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Schwarzenegger's 'swift action' on Maria Shriver's illegal car cellphone use: Get her a driver

That's one way to stop Maria Shriver from talking on the phone while driving -- hire an escort.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vowed to take "swift action" on Wednesday after TMZ published pictures of his wife violating the California law prohibiting hand-held cellphone use while behind-the-wheel. And he did terminate the violation, in a savvy, edict-free husbandly fashion.

Today, TMZ comes up with video of Shriver riding shotgun in an SUV after leaving a bakery.

Who can argue with the solution? By putting somebody else behind the wheel, Shriver can legally gab on her phone all she wants. (Assuming the person she's talking with isn't her driver.)

It's not exactly the definitive answer for everyone with a cellphone-driving habit to hire someone to taxi them around.

We guess the rest of us will just have to buy one of those silly-looking Bluetooth headsets (which TMZ seems to imply Shriver also got) or abstain from traffic talks.

-- Mark Milian

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Video credit: TMZ

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Let's see, someone brought something to his attention ... he rectified the problem by not only making MS & everyone else on the road safer, she's obeying the law and someone is now employed.

Instead of giving her a present (escort), why not fine her? Maybe then you won't have to secretly increase income tax by 1% for 2 years to pay for your mishandling of California's economy? That sound good Governator?

Like all Kennedys she feels the law does not apply to her. When NBC did not want her back as a newscaster she made the excuse she did not want to be back because there was too much news about Anna Nicole Smith. She is such a loser.


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