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George W. Bush gets a BlackBerry. Is Twitter next?

George-w-bush Former President George W. Bush just got a new BlackBerry, according to a tweet by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

Stone posted a picture of him posing with Bush at a conference, which appears to be the World Knowledge Summit in Seoul, Korea, as indicated by Stone's previous tweets.

Now that Bush has his very own smart phone, Stone asks, "Will tweets be next?"

Twitter has proved to be a very effective medium for promoting books and engaging with fans.

Many politicians like Bush suspend e-mail activities while in office for fear all messages would be subject to public information laws.

If the long-rumored Bush book, a deal reportedly valued at $7 million, is indeed imminent, now seems like the right time to start building a following.

Bush shouldn't have to deal with any user-name squatters either. He appears to already own the Twitter profile for @GeorgeWBush.

Bush's longtime senior advisor and strategist, Karl Rove, who also has a book coming out in the near future, has been very active here on Twitter all year.

He's acquired some 90,000 followers from all political sides by actively sending several tweets a day with recommended articles, his observations and media appearances. And even responding to some followers.

But here's the question: How many would follow Rove's old boss?

-- Mark Milian

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Photo credit: Larry W. Smith / EPA
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A 'smart phone' will not cure an idiot.

Knowing genius George, he's probably still trying to figure out why it tastes like plastic!

I hope George does twitter, I will have to sign up then finally. W was a great president and a great leader and I'm interested in hearing what he has to say now that he's unfettered by political decorum.

If only Bush had gone to a World Knowledge Summit prior to running for President.

I think the story here (perhaps a journalist might want to be one) is that Bill Clinton, as President was completley perplexed and frustrated with computers, e-mail, and all that. Bush on the other hand, it was stated, was quite at ease.

And why would someone not want to follow a former President of the United States? I personally have never tweeted, or faced, or whatever all of that is... but I'd love to see how he feels about being blamed for everything under the sun by this blamer in chief in the White House. When Bush came in, inheriting a 10 month old historic stock market crash, the beginning of a recession, and 9/11 in planning, he did not blame those before him. He made many mistakes, as they all do, but he tried hard, and he did not blame. Much more honorable than the current smear and press controlling machine (thanks to Helen Thomas for supporting that view - "Obama WH - worse than even the Nixon White House").


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