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A Newt Gingrich run in 2012? Quite possible but...

No one in their right mind announces or confirms a White House run this far out.

Yes, presidential campaign announcement dates have been creeping up. In 1960, John F. Kennedy announced on Jan. 3 of election year. Bill Clinton announced the fall before election year. George W. Bush announced the summer before election year.

And Barack Obama the winter before the summer before the fall before election year. And that successful run cost $750 million in other people's money.

Why ask to be politically targeted this soon?  It's -- what? -- 1,107 days now until Nov. 6, 2012.

So C-SPAN's Mr. Excitement, Steve Scully, knew better Sunday than to ask former House Speaker Newt Gingrich whether he was going to run in the next presidential contest.

Savvy fellow that he is, Scully inquired instead what kinds of things Gingrich would think about as he contemplated that decision. (See C-SPAN video below.)

Gingrich, who engineered the stunning 1994 Republican election victories in....

... both houses of Congress with the Contract with America before quitting after some defeats four years later, walked through the thinking process. 

Callista and I are going to think about this in February 2011. And we are going to reach out to all of our friends around the country. And we'll decide, if there's a requirement as citizens that we run, I suspect we probably will. And if there's not a requirement, if other people have filled the vaccum, I suspect we won't.

Gingrich ran through a lengthy list of other possible Republican suspects, praising Mitt Romney and Haley Barbour and Tim Pawlenty and whats-her-name with the new book and the Nov. 16 appointment with Oprah. Gingrich said, "I have no great personal ambition needs to run for president."

Although, to be honest, he's not exactly hiding himself either, analyzing for Fox News, writing books, gathering nearly 1.14 million followers on Twitter (only 387,000 behind John McCain), giving speeches all over and rising early on an autumn Sunday to answer questions on C-SPAN from even the Democratic and Independent phone lines.

Gingrich also harkened back to the '94 Contract, saying politics needs to be about ideas -- he called them "vivid, powerful alternatives" -- not just maneuvers. "I want to see an alternate Republican Party," Gingrich said, "not an opposition Republican Party."

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Video courtesy of C-SPAN
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If Newt Gingrich is the GOP candidate in 2012, Obama is sure to be elected for a second term.

Please don't. We need a real conservative.

ya, i could vote for Newt, if he were to be Sarah Palin's VP selection...

no more GoP Standard Candidates for me.... they've lost their way, we need Republican Candidates with go-nads and commitment... and Sarah has more go-nads than the next 10 leading Republicans... she cleaned house in Alaska, and i'm certain she'll do the same in DC....

Hey Newt!!!

Go away before even trying. You lost my vote already thanks the NY 23 race. You are not conservative. You are a middle of the road, squisy, apologist, pandering to the libs.

Gingrichs' idea of an "alternative Republican Party" would be nothing more than a shadow Dem party, consisting of fellow "moderates" (RINO's) like McCain, Graham, Snowe, etc.

No thanks, Newt - go hang out with your new best friend Al Sharpton and leave us alone. You sold out your principles long ago. We neither need, nor want your kind infecting the remnants of the GOP.

I like Newt,but he is hard to take,and his wife is even more unbearable.She is not very attractive and her hair color is rediculous,not to mention her cheating with a married Newt while his wife dies of cancer.....No chance.


Your citizen requirement will materialize well before February 2011... keep sharpening the saw...

I sure hope he doesn't run! He endorsed that leftie woman with the funny name in New York who's running for Congress - anybody who could do that is hopelessly lost.

Newt jumped in bed with the radical, hysterical global warming freaks. Republicans already had one environmental extremist lose. We don't need anothe McLooser.

You had your chance. Get out of the way! '94 was great but you bailed as did the rest of your "Conservative" reformists.

You are out-thinking yourself.
You could've stood up and helped define conservatism but during the Bush admin. but you had your finger up to the wind and diluted your message.
True conservatives saw that and want you to go away with the other Rhino-saurs. Shows over! Next!!!

I am always amazed to hear Newt unfiltered. When not taken out of context or spun, he is the most clear, to the point, pro-American person out there. He intellectually dwarfs his opponents and takes criticism like a statesman should.

Newt is right - politics needs to be about ideas and he has them. I think he is one of the smartest persons in America when it comes to real solutions to some of our most pressing challenges.

That would be a dream come true compared to what we are dealing with now!

Gingrich has wandered a long way from his conservative base and has a lot of repair work to do before he can be considered a serious candidate. His Global Warming commercial with Nancy Pelosi is a good example of that, as is his support for that left-wing 'Republican' candidate in the special congressional election in upstate New York. The base was so outraged that the party maneuvered a neo-lib like John McCain into the nomination the last time that they are going to demand that the next nominee oppose the left-wing policies that are destroying our nation and not support compromise with their authors.

Just go away Newt. Your 15 minutes of fame ended over a decade ago. You have sold out to the establishment in politics and don't represent Conservative values any more.

lol, this is funny! Not that Newt MAY run, but that Andrew Malcolm is scared to write "Sarah Palin." hehehe... silly liberal... she isn't going to snatch you away in the middle of the night if you say her name.

After this more recent election debacle, I think the knwoledge, frank candor and care for America's future that Newt brings to the table, might well be a breath of fresh air for the American People.

I believe we have some challenging years ahead of us. Years that will need some thoughtful preparation as the weather on our planet begins to change, as it does every 100-120 years, towards very cold weather and seasons of famine. Dalton, Maunder, Sporer, Wolf, Ort. Look those names up. Google them. Those are the names of regular and priodic past solar minimums. Educate yourself about what happens when the come. And study not just what they do to the planet, but read about what happened to society as a result of these times of famine. In 1315-1317, nearly half of Norther Europe died as a result of Wolf. Ort before that is suspected of wiping out the Norse Settlements in Greenland. The very fabric of civilized society has been severly challenged during such times in the past.

But never before has there been 8-9 billion people on the planet, as there will be when then new one hits, to feed, house and clothe, as we go though it. This will be a huge new experience for mankind. And there's been no significant improvement (at least not ones that have had a significant impact on cultivation) since the invention of the combine harvester, the railroad and the tractor, for harvesting and shipping food products. Computers are great - but when it comes to harvesting crops and shipping them in a timley manner; in many ways, computers are not much more than an elaborate clocks.

The harvester, the railroad and tractors were relatively new (having been invented since the last great minimum, the end of Maunder in about 1775) when it it became so cold during the Dalton minimum in 1910, that Niagra Falls froze over. Yes. That's how cold it gets. Google the pictures. You can see it for yourself. And now we have snow in Malibu, Massachusetts without Summer... and on and on and on. You can literally see it coming on the evening news. I belive that in 5-12 years, we will be right in the middle of this coming next one.

And duing this time, as more people will seek to force their will and their way into and upon the Unitied States, as the 600-800 million people across the globe that are at risk of starvation today (btw: that was 1/2 the worlds entire population in 1910) begin to suffer and die from malnutrition, blaming their plight on the wealthy and fortunate industrialized nations, because they lack the education to understand the weather - as we head into times like these; We need a strong leader who understands history, understands the impact and the dynamics of global struggle thoughout the ages, and that can lead us through such a challengig era as this coming one.

We don't need more leaders willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Yes! I saw a recent speech Gingrich made...every word he spoke rang true for me. Need to get over that "affair" from years ago. But, that seems to be the norm these days...easily forgotten.

Sorry Newt, I will not vote for you. Every time I think of you I can only see you siting with PELOSI on that couch lecturing about man made global warming. What financial investment do you have along with Pelosi and probably Pickens? No, you are no longer a viable candidate for any office for me.

NO! NO! NO! Didn't we conservatives learn you can't win by going Democrate light. Newt has sold out to the beltway press. His environments trist with Nancy P. alone disqualifyies him. Backing RINO's for office in NY is another. He had some good ideas 15 years ago but he didn't follow through. Not another McCain!

Republicans have got to understand that there problem is not that they are too conservative it is that they are not conservative enough for the heartland.

Big John

Why would any correct thinking person who believes in a constitutionally limited republic vote for this RINO, self serving, wife hopping jerk? Sure he has some good ideas and then he makes an endorsement like he did in NY and blows it all. Besides, having good ideas is not enough one must prove themselves with real accomphlisments, not political ones. And what is it with his reference to "Callista" all the time? Is that to make sure we all know which wife he is reffering this time?

I can see a perfect campaign pic for OLD newt the 1 with him locked arm and arm with the Honorable Rev Al Sharpton just like 2 pea's in a pod. Just what the repubs need another loser

Oh Gawd I hope not. Newt has drunk the global warming koolaid and that is enough for this conservative/libertarian to just say NO TO NEWT!

Speaker Gingrich is planning something, although he is smart enough to hedge his bets and count his votes first.

What I am angry about in this article, is you referred to the former Gov. of Alaska as "whats her name". I will refer to your paper from now on as the "that paper from LA".

Or maybe you can get a job at a real company when the paper implodes as all of em are.


Too much baggage, Typical RINO

Oh Pleeeeze...surely the GOP can come up with some new ideas and people to execute them?? Newt is a great thinker but he would be slughtered at the polls.

Hey Newt! SUPPORT the FAIRTAX or take a hike.

NEWT CANNOT BE TRUSTED. PERIOD! He is a RINO just like the rest of them.

If Newt said, "and whats-her-name with the new book and the Nov. 16 appointment with Oprah.", there is no way I would ever vote for him. I will vote for whats-her-name!!

I think the current Republican party has their dream 2012 ticket in place already. Palin was a wild card. I think they will probably rerun John McCain and this time get a real Maverick to go with the McCain Maverick Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine. She matches the current Republican party in most ways and is the perfect compliment to John McCain and his "who am I" philosophy. Plus Snowe and McCain are perfect lap dogs for the Democratic party as they are out to destroy our economy and national identity. I am looking for a "red meat" type party myself who know how to fight for this country and preserve our constitution. The current Republican party is a joke.

Although I would have supported Newt in 2008 over McCain, he committed political suicide this weekend by supporting the liberal republican in NY23 and giving lame excuses for doing so. Conservatives are tired of RINO's and Newt is rapidly becoming one as he tries to position himself.

Newt Gingrich would bury Barry in a debate. Newt has a fabulous command of the facts and would find ways to call out in the open Obama's numerous shortcomings, failures, and broken promises to the American people. Newt would also make the case to the public why a conservative government makes the most sense for America and why conservative philosophies best serve out economic interests. And I'm not talking the B.S. philosophy of the neo-cons, but a true conservative philosophy of smaller government that lives within the bounds set for it by the Constitution, that quaint little document that is so routinely ignored by our ruling elite.

I hope Gingrich does run and wins! GOP will wisely support him and tell the star wannabees to wait. The mess that this all Dem administration is leaving will take Gingrich with, Huckabee as VP, Palin as Sec. of Interior, Romney at Treasury, Guliani as AG. If not Huckabee, my governor, Barbour, would be great as VP or Sec. of State.

Mr. Macolm, it is no wonder you buried your name at the bottom of your feature story rather than posting a by-line. No doubt because of the shame you feel for the shabby and silly nature of your treatment of its subject I cannot blame you. Referring to possible GOP presidential contenders for 2012 as "suspects" while questioning anyone's sanity for declaring their presidential ambitions really does cross the line of fairness.

"What's her name's" endorsement in the NY congressional district race may carry more weight than speaker Gingrich's endorsement of his far left republican candidate. This could give some indication of how unpopular the republican establishment is with its base.


We need someone with a proven track record of making promises to defend liberty, our constitution and not make empty promises of reform and not have the will to follow through.

Bad idea, Newt.

Newt is over the hill and the fact that he just endorsed a radically liberal Republican is going to go against him...I predict he won't run...

2012 , the end of racist gangster socialism!

Newt has lost all credibility with me the second he endorsed Dede Scozzafava in N.Y. 23rd district. This is a pro-abortion, tax hike voting, ACORN endorsed "Republican" and Newt endorses her.

Good luck Newt. You might have had my vote before Scozzafava; but not now.

Gingrich would destroy Obama in the debates with conservative facts and ideas, something McCain didn't truly believe in.

Gingrich is certainly an intelligent man, and he probably has had a raw deal from his critics. But at this point, even party supporters have to admit that he is just too divisive an individual to have any chance of uniting this country. He should give it a pass.

Life is like a box of chocolates.

But in the case of Newt, stupid is as stupid does.

Newt is as un-American as Obama.

Newt Gingrich wont ever get my vote.
He walked away from me when he dropped president Reagans
Ideas of government.I wouldn't vote for any Republican
that is in office now. I am looking for someone new
like Palin for president.
the only way we are going to get back on track is vote out
everyone that's in office now. Republican or Democrat

Newt Gingrich wont ever get my vote.
He walked away from me when he dropped president Reagans
Ideas of government.I wouldn't vote for any Republican
that is in office now. I am looking for someone new
like Palin for president.
the only way we are going to get back on track is vote out
everyone that's in office now. Republican or Democrat

Please Newt, don't run. You haven't got a snowball's chance. We need NEW blood. We lost with Dole. We lost with McCain. Please NO MORE DINOSAURS !!!!!!!!!!!




ROMNEY 2012!

Regardless of WHO we elect, the corruption just gets worse and continuous wars are carried on against all the other countries in OUR NAME with made-up excuses. I say we DISBAND congress and the presidency altogether and work within our own state governments. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS A VAST LEFT-RIGHT WING CONSPIRACY!

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