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Ron Paul, gearing up for 2012?

Libertarian Ron Paul running for president in 2008

The man's got a following, that's for sure.

Tuesday it was announced that Texas Republican Ron Paul, who wowed the Libertarian crowd during the 2008 election with his call for limited government, is set to deliver an address at the University of South Carolina on Nov. 9 about the “future of individual liberty and the importance of the U.S. Constitution.”

As if that were not enough, the following week he's scheduled to speak in Iowa, that pivotal early caucus state, with stops in Ames and Des Moines.

By this morning speculation was rife that South Carolina, which holds one of the early primaries in the presidential calendar, could be the launching pad for a new Ron Paul bid. As CNN's Political Ticker put it, "Will Ron Paul give it another go in 2012?"

If so, the 74-year-old congressman and doctor isn't saying. Lately he's been busy waging war against the federal government's response to the H1N1 virus, decrying the vaccination program as an attempt by the federal government to corral more power. He even tweaked President Obama for not having his daughters inoculated.

“It’s interesting to note that the president’s children have not gotten their shots and the explanation for this is it hasn’t been available to them – now that’s a little bit hard to buy when you think that probably anything the president wants can be available for their children,” said Paul, adding, “So in a way he’s made his decision not to give his children these inoculations – so if he has freedom of choice on this, I would like to make sure that all the American people have the same amount of freedom of choice.”

Yesterday, Malia and Sasha got their shots.

-- Johanna Neuman

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Photo Credit: Associated Press

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What a wonderfully written blog. Thank you Johanna Neuman and the LA Times. Dr. Paul is such an honest man, he is the only Statesman in Washington, the rest are just politicians.

I have studied Mr. Paul. He has been consistant and honest - he hasn't waffled in his 30+ years in politics. He talked about the economic meltdown in the late 80's that would be caused by the Fed and the dollar not being backed by gold. He is for small government and personal liberty. He's a good guy and too good for the sleeze that in the administration now.

Ron Paul is currently a registered Republican, not a Libertarian.

Even if he were to instead throw his support behind someone like demonstrated constitutionalists Gov. Gary Johnson or Judge Andrew Napolitano, his influence will loom large in 2012.

I would vote for him. He was against the war from the begining, he was against the bailouts, hes against government expansion on all levels. How can you not love this man?

Ron Paul the only honest man or women in Washington!

They sure got their shots fast after the subject came up, and Dr Paul was NOT the one to start it either.

it's a waste of time

Dr. Paul's responses to questions about a possible run in 2012 have gone from "no probably not" to "no comment". He should be well positioned if he decides to run. He has plenty of supporters hungry for a win after all the marginalizing the two party system and the media did to his campaign. All of his economic predictions have come true, and people will be looking for an alternative to the big government policies Obama is pursuing.

Ron Paul run in 2012? This country should be so lucky!

I see the president finally got around to getting the girls the flu shot. perfect timing.

My hope is he will inspire a fresh face to some day get the nomination, as Goldwater did for Reagon. The press will not give this patriot a fair shake.
Todays press is nothing more than a spring board for the ruling parties.

I hope so. His following keeps getting bigger and bigger. The supporters have not left and will not leave.

I would love to see the Good Doctor make another run in 2012. No one is more consistent when it comes to civil liberties, foreign policy, constitutional governance and fiscal discipline. I think that if Americans tuned into what he had to say, they would find that he is very honest, straight forward and his message is extreamly exciting!!

Ron Paul

For the long haul!

I hope Ron runs or should I say educates the public. He probably will not win unless there is a big run on the dollar, but his wisdom and integrity are unrivaled in the political sphere. People are thirsting for the truth and Ron Paul always delivers much to the dismay of those in power.

Ron Paul may be the only hope for our future. By 2012, the country will be so bad off that anybody on the Republican ticket could win in a landslide. Let's hope the Republican Party, for once in its miserable existence, makes the right choice and nominates the good doctor.

Funny how fast the first daughters got there shots after the Whitehouse had released last week they didn't yet receive them?

He's got my vote any day. At least you can trust him which is more than you can say for 99% of politicians today. This crazy old guy would stick to his guns PERIOD and he would cut spending and take us back toward our constitution - and today that is RADICAL.

Run Ron Run! I'm with you my man. Let's save America! I will fight with you the whole way.

I hope he runs. He's got the national attention that is needed, and the American people are starting, just barely starting to wake up to what is leading up to the down turn of America. Everything RP has come to fruition; if he runs, and loses, America deserves to be gutted.

Thanks for the article LA times. I remember when I first heard about Ron Paul I thought he was crazy but I've almost come full circle since then and think he is probably our only hope to return to limited government and personal freedom in this country.

The Sasha and Malia line kind of seemed out of place to me though.

Defend Unalienable Law
The Declaration of Independence
The U.S. Constitution
The Bill of Rights
Or Cut and Run

I have my fingers crossed for a Limbaugh/Palin ticket in 12. There are two children who despite all the clamor and beyond question, would not be in any way subjected to the swine flu... shots or no shots. Can any repugicant guess which two children that might be?

he is allready my president plain and simple. He is who i listen to and follow. the sheep line up behind status quote ... I refuse. One and one only Ron Paul well i would listen to Rand Paul to i guess lolol ... this Big O can go pound salt with all his liberal slimy friends...

I swear my full support and to donate the full amount legally allowable to Dr. Paul or whomever he endorses. I will spend the next few years opposing the bi-partisan fiscal liberalism and preparing for battle in 2012. If you think the last movement was surprising, you haven't seen anything yet if I can do anything about it.

"One who lies in bed with government should expect the diseases it spreads."
-Ron Paul

Ron Paul = freedom.

Ron Paul is the sole remaining hope of America and the world. As sick as nearly everyone is of the proverbial two party system ruled by the criminal banking system, we deserve a real change.

Ron Paul 2012 will definitely have my vote, if we as a nation can last that long...

It doesn't work to let politicians set expenditures, as they inhabit fictions. Mr. Paul may be on the right track in that one instance, but his mono-mania about money is what makes him a poor candidate.

This is a true American hero, As long as my heart beats I will vote, RON PAUL

The Champion of the Constitution.

Long live the Republic
Death to the new world order.

I hate censor ship.

Why would you want to vote for a geriatric patient?

"Libertarians" and their "I know what's wrong attitude" are the reason Bush was elected in 2000.

They are just a branch of GOP, plain and simple.

The Obamas are a little smarter than that. I bet the girls got a good shot of saline.

Obama got my vote in 2008...

RON PAUL is a man of truth and will get my vote in 2012..


Gosh I hope so, he was a likeable little kook. It never gets old poking fun at his rag tag army of thin skinned potheads, pseudo-intellectuals and profoundly dependent but deeply committed followers. I love these folks.

that geezer is gonna be dead by then

Congressman Ron Paul is an honest man, who is not interested in personal power, but is dedicated to the truth, justice, and the American way. I am sure that sounds corny to some, but like a blessing to me. For many years, his was a voice in the wilderness. Now his voice is like thunder, and one that is echoed by millions of Americans awakened to the truth.

He warned us all when few were listening. Fortunately, it may not yet be too late. Few nations get a second chance to save themselves, their freedom and their prosperity. Let us hope, and work to ensure the last best chance does not slip through the fingers of this nation, and a new birth of freedom will be the legacy we can pass to future generations of Americans.

Ron Paul pwned Obama's children.

Our viewers love this hopeful endeavor. Votes for Mr. Paul will be overwhelming for his Presidency.. Finally some one who is HONEST - LOVES FREEDOM -this is the best news American's heard in years!

If you value your personal freedom, think the government has way too much power, believe the wars are wrong, and are attracted to a politician who only speaks the truth, then who wouldn't want Ron Paul to run our country? I just wish it were that simple.

Things have gotten really out of control with the economy (thanks, Federal Reserve/private bankers/IRS) and Americans' civil rights (thanks, Patriot Act/FISA/DEA/CIA) and are progressing rapidly downhil into fascism and socialism. It seems we are living in Orwellian times.

Bottom line: Ron Paul has woken up millions of people -- that's right, millions -- and they're not going back to sleep. And BTW, I don't believe for a minute Obama's kids got their sweet little toxic "shots." Just more lies...

Obama: False Hope and Broken Promises

Ron Paul will never be elected because the mainstream media will brnad him a racist. Subsequently, the "sheeple" will buy into it. Obama will be reelected...The new reality series is "The Obama Show"...I think the show will be renewed for another 4 years in 2012

I am a registered republican. I wish the republicans would just stop ducking the "integrity" bullet and make Ron Paul their candidate instead of throwing up another "bought and sold" crony. I've written to "Keeping it Real-Michael Steel" but I guess they figure you can't raise lobbyist money by putting in a man who is really for the people like Ron Paul

Ron Paul was against the bailouts, against the oil wars and nation building, against the Patriot Act and other erosions of our civil liberties, against the Federal Reserve and the inflation tax. Wake up people, it's time for a Ron Paul Revolution 2012!

All Ron Paul will do is guarantee that Obama will be
reelected. Just as Ross Perot guaranteed Clinton's

So, the egomaniac politician who probably hates Socialism
as much as anybody in the country, will only guarantee
four more years of Socialism for the United States.

Sad, sad, sad...

I like Ron Paul. I believe he really believes what he's saying, which is refreshing in a politician. It's a shame that Libertarianism is a system that only works so long as everyone behaves. It is way too exploitable by the corrupt. I would love to see him in the cabinet. The government needs the honest and the dreamers, but we need someone more grounded in reality at the helm.

I am heartened to see so many supporters of Ron Paul. I joined the Republican Party inorder to vote for him in the Iowa Caucus. I have remained steadfastly non party affliated until he came along and the need for me to back him as fully as possible.
He got a disappointing vote share but I'll rally for him again. With Libertarian and Independent voters along with a fair Republican endorsement he could possibly be the unifying force the GOP needs.
My hope would be he has the DC savvy to move his agenda forward and not fall into the pit that Carter did. I still respect JCarter but as a President he was a bust.
We need a strong leader to save and keep America from slipping into the BHO and Dem. orchastrated Socialist state which seems their agenda.

Dr. Paul is the real CHANGE needed for Washington. Fresh ideas that make sense to anyone with common sense. I wasnt very sure about Dr. Paul untill during the 2008 elections I picked up his book "The Revolution" to see what all the talk was about with this man. After reading it I found my self agreeing with him on almost everything. He JUST MAKES SENSE.

Anyone who promises to abolish the Income Tax would get my vote, and Ron Paul does this and much more.

It would be great to see the number one statesman run for president. Now that the country has seen his fiscal advice come true yet again, he will have even more support. For freedom, Ron Paul 2012!

Would love to see Congressman Paul run again.

Dr. Paul is a true patriot that has literally dedicated his life trying to restore the Federal Government and its fiscal policies to the service of the individual citizen (as opposed to corporations, unions, and special interests). He has always conducted himself true to the values that he expresses. I invite everyone to do their own research and find out about Ron Paul.

We cannot sustain either the welfare or warfare state. Doing both burns the candle at both ends.

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