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Dennis Kucinich's online birthday party

Dennis-kucinich Democrat Dennis Kucinich celebrated his birthday this week with a "news item" posted to the congressman's website.

You don't often see a politician's birthday making the front page of a news site, but the users of Reddit voted the "story" to their home page. He turned 63 Thursday.

The post Happy Birthday, Dennis Kucinich! inexplicably garnered 1,460 positive votes -- and 748 people who thought it was stupid.

The top-voted comment on the post read, "Happy birthday to the only Congressman with a spine."

As if that weren't ridiculous enough, Kucinich blew out the virtual candles in a follow-up post on his site today. The item succinctly read, "Thanks for the birthday wishes, Reddit!"

The circular love fest continues, as "Thanks, Reddit," Kuncinich pulls in 2,850 up-votes on Reddit -- and, of course, 878 people who think it's really stupid.

-- Mark Milian

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Photo credit: Associated Press

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I was trying to find a place to comment on the Salwak professor who did magic in Korea. I was lucky enough to perform as a ”magician” in Korea for a year and found it to be a great experience. Here's hoping the Professor has luck bringing the North Koreans to the US. Artist exchanges will lead to peace and understanding.

Best wishes for a happy birthday and many more years of the incredible service you render our beleaguered country. You are the tops in my handful of public service heroes.


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