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He won't be skinny much longer: What President Obama had for Thanksgiving dinner

Of course, it's easier if you're not doing any of the cooking yourself. Or turkey carving. Or serving.

So President Obama only had about 50 folks over to the White House for Thanksgiving dinner tonight. During the day the president called 10 military members around the world to wish them a happy holiday.A Turkey Head

If you've just consumed your own feast, though, maybe save and read this later. If you're still on the appetizers, go ahead and peruse what's coming in the next two paragraphs.

Here, according to the White House, is what the president had for Thanksgiving dinner:

Turkey and honey-baked ham and cornbread stuffing and oyster stuffing and greens and macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes and green bean casserole and banana cream pie and pumpkin pie and apple pie and sweet potato pie and huckleberry pie and cherry pie.

We are told, Washington style for background, that the president's favorite items are the turkey and pumpkin pie.

Hopefully, Obama has some presidential Pepcid on hand and the commander in chief will be out of the gastronomic coma in time for his 40-minute Tuesday evening speech on Afghanistan from West Point.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Good! I could not afford to buy Thanksgiving dinner on unemployment. Hope he enjoyed it!

Just as heavy and indigestible as his legislative menu.Pepcid wont do though,
he'll have to stick his finger in his throat like the ancient Romans and then
probably go back to his orgy as he is so found of old and obsolete ways.

Guess he'll have to genuflect in front of the big white telephone,,,that's Ok
bowing and genuflecting are his cup-o-tea.

more to the point, does anyone really care what he had for Thanksgiving Dinner???
One should be more concerned with his spending us into oblivion than his diet, or lack thereof.
Multibillion dollar jobs program? What is this? Another boondoggle for overpaid construction workers to put in soft shoulders and traffic islands on sparsely-traveled back roads, as is happening now in Massachusetts? Just down the road from me they installed a couple of hundred feet of sidewalk, coming from nowhere and going nowhere and never used by pedestrians in the 26 years that i have lived on this road; fortunately they took the sign about an "Economy Recovery" project down, which has done wonders for keeping my blood pressure in check

why wasn't he having dinner with troops like bush did???

I do not begrudge anyone the right to have a Thanksgiving dinner they can afford, or even one the people of the United States paid for.

Making what this man ate for Thanksgiving dinner, a major News release was a poor choice by the moguls controlling the news media.

People are struggling to make ends meet and are desperately trying to keep their heads above water, here in Arizona, as well as all over the U.S. do we need to hear what Mr. Obama ate for his Thanksgiving dinner?

Here is an example of what some of Arizona's people are dealing with:

A man I know, lost his job in security because construction companies don't need someone to guard empty lots, like they do with partially built new homes. Zero home construction equals zero jobs, affecting not only construction workers, but other related fields.

Next, he lost his his home, unemployment doesn't cover nearly what people think it does.

Then, he lost his car and unemployment benefits ran out -- Obama's democrats slow reaction time.

His wife, who is 27, recently found out she had a mild heart attack due to stress, is now working 50+ hours a week to make up for the missing money, while getting rides to and from work from a friend (which, is costing her more for gas than it did when she drove herself).

Add to this mix, their 7 year-old and not quite, 2 year-old, daughters.

To make matters worse, they recently had to open their now run-down rented single-wide trailer, to his wife's homeless mother and her brother (who was laid off from his construction job).

Top that, with all the holiday glitz -- no money to buy a Turkey, no car to get to the store to buy one. No pumpkin pie, no macaroni and cheese, no mashed potatoes, no stuffing, just beans and rice.

I wish I could help, but I lost my teaching job, even after Obama and the State of Arizona assured me that NOT ONE TEACHER LOST THEIR JOB because much of the money from the stimulus bill went to protecting teachers' jobs. Sure wish they had told the District I worked for that.

At this time of giving thanks for all that God has blessed us with, ask yourself, was it really necessary to tell us what Obama ate for his Thanksgiving dinner?

That's sure a lot of pie.


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