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Smile! Obama's amazingly consistent facial expression

President Barack Obama has had plenty of face time in front of cameras over the last year. With all those hours spent in front of flash bulbs, Obama appears to have perfected his pose.

Like seriously perfected. Like he turns into a wax sculpture.

Take a look at the video shown at the top of this post. Say "Cheese!"

The photos were taken on Sept. 23 at an Obama reception being held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Eric Spiegelman pulled them from U.S. State Department's Flickr page and edited them into the video.

You might remember Spiegelman for another video he did recently -- a time-lapse of the Station fire. In addition to the random Web videos, Spiegelman produces the Internet show Old Jews Telling Jokes.

After clicking through the State Department's photo gallery, Spiegelman almost instantly recognized the humor in the pictures.

"I was looking through them and thought, man, the President's smile looks really similar in each of these photos," Spiegelman wrote in an e-mail. "And he must have held that smile for a couple hours. Amazing."

"Ladies and gentlemen, your President is a robot," Spiegelman wrote on the video's description page. "Or a wax sculpture. Maybe a cardboard cutout. All I know is no human being has a photo smile this amazingly consistent."

Spiegelman later speculated in an e-mail that every U.S. president elected since the camera was invented has similarly developed a trusty smile, but that the Obama administration is the first one to make all of his photos accessible.

Either way, we're searching for a man-sized sheet of cardboard and a pair of scissors. Anyone want a picture with the president?

-- Mark Milian

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Forget "most presidents," isn't it true that EVERYONE has a "say cheese" pose that's pretty consistent?

This cardboard cutout has infinitely more promise and potential than the previous occupier of the role. Good luck to Obama from the UK!

I vote he's a robot... his artificial intelligence seems more artificial than intelligent.

This clip and commentary would be interesting, if it were not for the fact that Obama is wearing the same suit and tie throughout the whole piece. This shows that the other people posing for a picture with the president were cut and pasted into the same photos of Obama. The angle alteration of Obama's body acts as an agent of deception. Unless the President never changes his suit and tie, this is simply a visual trick of illusion.


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