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A Newt Gingrich run in 2012? Quite possible but...

No one in their right mind announces or confirms a White House run this far out.

Yes, presidential campaign announcement dates have been creeping up. In 1960, John F. Kennedy announced on Jan. 3 of election year. Bill Clinton announced the fall before election year. George W. Bush announced the summer before election year.

And Barack Obama the winter before the summer before the fall before election year. And that successful run cost $750 million in other people's money.

Why ask to be politically targeted this soon?  It's -- what? -- 1,107 days now until Nov. 6, 2012.

So C-SPAN's Mr. Excitement, Steve Scully, knew better Sunday than to ask former House Speaker Newt Gingrich whether he was going to run in the next presidential contest.

Savvy fellow that he is, Scully inquired instead what kinds of things Gingrich would think about as he contemplated that decision. (See C-SPAN video below.)

Gingrich, who engineered the stunning 1994 Republican election victories in....

... both houses of Congress with the Contract with America before quitting after some defeats four years later, walked through the thinking process. 

Callista and I are going to think about this in February 2011. And we are going to reach out to all of our friends around the country. And we'll decide, if there's a requirement as citizens that we run, I suspect we probably will. And if there's not a requirement, if other people have filled the vaccum, I suspect we won't.

Gingrich ran through a lengthy list of other possible Republican suspects, praising Mitt Romney and Haley Barbour and Tim Pawlenty and whats-her-name with the new book and the Nov. 16 appointment with Oprah. Gingrich said, "I have no great personal ambition needs to run for president."

Although, to be honest, he's not exactly hiding himself either, analyzing for Fox News, writing books, gathering nearly 1.14 million followers on Twitter (only 387,000 behind John McCain), giving speeches all over and rising early on an autumn Sunday to answer questions on C-SPAN from even the Democratic and Independent phone lines.

Gingrich also harkened back to the '94 Contract, saying politics needs to be about ideas -- he called them "vivid, powerful alternatives" -- not just maneuvers. "I want to see an alternate Republican Party," Gingrich said, "not an opposition Republican Party."

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Video courtesy of C-SPAN
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Uhhhhh............not conservative enough...part blue rhino...will never win nomination...too many skeletons in closet. Aidios amigos!

NO, NO, NO........haven't we as Republicans realized that running the "same old tired candidates" doesn't work!!! Out of all the citizens we have in this country, Newt could possibly be "the one"......I DON'T THINK SO!!!! I have seen and heard him speak in person and he IS NOT someone who should even be thinking about running for about "last week's new".......come on folks, put your thinking caps on.....THERE HAS TO BE SOMEONE OUT THERE who can bring this country back to their senses.........PLEASE, before it's too late!!!!!!!!!

Just what we need "1994 Ideas."
Why can't the likes of Newt just go away.
They are a pox on our nation and society.

Thank you.

'Noot' can run if he wants.
But he's really just a spotlight wh*re and a rino.

Out of office he often comes on like he supports Conservatism.
It's good for the photo ops and the press exposure he craves.
But he is a promoter of the GOP concept of abandoning the Conservative base and leaning the republican representation on the hill even further left.

Two of the worst mistakes any freedom loving American Conservative can make are to give one cent to the GOP in the belief that it will promote Conservative candidates, and to think The 'Noot' is really a supporter of the Conservative base ideology.

The same Newt Gingrich who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations? The same so called Conservative who supports Dede Scozzafava, the liberla RINO running for the vacant seat in the state of New York for Congressmen?

It is time to throw Michael Steele and Newt Gingrich out. These people are supported by the "Secret Society" and the Global Elitists. Lets not forget this Newt Gingrich resigned as Speaker of the House because he was busted with a Hooker and Campign Financing Irregularties and now he wants to be President? Sounds like another corrupt RINO to me. We can do better than this.

I will not vote for Newt, Romney or McCain, none of them believe we have an Illegal Immigration problem, and all three are Good Ole Boys from the Beltway. We don't need no stinking Ex-Politicians, we need New Blood.

Palin and Cheney in 2012.

Newt, don't bother. We have way too many rino's around as it is

NO! newt is a fine historian, but part of the memories of the republican party still in the minds of most. we need new blood for a conservative victory. jm

We don't need democrats in disguise, we need real conservatives, something Newt walked away from these past years. He supports San Fran Nan and her stupidity, and now is supporting a rino running in New York. Screw him, before he screws you.
Ron Reae

Newt running? No way in heck would we vote for this man. And, we are/were Republicans. This would be like voting for a John McCain. (if you want to vote Democrat, then vote for Newt. One of the most eletist of Republicans.

Newt is the intellectual giant in the room. A Newt run would be Obama's worst nightmare. Obama's dishonesty would be put on full display. Newt would ensure that the left know's how fake Obama is - something the right already knows.

Newt has had his day. I do not think that he is the fellow to run for pres. Lets get some one that we can win.

I like Newt. But not that much I'd vote for him. Like all the other "seasoned" members of congress, he represents his interests. He flips from conservative to liberal issues, like the "green" issues, immigration and healthcare. I like his stance on low taxes, but I think he missed the boat on a truly conservative point of political view.

If we the people want to rid ourselves of the mess we've found ourselves in, then Newt won't be the one to fix it. We need new blood. Not the same ol' same ol'. Wasn't he just out a couple weeks ago with Sharpton, anyway? And the commercials with Pelosi, etc.

Newt- stay as an opinion giver. Get out of trying to be elected.

Be careful Mr. Malcolm, your partisanslip is showing with your disdain for Mrs. Palin. You know whats-her-name really does have a name a whether you believe it or not deserves to be treated with a modicum of civility and honor.

Newt is just to the right of John McShame and to the left of TPaw...RINO's, all. Newt's most useful as a champion of God's providence in our nation's founding. Not as a spokesman standing by Pelosi and Sharpton - this is what will be used by his opponents.

"what's her name with the new book"

That's new BESTSELLER, number 1 on Amazon before the first copy hit the bookstore.

Ouch, I know how you feel about that.

How is he going to pull that off in a Primary against Obama!? Will his campaign be the Road Map Against America!?

He introduced the contract with America and could not keep is vows (sacred contract) with his own wife! No! he is a global warming fraud RINO! We need a real grass roots conservative, down the line Reagan type conservative with uncompromising principles.

His support for Scazzifava identifies who he really is!

Newt is damaging any chance he might have of getting the GOP nomination with his public support of Dede Scozzafava over Doug Hoffman in the NY23 special election for Congress. Dede is a well-known liberal Republican; Hoffman, running as a Conservative, is precisely that. That Gingrich would come down on Scozzafava's side when Huckabee, Palin, Thompson and likely Pawlenty have picked Hoffman, seems like an early mistake.

Oh, Just stay home Newt and save the money. If you and other Rino Republicans think you are going to ride in on the wave of conservative dicontent,you've got another thing coming. We (Conservatives)want actual conservatives in office! Didn't you learn anything from McCain? Your endorsement of a flaming "Rino" in New York, shows you for what you are, a political hack who doesn't get it.

Don't bother Newt. We tried your brand with John McCain. We would rather have some candidates with actual conservative values rather than candidates pretending to be conservatives.

I would vote for him.

Can't even mention Sarah Palin by name???? Man, you lefties are really strange people! You guys are so hypocritical too. Liberals are all for minorities and women... as long as they adhere to the correct ideology... doesn't this embarrass you, because it really should...

Unless there is a major change in the current administrations policies...
It doesn't matter who challenges the anointed one... The anointed one will lose!
Could someone please teach the POS in the WH to sit up?

Please run Newt, save this country!

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I needed a good old fashioned belly laugh.

Gingrich should do all truly conservative Republicans a favor and check himself into an old folks home and stay there.

Newt turned into a No thanks Newt.Non conservatives need not apply.Not interested. Oh, and her name is SARAH PALIN by the way.

Wow. He handles himself great. I don't think that his favorability ratings are high enough to seriously run for president yet. He has to get those numbers up to have any sort of chance. I think that the republican primary is wide open.

As a true Conservative I will not be voting for Mr. Global Warming Gingrich. As long as he takes liberal stances and supports liberal politicians for office. I once had respect for this man, but he has shown that he has no principles, he only wants to win power for his party. Its time to take the RINO's out with the trash.

If this country is to have a bright future in the vision of our forefathers here is an idea that if implemented in 2010 and 2012 by every solid American who believes that this is a country of laws and that our Constitution should be followed and not bastardized, that vision can be once again a be a reality.

That plan is to remove every incumbent from every political seat national and local. Good people and bad. If they're campaigning for re-election don't give them the time of day. If you can honestly say they have spent their time in office working to respectfully protect and defend the constitution of the United States you need to vote them out anyway just as a matter of principle. That will be hard but necessary to show them ALL that 'We the People' mean business.

Imagine the performance improvement of those politicians who know up front that they have only one shot to get it right and that they can WORK their entire term without spending half of their time campaigning for re-election.

Those who attack honest industries for making high profits are at the same time very comfortable wading around in our tax money, throwing trillions to the 4 winds. While personally enjoying unimaginable luxury, benefits & perks politician fat cats want you and I to make life style 'adjustments' to compensate for their mishandling of the economy.

The congress and senate need to be wiped clean of this mess and we need to start over with carefully chosen statesmen and women that can PROVE to us BEFORE we elect them that they deserve our trust. For those of us that give a damn about the future of our grandchildren our mission is clear.

He would be the best one since Reagan, He and the Republicans 'contract with America' almost balanced the budget. The left-wing press has demonized him so, it would be hard to overcome. Remember, he had a girlfriend, not like 'Sick Willie' but a girlfriend. I'm a 'yellow-dog' republican.

If Mitt Romney, McCain, Haley Barber, Graham, Bush or GINGRICH run for the Presidency in 2012, the Democrats will win easily. These are all moderate candidates and 20% of the Republican rank and file will not support moderation and President Obama will once again slide in.
Newt's ego is even bigger than his head if he believes that there is room for moderates in the Republican party. These people are drawing straws for who will show the Bush's the door. If you aren't conservative, you are not repiblican, and the rank and file are ready to lose many house and Senate seats to prove that point! Newt might not actually be thinking of running, but he should be considering the 78% of Americans who own this political turf. I guess a PhD doesn't guarantee wisdom.
Thomas S. Stein MBA
PhD Business candidate
321 Sherry St.
Neenah, WI.,

Newt recognized he has to play the game set forth by the liberal bodies of the RNC and DNC. Who else but the media has attempted to determine the 2012 players three years in advance? What remains to be seen is whether Gingrich has been or will be harmed by his endorsement of Rockefeller Republican, NY-23.

Newt Gingrich - in 2012 ? No Way. The conservative movement should not allow any member of CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) to become a President. CFR's primary goal is to establish a New World Order with America losing its status and its sovereignty being destroyed in the process. The 20-30 million tea party and like minded people need to make sure that doesn't happen. Other CFR members include - both Clintons, Bush, Romney, Kerry, Gore. That leaves Huckabee as the only viable Republican candidate thus far.

Newt wouldn't be any worse than any President we've had in modern times. Maybe he'd help re-establish our manufacturing and energy producing capabilities before we turn into a third world nation.

I have voted the Republican line in every election for over thirty five years, but I swear by all that is holy, if the Republican party tries to foist another of these Council on Foreign Relations-Bohemian Grove cyborgs on us I will vote Democrat and sit back and laugh as the nation burns.
Newt Gingrich is human garbage, not even fit to be used as landfill. The very fact he is such a media favorite proves his criminal uselessness and poisonous intent.
Joe Arpaio for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What Washington DC needs is a good enema!

Newt would be better than Obama but he's been to compromising lately (his recent endorsement in New York's race among others). We need Conservatives that stand on principle not on only getting elected. Look at where this has taken Republicans when we had McCain--which was a big compromise for Conservatives.

I think the Guliani/Gingrich ticket with Newt as VP is the winner.

Please spare us. Gingrich has done what so many others have and sold out the conservatives. He is backing a totally liberal republican candidate in New York right now just because she has an R next to her name. The whole party has begun to sicken me. I'm a conservative and I'm tired of democrats being allowed to run as republicans and the party is continuing to allow this. Gingrich could have simply not come out in support of her. But he did, and I won't vote for another John McCain which is what it looks like Gingrich is becoming. Newt Gingrich has lost my support, so I hope he stays out of 2012.

Hoping and praying that Newt runs.



Newt -

DO NOT RUN AS A REPUBLICAN! We Conservatives will not support you or your centrist policy. Democrat light is not the option we are looking for. You need to step away from the mic and let the new-blood of the true Conservative American movement take over. You are destroying your party by supporting candidates and policy that is in direct opposition to what Republicans have always stood for. A left leaning candidate IS what LOST the last election for the Republicans. We will not stand idly and allow you to destroy our chances again. The country needs new leaders with fresh ideas, not power misers unwilling to relinquish control.

That's a good idea Newt, but will Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck vote for you? Let's go ask Acorn....

If he runs, I will support him with volunteer time, cash contributions, and my vote. Newt is so far superior to the current crop of politicians, it's amazing. I hope and pray that a Newt/Palin ticket in '12 comes to pass, and American can finally rid itself of "H"

Newt is out of touch with Conservatives. His endorsement of the Repbublican candidate in NY instead of the Conservative candidate, Hoffman, proves it. No way is Newt ever getting my vote. I held my nose and voted for McCain last election. I won't repeat that move with Newt.

Forget it, Newt, we don't want you. Palin 2012, ALL THE WAY!

Newt's time has come and gone. His comments lately show he is more RINO than conservative. Example, his endorsement in the New York congressional race and comments he made regarding talk radio last year. Sorry Newt, not a chance for you. We need a principled conservative to run!

NO! RINOS. We need real conservatives.

NO MORE N. Gingrich. this old dog should get out of the way and make room for REAL conservates to run in 2012. any one who supports DeDe in NY 23 district run should be drummed out of the the GOP. we want REAL conservates to vote for. not fakes like Newt Gingrich.

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