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Gun lobby unleashes 'Sopranos'-like on Virginia governor's race -- 'if you know what's good for ya'

It is surely one of the most unusual pitches in this year's gubernatorial elections -- a Tony Soprano-like figure defending  New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's recent efforts to close the gun show loophole and warning Virginians not to get too attached to their Second Amendment freedoms "if ya know what's good for ya."

Bloomberg underwrote a commercial in April that attacked former Virginia Atty. Gen. Bob McDonnell for his pro-gun positions and pushed for the closure of the state's "gun show loophole."

Now Bloomberg is running for re-election, McDonnell is running for governor and the nation's larger gun lobby -- the powerful National Rifle Assn. -- is weighing in.

Will this tongue-in-cheek mafia threat work in Virginia?

Politico reports that the ad kicks off the NRA's half-million-dollar ad campaign in the Virginia governor's race, where McDonnell, a Republican, is leading Democrat Creigh Deeds. And it's not the only one they're running. Listen to this one, the "chipping away" ad.

-- Johanna Neuman

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