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Cheneys launch new family consulting powerhouse

October 8, 2009 |  7:37 am


Forget the Clintons, the Bushes or even the Kennedys.

It seems the family of former Vice President Dick Cheney is planning not only to stay in Washington but also to headquarter a new political consulting firm in the area.

According to the Washington Post, Mary Cheney -- not Liz Cheney, cable TV's favorite Obama critic, but Mary, expecting her second child with partner Heather Poe -- is leaving her current PR shop to open her own firm. Speculation is that it will feature at least three Cheneys: the former veep and his two daughters. "She told me she is going to be starting a firm with her dad and sister," one friend of Mary's told the Post.

Mary Matalin, the Republican consultant who was a top aide to Cheney during the Bush administration, said the vice president is at the moment focusing on his much-anticipated memoirs, with help from Liz Cheney, a former State Department official.

After that's done, however, speculation is that Mary Cheney's new firm will expand into an all-family affair. Sort of like Kissinger Associates. Think lots of big-name right-wing foreign dictators, um, leaders. As critic put it, "Need advice on the ins and outs of waterboarding or invading a rogue nation? Look no further."

Some Republicans not friendly to Cheney told the Post that they wish he'd take up golf. But Matalin thinks the idea is brilliant.

"They have every expertise, they have contacts all over the world, they are deep into multiple subject areas," she said. "They know everything from energy to foreign policy to economics to homeland security. And the vice president and Liz are strategic thinkers, and they all have enormous communication skills, they know a lot people and they could pull it together quickly."

So, like a dynasty.

-- Johanna Neuman

Photo: From left, Mary, Liz and Dick Cheney. Credit: Ed Reinke / Associated Press

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