with 826,000.

Even with the CNN networks' combined 1.67 million viewers, it was still way behind Fox News in viewership.

Fox News even dominated in the younger 25-54 age demographic with 1.13 million. The three other networks combined don't even touch that number.

The divide between Fox News and MSNBC somewhat underscores the big win for Republicans in New Jersey and Virginia, though not the loss of a conservative congressional candidate in New York. The big numbers for Fox News, often considered a right-leaning network, demonstrates that conservatives nationwide may have kept a close eye on the East Coast competitions.

-- Mark Milian

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Photo: New Jersey Gov.-elect Chris Christie. Credit: Associated Press

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You just can't resist spinning, can you? I'm a democrat. I watch Fox. It's more honest.

I am not a Republican. But, my message to Mr. Obama is that the gubernatorial election results in New Jersey and Virginia should be viewed as an outcry by the American people for a more aggressive and rapid approach to improving the economy by job creation. The 9.8% to 10.0+% (counting the chronically unemployed/underemployed) should never be viewed as acceptable, never mind whatever worst case scenario has/was averted.
Here on main street, all that we see is suffering, not whatever pain may have been avoided by large Wall Street bailouts.

what's MSNBC??

If the Times wasn't already off the charts left, there would be a lesson here for them.

I started reading FOX on-line recently. I haven't stopped reading LAT and NYT. There is a huge disparity in reporting and coverage in these papers. What you get from one, you won't get from the other. We all pick and choose, sort it out, and come to our own conclusions. But, you can't do that wisely if you don't have the time to consult multiple sources.

I dream about a news paper devoted to Politics that can give space to all three political views (left, right, middle), side by side, on a daily basis, regarding the current major political issues, and can proclaim itself 100% impartial by employing journalists who have been approved by the parties they are assigned to report on, with emphasis on reporting statistics with minimal opinion. I'm tired of the old Hearst argument that all we would receive are biased views, when the fact is that is all we have ever received, and the reason we look to multiple sources. Why not put all the biased views together in one paper, and make life a little easier on us?

I wonder if other readers feel the same?

When is MSNBC going to go the way of the DoDo bird? Haven't they ran their course yet? Hasn't B.O. and his traitorous gaggle of misfits in Congress (yes you too Speaker Pelosi)shown the few remaining lefties that actually watch that channel that Socialist policies simply won't fly in America. 75% of the country is ready to pick up torches and pitchforks against Washington and they still don't get it.


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