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Carrie Prejean confirms 'sex tape,' but ...


Carrie Prejean, some might remember, is the California beauty queen who gained instant ignominy in some circles by agreeing with President Obama's ridiculous notion that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.

This was said to make Prejean outrageously conservative although Obama, who is a male and said the same thing throughout the endless presidential campaign, was ranked as the most liberal member of the U.S. Senate a year ago now. That must be what passes for progress nowadays.

Both liberals and conservatives have been bickering and chuckling and pointing fingers of hypocrisy ever since. Also, Prejean had breast augmentation, some keen-eyed critics noted, which is certainly unimaginable for any American female let alone ones successfully participating in the beauty business.

Anyway, Prejean lost her Miss California USA sash when she allegedly failed to fulfill ...

... appearance provisions of her contract because she was too busy becoming a conservative icon. Like pretty much every other breathing soul in public life this month, she's written a book.

It's titled "Still Standing," which some folks might see as having a double-meaning in the context of a sex video, but not us. Sean Hannity, who also has a dangerously conservative reputation, wrote the book's foreword and had the 22-year-old author on his Fox News Channel program last night.

As he so succinctly put it, "We might as well go right to it."

The handsome host noted that the high-powered celebrity website TMZ claimed to have a sex video of the beautiful Prejean that is so outrageously explicit it hasn't posted it yet. But people can feel free to keep clicking back there every few minutes to check. If they don't mind someday maybe finding a naked female conservative with bipartisan augmentations.

Prejean replied -- insert teasing pause here -- yes, there was a tape she had done as a teenager. She made it for a distant boyfriend whom she loved at the time. She said TMZ can call it a "sex tape" if it wants. But she was alone on the video, and no one else was in the room.

So everyone (except TMZ, Prejean's mother and the ex-boyfriend, who presumably provided the tape of his once-beloved) is left to imagine what songs Prejean chose to sing on her karaoke machine that night.

Prejean said it was the "biggest mistake" she'd ever made in her not-yet-lengthy life. She regretted it. She felt mortified talking about it, but it was her own fault. And that as a Christian she'd never claimed to be perfect.

Prejean and Hannity agreed that conservative women seem to be targeted for criticism by liberal media. (All of whose members are, btw, never naked.)

Prejean also said that she and her very liberal sister ... well, you can watch this short Fox News video for yourself. (Warning: This video contains graphic images of two fully-clothed adults talking about a book on a cable news channel decidedly denounced by senior Obama White House aides.) Read more below.

Additionally, we should note that, as reported here last week by The Ticket, someone named David Plouffe was also on Fox News last night, also selling a book. Plouffe, some might remember, was the manager of the Obama presidential campaign that hasn't really ended yet.

The fully-clothed Plouffe was talking with Greta Van Susteren about how really, totally, amazingly, seriously Obama considered Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential partner before going instead with the charismatic Joe Biden. No mention of any videotapes.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Donald Trump and Prejean. Credit: CBS

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Geez, get over yourself, dude.

First paragraph. "Ridiculous notion"??? Why is it ridiculous Andrew? That's what marriage should be. A man and a woman. Yes, the gays and lesbians will continue to live with one another and that's their choice, but the sacrament of marriage SHOULD only be between a man and a woman. Your comment is just another weight on the anchor. We've been slowly drowning in politically-correctness for many years now and people are so brainwashed by the media. It's so sad.

Dumb article by an equally dumb person. "All of whose members are, btw, never naked" must be the best line in this article... I'm sure this dodo is celibate. PS- Marriage IS a union between a man and a woman.

She claims to have been a teenager when making this "film" in order to make anyone who views it or possess it, guilty of child porn. It's the same clam she made about the pictures that hit the internet, but her age was debunked in that as well. She is the typical do as I say not as I do Christian.

Masturbating in a video is not a sex tape? What an idiot.

Lame! Get a life libs!

How many Hollywood liberal types have made sex tapes?
Im sure alot more explicit than what is on her tape.

Typical liberals trying to make a huge story out of nothing.
This is how they TRY to manipulate the media.
Everyone is catching on to the mass smear against conservs.
Very petty..
wake up!

Since she was only 17 when she made her porno film, Ms. Prejean has violated federal law by "manufacturing" and "distributing" child pornography (she sent it to her boyfriend).

I hope some good Christian federal prosecutor will act to protect public morality and our children by prosecuting her to the full extent of the law for her admitted sex crimes.

After she gets out of prison in 20 years, or at least 10, she will be required to register as a "Sex Offender" for the rest of her life.

Since Ms. Prejean is a Christian, I'm sure she'd agree she deserves this punishment.

Oh, and I'm not a lesbian who can't marry the woman I love because of Christians like Ms. Prejean.

I am appalled at Prejean's former boyfriend. How could he do such a thing? I have had some bad breakups with some girlfriends, but I could never do such a thing to any of them. Does no one have any honor anymore?

ZING! I truly enjoyed reading this story even though, alas, I have no interest in aforementioned naughty video. Now that's what I call entertainment!

You don't actually believe this is news, do you? You're aware that it's left-wing editorializing, right?

I loved this article. Is cynicism finally returning to politics? God I hope so.

Conservative women are always attacked for a reason: They stand by views that many of them don't live by.

Andrew Malcolm is a biased left-wing idiot!

I watched the report in a celebrity channel via Internet TV ( )but where is the video or this is just another publicityjump for Prejean.

I've been curious about this tape ever since it became an issue. She kept saying she made it a long time ago and it turns out that she was only 17 when she made it. It looks like she was an underage minor when she made it. That would make what her boyfriend sold TMZ child porn and would make both the boyfriend and TMZ. It's illegal to posses, traffic or distribute child pornography and this certainly seems to fit that bill. Why is TMZ not being prosecuted right now? This seems like a pretty blatant situation in which they're trying to capitalize on the fact that this celeb has a sex tape, never mind the fact that that celeb was a minor when the tape was made. Only a matter of time until somebody who knows lawyerese will catch on and start slamming TMZ (which they should). This type of Child porn is rampant in schools in the form of "sexting" and is very prosecutable. Especially when grownups come into possession of it.

It’s just amazing how the miscreant left continues to hammer this 22 year young lady for the alleged crime of giving her heart felt belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. Yet the most vile and perverted rituals can be paraded down the streets in San Francisco, Boston or New York and nobody bats an eye. predators can prey on small children in alarming numbers yet that subject is taboo. bad behavior can spread a plague throughout the world but it is politically incorrect to call out the insane. It is OK to try and destroy this 22 year old. Liberalism is indeed a mental illness, a mental illness that supposedly is based on tolerance and sensitivity to other views. What a laugh! Its roots are based on Stalinist principles that leave opposing views sentenced to death or the gulag. Don't believe me? Go to any liberal blog including the LA and NY Times. Game over!

If she is alone, I wouldn't really call it a "$ex tape" - but maybe I should not be asking President Clinton about these definitions.

Nicely done. At least there's one writer in the press who doesn't despise Carrie, and sees through the ridiculous projection that passes for blogging "commentary" these days.

She's just a cute young woman from a pageant, folks: leave her alone. Enough is enough.

Whoever wrote this article is a sad, pathetic person.

Quick! Set damage control gun to "Extremely Sarcastic" and fire at will!

First off, "alot" is not a word you uneducated rube. Second off, this whore was trying to come off all religous and then goes and makes a sex tape. More do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do from the party of Craig, Vitter, and Enisgn.

"If you are under 13 years of age you may read this message board, but you may not participate."

But apparently you can write the articles like a 13 year old.

Carrie is awesome. I love hearing her speak, it's so soothing. I thought I was a life long liberal until witnessing their pro gay agenda. Marriage should be between a man and a women, so let the gays have their stupid civil unions, but that's all it will be. because marriage is more important than what they have, it's about man and women exploring their differences and strengths, raising kids with good values and exposing them to the male/female bond. that's how our species grows, were as homosexuals are the complete opposite. "opposite marriage" :-)

Personally I do not care if this broad is against or for gay marriage. I do not care if she is a conservative. It really does not matter to me how many boob jobs she has had. I also do not care if she kept her crown for a stupid beauty contest that rates women as sex objects while at the same time condemning actual sex... the whole thing is ridiculous... of course it is ok to strut your stuff to get men to lust after you, in public. Beauty queens have to be somewhat exhibitionist in the first place to parade themselves like they are in a dog and pony show. I do find it hilarious that she had this tape leaked. I also find it funny that people who go around moralizing for others are shocked when others moralize against them.

The very first mention of this tape clearly said that nobody else was in the video and that it shows her in a solo act. Leaving aside how bizarre it is to find an adult who doesn't know what that means, why wouldn't you ask someone if you didn't know?
In any event, it's either more accurate to refer to that as a "sex tape" or a "home movie".

This is sad man, a 17 year old girl does something ignorant that another person takes advantage of and we attack her for it. Look back at when you were 17 and think about how logical you were, the world perception at that age is so much smaller and naive. I think this just really shows that the whole gay thing these days is faulted man. There is gonna be an attack on any who oppose, even if you were in elementary school and kicked the little boy who liked to wear dresses lol. It's jus amusing watching how right after the Maine gay marriage thing was defeated, they come out with this news. The media which is obviously controlled by leftist people are doing all they can to force leftist ideas on all who oppose. I'm now centrist and more logical then ever, even though coming out of college I was leftist and reciting the same garbage many other liberals do. The media is so tied to the youth of our country we grow up thinking that all against left is evil. My 8 yr old sister came home to me yesterday and said some humans are man or women and some are man and women, lol I said enough is enough. Leave this girl alone, admire her strenght to oppose the leftist leaning world of entertainment that she sacrificed entry into when she took a stand against gay marriage. Look at how the entertainment world can attack and try to ruin someone who oppose them, and be more afraid of that rather then what a 17 year old baby did. Shame shame

Of course it's not a "sex tape". That's why dildos are sold in supermarkets instead of sex shops.

"You're aware that it's left-wing editorializing, right?"
"Andrew Malcolm is a biased left-wing idiot!"

Andrew Malcolm was Laura Bush's press secretary. Thanks for playing though. I'd call you an idiot, but that's too easy.

If Carrie was indeed 17 years old when the sex tape was made it is child -pornography. She could easily be charge with creating and distributing child pornography and ANYONE that has ever watched it including the Miss USA lawyers could be charged with watching it.
Welcome to the American Sex Offender witch hunt!

What a poorly written and bitter piece. The writer of this article comes as angry and pathetic.

I was once one of Ms Prejean's defenders. When this controversy first erupted, I wrote the pageant officials encouraging them to accept that Ms. Prejean was simply expressing her personal beliefs about gay marriage and that, even among those of us who disagree with her beliefs, we should support her right to express them without punishment. Sadly, I'm now convinced that Ms. Prejean may be a pathologically self-absorbed and dishonest individual. How many of us believe that all of her more explicit photos and her sex tape were created when she was a minor, making anyone who disseminates those materials at risk of prosecution for child pornography. Ms. Prejean, you're right that free speech is a protected right in America. However, one sometimes must exercise the good judgment to simply keep quiet. The more you talk the more harm you do to yourself. Please exit the stage.

Andrew, you are my totally FAVORITE writer! LOL. This was a masterpiece. I guess not everyone gets your delicious sense of humor. Too bad for them

It's hilarious (or really sad) just how many people responding completely missed the sarcasm in the article and thing this writer is left-wing.
Let's make this as clear as possible for anyone whose reading comprehension is so poor: the problem is not that Carrie Prejean made a sex tape. The problem is that Carrie Prejean is like so many others who make supposedly moral and Christian arguments against letting gay people have the same right to marry (not a special right) as everyone else does. Please, someone explain how masturbating on camera demonstrates such a commitment to the sanctity of marriage that the person in the video has any right to argue that only heterosexual people should be allowed the privilege of marriage.
Or, you know, just bash "left-wing loonies" some more.

She claims to have been a teenager when making this "film" in order to make anyone who views it or possess it, guilty of child porn. It's the same clam she made about the pictures that hit the internet, but her age was debunked in that as well. She is the typical do as I say not as I do Christian....

If she knew 2.1C, this could have been avoided! It is amazing how this type of thing still happens in our society when I.R.O.C.2 has provided us with a simple and uniform understanding of how to proactively avoid it.

It only takes a second to make the biggest, life altering, and irreversible mistake of your life if you use any form of digital technology without 2.1C!

If you do not know what 2.1C is, or how to practice it, you should learn ASAP!

It's not a sex tape. And she sent it to her boyfriend (years ago), it was meant to remain private. I don't think less of her.

Why dont this stupid people who pursuing this get there heads out of there bottoms and start tending to more important matters in our nation like our economy..not worry about a stupid thing like this. Is this all that goes on in this country now is worrying about sex sex sex....tend to mor important matters!!!!!!

When you take the public stage and start preaching morals, the natural inclination is to then hold you to a higher moral standard than those who do not preach, whether this preaching be liberal, conservative, religious or whatever. Failure to live up to what you preach is proof that what you preach is wrong, otherwise you would be better than you are; otherwise, why recommend a path that cannot guide you better than other paths?

That video is hilarious! "I'm only 22." How many times does she need to remind us of that?!? And she was "brutally attacked"? REALLY?!?! I don't think so...brutal attacks would be what happens to gay people in the south or to rape victims or victims of other violent crimes. This was hardly a brutal attack. Another example of conservative exaggeration to try to further their cause.

sean hackity never ceases to amaze me! he's so fair & balanced & honest & ethical!

Cons want to call libs "loony". Cons are OK with an underage girl espousing moral values and then videotaping sex acts for her boyfriend. Cons attack a conservative columnist because they can't pick up on the obvious sarcasm of his article. Cons support politicians who say one thing and then do another. They justify it by going to rehab and saying alcohol made them depraved. Cons are extremely self loathing.

Libs are just stupid and naive, Cons are much much more dangerous.

After reading the Prejean's Hypocrity wherein she is blaming the social-media from her wrong doing, We can't help but to feel nauseated - If I were in a plane I would grab a vomit bag.

Now look what we got here? It seems Carrie Prejean made herself look more cheaper than ever by revealing she had 7 smutty collection...

More Carrie Prejean Updates:

Stay foot guys, wait till she say she got 365 and 1/4 red-tapes to share to the world.. LOL

I thought this was an excellent article. I disagree with the writer's views on same-sex marriage, but I'm very surprised that people don't seem to be catching the overall tone of the article. To me, anyway, it's quite obviously a reasonable article NOT participating in the finger-pointing and slamming of her because of her conservative views. It took the time to point out that even the figurehead for liberals, President Obama, shared a view that was disagreed on by the author, that marriage is between a man and a woman.

To me, this was an excellent article full of obviously sarcastic attacks (i.e. that liberal women are "btw, never naked.") on the hypocrisy that unfortunately is prevalent in the political field, and elsewhere.

Can't we fast-forward to where she rents herself to the highest trophy wife bidder and the rest of us forget that she ever existed?

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