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Fox News is evil -- unless you're selling an Obama book

Ah, the flexibility of politics. You gotta love it.

The Obama administration has in recent weeks picked a silly fight with the Fox News Channel to help keep impatient supporters on its own left from rebelling too much. If you've got a common enemy, you've got to stay together, right? Even if you're unhappy with the progressive progress on numerous Democratic fronts.

It's a silly fight for several reasons. It makes a president who must face down other nucleDavid Plouffe Obama 2008 campaign managerar powers look timorous and thin-skinned about something as inconsequential as the most popular U.S. cable news channel.

It ignores the fact that more than a third of Fox News viewers are Democrats. So the David Axelrod-Anita Dunn communications strategists are willfully forfeiting an opportunity to get their message out to millions more likely supporters.

And, worst, to pick and prolong a partisan fight with lowly D.C. journalists goes directly against the fundamental message that Barack Obama made a keynote of his $750-million holy campaign last year: changing the partisan tone in Washington once and for all. Change to believe in. No podemos si.

As a result, you haven't seen Obama administration officials interviewed much over there on Fox News, despite the invitations.

Come Thursday night, that won't change. That's because David Plouffe is not an official member of the Obama administration. He is, however, the single individual arguably most responsible for getting Obama into the White House.

Why will the Obama campaign manager appear, you might ask?

Because he wants to sell his book ("The Audacity to Win"), would be the answer. Which is apparently different than selling a political message. So Plouffe, who still loyally touts the official Obama line (he was nattering at Fox News again over the weekend on other outlets), has apparently received a presidential dispensation to appear on the evil empire.

Our diligent colleague Mark Silva, who broke this story, has much more detail here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: David Plouffe. Credit: Associated Press

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Fox Propaganda is evil.

Hmm... since when does a politician get to simply ignore a hostile or uncomfortably probing press? Did George Bush get to do that? Would everyone have been ok if he had just announced that questions from CNN and MSNBC were off limits? So then why is the press so quiet when Obama does essentially the same thing?

Oh... that's right. They're in the tank for him, and they've decided to toss all so-called professional "ethics" into the crapper. (And they wonder why the rest of us stopped taking them seriously.)

Obamie doesn't like Fox. Stalin didn't like Radio Free Europe. [Commies hate the truth]

Secretary Clinton went on there yesterday. Does that count? I hope her book will sell well. Oh wait, she's in the government, weird huh?

I fail to see why Obama can't argue with the 9-12 movement and the tea party protesters when they're being run by Fox News. It'd be one thing if Fox news was opinionated, but it's another thing running a third party movement out of their commentary shows and then promoting it on their daytime news programming.
If you need any proof they should be promoting an event on thursday at the capital at noon that will protest the health care bill, and I bet their daytime shows will report on it. Hmm...Fox news isn't evil, they just want Obama to fail.

Long live Fox News!!!!

Slow news day, eh?
On the up side there are only five comments to this tripe.
Shame on me!

FOX News is a joke. They aren't fair and balanced by any stretch of the imagination. They are the official Republican bash Democrat channel and nothing more. They have 0 credibility IMO. Sure they should be allowed to make up whatever they want. Just don't tell me that they are unbiased. That's extremely insulting to anybody with half a brain.

I will never vote for a Republican again as long as I live. Bush lied and killed over 100,000 people for nothing representing all of us. Then we found out he lied and made up all the WMD evidence and you guys didn't care and voted for him again. FOX can't possibly tell a story without slanting it pro right wing and anti everything else and you Republicans eat it up like candy.

Republicans are mad that Obama wants Universal Health care just like EVERY SINGLE other industrialized nation on the entire planet has except the US. Every one of them only pays HALF or less than we pay using their "COMMIE" systems yet we refuse saying it will increase costs and empower the government or lower care. We are ranked 37th in the world in health care quality so I don't buy that either..

"On the up side there are only five comments to this tripe."

That's because all the dissenting views are deleted. Let me post something pro FOX and maybe it gets posted this time.

FOX News is great. They would never lie or bend information to suit their viewpoint because they are fair and balanced and completely unbiased in any way. There, I bet that post makes it through this time.


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