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A Newt Gingrich run in 2012? Quite possible but...

No one in their right mind announces or confirms a White House run this far out.

Yes, presidential campaign announcement dates have been creeping up. In 1960, John F. Kennedy announced on Jan. 3 of election year. Bill Clinton announced the fall before election year. George W. Bush announced the summer before election year.

And Barack Obama the winter before the summer before the fall before election year. And that successful run cost $750 million in other people's money.

Why ask to be politically targeted this soon?  It's -- what? -- 1,107 days now until Nov. 6, 2012.

So C-SPAN's Mr. Excitement, Steve Scully, knew better Sunday than to ask former House Speaker Newt Gingrich whether he was going to run in the next presidential contest.

Savvy fellow that he is, Scully inquired instead what kinds of things Gingrich would think about as he contemplated that decision. (See C-SPAN video below.)

Gingrich, who engineered the stunning 1994 Republican election victories in....

... both houses of Congress with the Contract with America before quitting after some defeats four years later, walked through the thinking process. 

Callista and I are going to think about this in February 2011. And we are going to reach out to all of our friends around the country. And we'll decide, if there's a requirement as citizens that we run, I suspect we probably will. And if there's not a requirement, if other people have filled the vaccum, I suspect we won't.

Gingrich ran through a lengthy list of other possible Republican suspects, praising Mitt Romney and Haley Barbour and Tim Pawlenty and whats-her-name with the new book and the Nov. 16 appointment with Oprah. Gingrich said, "I have no great personal ambition needs to run for president."

Although, to be honest, he's not exactly hiding himself either, analyzing for Fox News, writing books, gathering nearly 1.14 million followers on Twitter (only 387,000 behind John McCain), giving speeches all over and rising early on an autumn Sunday to answer questions on C-SPAN from even the Democratic and Independent phone lines.

Gingrich also harkened back to the '94 Contract, saying politics needs to be about ideas -- he called them "vivid, powerful alternatives" -- not just maneuvers. "I want to see an alternate Republican Party," Gingrich said, "not an opposition Republican Party."

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Video courtesy of C-SPAN
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Newt is a great guy. I like him. But my vote is going to gov. Mike Huckabee! Who has stated he most likely will run in 2012.

Oh, isn't that great?!

Alvin Toffler's protege, Newt 'The Third Way' Gingrich who dresses in an 'I'm a conservative' mask the same way my 2nd grader will pretend to be something he isn't this upcoming Saturday.

Moments before the 'Contract with/on America' days when Newt was preparing to rule the roost in D.C. he passed out books written by his favorite professor, Alvin Toffler, entitled 'The Third Way' to nearly all members of the House, Dems and Repubs alike.
The brilliance he wanted to share was Toffler's argument that there is indeed a third way for the 21st Century - a way in which we combine Communism and Capitalism to come up with a modern fascism. Indeed, it is almost an exact replica of the system which is rapidly being set in America. The biggest of the big companies are allowed to thrive, and do so in an international fashion. Board members sit on multiple corporate boards. North America and Asia unites, like Europe. The United Nations keeps the peace by directly ruling the 3 unions. Smaller level governments (like the Fed in DC and state govt's) don't disappear, of course, rather they focus on running the citizens' lives. The wise men and women who run the government shuttle between public and private posts. The government is operated as a business for the benefit of the same businesses that control the economy. The average person cannot be trusted. He or she needs to be watched and controlled. Thus, cameras on the streets and a huge prison (private, of course) structure set to take an influx of folks who refuse to live with the new rules just waiting to be written. A world elite in charge, the remainder forced to move to cities and live at the behest of The State.

The Third Way. Newt's utopia. For Newt. And his 'type' of people. For the average working American? The average man and woman trying to keep a job and raise a family in today's world? It won't be so nice for you, but then if you and your kids had good genes, you'd be a member of the elite, wouldn't you?
And that's what is especially humorous about this (very little is, but this is) : Newt thinks he's one of the elites. Newt thinks that because he does their bidding, works to establish their stranglehold on humanity he and his offspring will be treated kindly and remembered fondly for his efforts.
And that itself proves he's Not a real member of the elite. Rather just a fat second-tier college professor with a fondness for adultery (and this damn book of Toffler's).

If you want a global futurist who believes the constitution is outdated, great choice. Read Tofflers Third Wave. Gingrich reccomended it to all House members when speaker. Wake up America research the canidate thats what Google is for. Dont get stuck with another socalist like Obama for lack of knowledge...well he is a "conservative futurist",thats nice.

McCain? McNewt? What's the difference?

Mike Pence step up please.

No more RINO'S please!

Newt is a "RINO"

Newt Gingrich represents NO ONE that is a true Reagan Conservative. Just more of the same stuff from the same stuffed suits. Hers's some political advice Newt... Go Away! Palin in 2012!!!!

NO NEWT. The last thing the Republican Party needs is for this Serial Adulterer to run for office. He had his chance as Speaker of the House and HE BLEW IT. So the plastic surgery and new found religion doesn't change the fact that he's a big bag of wind. He doesn't represent the Republican Party and I wish he'd get off the airwaves.

Please run this windbag; the gop is a joke that he is even given airtime. He is the symbol of bankrupt gop thinking; please let him top the ticket in 2012

maybe that douchenozzle Michelle Bachman can be his running mate

Newt should save his money. Wouldn't vote for him or any of the RINO's he rides in with if they were the only ones on the ballot. Goodbye Newt! Please go crawl back under the rock from whence you came!

Thanks but no thanks Newt. We want a real conservative.

He won't get my vote. Say no to Rinos or politicians that support them.

Just what this country needs now - another college professor beholden to the internationalist lobbyists who pretends to be a conservative when it suits him. Yeah, right!

I might have voted for Newt but that was before he endorsed Dede Scozzafava in N.Y. 23rd race over Hoffman.

Newt doesn't get it; never will. He doesn't understand that we conservatives are no longer going to "settle" for RINO's- ever again. Scozzafava is a RINO and Newt endorses her.

Good luck Newt. You'll never get elected.

Real conservatives dumped Newt a long time ago. He's like a fly that bothers you and you wish he'd just go away. .... reaching for the fly swatter.

I could vote for Newt, but lately he has abandoned some of his convervative principals and appears to be cozying up to the left a little. Conservatives want someone who will stand up to he looney left and not let the left define who we are. And it doesn't appear that the republicans are that someone. We must stop the government from exceeding its constitutional authority..after all, it is government that is the problem...definitely not the solution.....CAP AND TRADE CONGRESS!!...NO INCUMBENTS!!......B-HO HAS GOT TO GO!

i'm sure newt is a great guy and all, but please go away. the only reason he has been hanging on so long is so he can sell books. newt could never be elected
he is political dead weight, he comes across a little hacky at times, that typical annoying uncle everyone has. newt = stagnation

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