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Jenny Sanford, book deal in hand, makes first public appearance since splitting the governor's mansion

South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford moves out of the Governor's Mansion August 7, 2008 after Gov. Mark Sanford revealed he'd been carrying on an affair with a woman in Argentina She never played it like the good wife, standing dutifully by as her husband, Gov. Mark Sanford, went gaga over his love affair with a Argentine woman, a tryst that prompted him to go AWOL from his gubernatorial duties last June. You remember, the guy they called the "Love Guv," the one who suffered what the Washington Post called an "Appalachian-Trail-no-wait-I-mean-Argentine-mistress meltdown."

Now, South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford will make her first public appearance since separating from her scandal-plagued husband and moving out of the governor's mansion in August. An aide announced that Saturday she'll participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a Charleston-area 5K run/walk to benefit breast cancer research.

Jenny Sanford, who moved with the couple's four sons to their beach home on the South Carolina coast, is also writing a memoir. According to Ballantine Books, which plans to publish the "inspirational" tell-all next May, the former investment banker will talk about her transition from Wall Street executive to Southern political spouse, and about  "the universal issue of maintaining integrity and a sense of self during life's difficult times."

As for the governor, once considered a likely Republican candidate for president in 2012, he still lives at the mansion, and still talks about serving out his term, which ends in early 2011. And the marriage? A former advisor called it effectively over, saying the book is part of the rehabilitation process. "This book is a personal story of pain. It’s not a feminist statement. Frankly, I’ve never seen someone as loyal to her husband as Jenny has been to Mark, and this is what it’s left her with. It’s just a tragedy,” the former advisor said.

-- Johanna Neuman

Photo: Associated Press

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very sad .. hope she and her boys heal and one day down the road Marc wakes up and realizes what he gave up and did over the last eight years he was cheating on his family.

Wish I had a nickel for every one who has told me about a marriage break-up over a "soul mate." Jenny Sanford's words really struck me when she said this is like an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or pornography. Will this malady which creates so much pain in so many lives ever be remedied? It helped me to be in a "marriage counseling" session with my ex-husband to really see how hopeless he is at this time -- he stayed with the "soul mate" -- he is #5 for her - so now it is a wait and see situation, but no telling where I will be when that plays out. I am 65 years old. But I have many other happy things in my life, so I will recover from this awful blow to my heart ("punches to the gut" was also a good choice of words by Ms. Sanford. I applaud her.


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