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Biden's current version of how he became Obama's VP

President Barack Obama speaks in the East Room of the White House recently while his Vice President Joe Biden does something strange behind his back

Remember that story about how then-Sen. Joe Biden became then-Sen. Barack Obama's Democratic vice presidential running mate?

In the summer of 2008, Biden had accompanied his wife to the dentist's office for her root canal. His cellphone rang (Biden's, not the dentist's).

It was Obama calling with the VP offer. Biden accepted. As long as he could play an important role in a new administration.

Speaking tonight at an annual Allegheny County Democratic Committee dinner in Pennsylvania, Biden told a curiously different version. Biden said he rejected Obama's offer flat-out when first approached.

"I initially said no," Biden said tonight, according to press pool notes, "that I wasn't interested."

Biden said the freshman Illinois senator asked the longtime Delaware senator to think about it.

According to tonight's version, "a couple months later," a persistent Obama repeated the offer in a hotel room in Minneapolis.

According to Biden, he looked at Obama and said, "Are you really committed to changing the course of this country?"

Biden recounted tonight, "He reached out, shook my hand and said, 'I am,'"

And thus the historic political deal was struck.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Joshua Roberts / Bloomberg News

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Biden's 'Depends' are too tight.

What's with Democrats and this bizarre fabrications of events? You've got Hillary's Tuzla Dash lie, Barry's lie about meeting his wife in class instead of at the law firm in Chicago? Are these people insane that we can't find out the truth about these instances?

And just last week Newsweak was telling us to take Joe "Isuzu" Biden seriously.


tsk tsk tsk, the Biden haters seem to have congregated here today, as you make your snide petty remarks the Vice President of the US is in eastern europe applying his expertise to the matters as a vice president only with the background Biden has from his 3 decades in gvt to address the concerns of defense this nations allies have there?
can you have ever imagined the gop's candidates of the last election sending that vp to the table instead?
these are very serious complex matters that seasoned statesmen like Biden are at their best when negotiating sensitive matters, and I for one think the president made a very wise and sage choice in Biden and those dividends are paying off, right now, today, in the very best interests of the US europe and verily the whole world.
fabrication of event is it indeed?
I'm with Joe!

Biden was selected as a matter of personal safety - Obama's. The Messiah figured that with Biden second in line and Pelosi third he would be safe - and he's probably right.


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