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Palin zooms to top of bestseller lists seven weeks before publication. Is that what 'going rogue' means?

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin waves to supporters while serving hot dogs at the Governor's Picnic July 2009

Sarah Palin likes to defy her critics.

The first-term governor raised eyebrows last year when she accepted Republican Sen. John McCain's offer to become his running mate, even though she had little national or international experience.

And, lashed by critics for a clothes-shopping spree and a daughter who became a teen mother without benefit of marriage, Palin defied expectations by quitting as governor of Alaska in the middle of her term, presumably to go make money.

Now, the one-time mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, has a new distinction.

Nearly seven weeks before the Nov. 17 date for publication of her tell-all memoir "Going Rogue," the book has jumped to No. 1 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites. 

This puts her ahead of Dan Brown's "Lost Symbol," at No. 2 on, Glenn Beck's "Arguing With Idiots" in the No. 3 spot and Ted Kennedy's posthumously published "True Compass" at No. 6, at least as of this morning at 6 a.m. Pacific.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that HarperCollins, which plans a first print of 1.5 million of Palin's book, is delaying publication of the e-version of "Going Rogue" until Dec. 26. Amazon's Kindle and other e-book readers have hurt hardcover sales, and Harper's says it wanted to capitalize on Christmas.

"The publishing plan is focused on maximizing velocity of the hardcover before Christmas, at a time when hardcover sales in the industry are down 15%," explained Harper CEO Brian Murray.

-- Johanna Neuman

Photo: Palin waves to supporters while serving hot dogs at the annual Governor's Picnic in Fairbanks, Alaska, in July 2009, after announcing her resignation. Credit: Reuters

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I predict democrats going down in the 2010 election. I am going to vote straight conservative...and I think a lot of other people will too.

Keep up the good fight Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, et al.

Wow I didn't realize so many of the conservative fringe could read, thats a real feather in their hats!

How do you define genius? $7M up front for a book that went #1 on the Best Seller lists before it even comes out. If you don't get that definition try quitting the governor's position to run freely and can't be touched by the liberals and their state run media. Too funny that the only thing the media can say is a clothes buying spree (What was it, $200K?) and a cut at her daughter. I know, Obama got his clothes through ACORN.

I can't wait to see this piece of garbage on somebody's coffee table. I hope they're dumb enough to leave it in the bathroom.

Should be a good read into a psychotic mind.

Amazing what you can accomplish as a failed vice president candidate and a governor that boasts seeing Russia as foreign policy knowledge. Maybe I should write a book...

People have got to be nuts to buy this book. Maybe an Alaska salmon is included with every purchase. There are legions of Alaska women with
more insights than this one-shot-wonder.

It was so very disappointing when the liberal media went after Sarah. Now they are lieing that she didn't even really write her book. But the American people are buying it even before it's being printed...that is almost unheard of...She has the message American's want to hear. I no longer listen to liberal media stations, which means I will not be supporting there sponsors, ever. This country is going in the wrong direction chasing the wrong rabbit, and his color is black. At this pace we will soon be trying to figure out how we will survive as a nation. As soon as the world discovers we will not be able to climb out of our mess, they will devour our resources quickly at bargain prices. Unless Sarah Palin is elected in 2012 unless she is not coronated earlier somehow through God's Will, It will be biblical prophesy unfolded, bringing the world to its destiny.

Repubs, look up the definition of "vacuous". Borrow a dictionary.

I couldn't quite make it through your entire story...Too much.

1. "lashed by critics for a clothes-shopping spree". umm, SHE DIDN'T DO THE SHOPPING!! The campaign did, not to mention that was the Republican party's money! How much did that DNC event cost in Denver? Where was there a scandal there?

2. "Palin defied expectations by quitting as governor of Alaska in the middle of her term, presumably to go make money" You don't know that at all! Seems she had a played a pretty big roll in the healthcare debate...I PRESUMED she quit to have an impact. BUT, guess what...I don't know that, do I? "Stop making things up!"

You seem to be a critic...don't risk being defied.

Genius indeed! Realizing your 5 minutes of fame is 2.5 minutes old, you capitalize by quitting your elected political position to accept $100,000 speaking engagements in Hong Kong and a $7 million advance to publish a book in 4 months! Why such a rush? In order to milk those foolish "patriots" before the rest of her unethical Alaskian political scams surface. Time will tell, by 2012, Palin will be the poster child for the girl who cried wolf.

They really did awaken a sleepiing giant. The United States has had a smidge of a peak at what lies ahead under this disaster of a presidency and fringe left wing, one party rule and we have recoiled. We will take this country back and deliver it to the people despite the this lunacy by the democrat party.

The Left hates her because she stands for something, the Left is still trying to figure out what their convictions are!!!!


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