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Arnold Schwarzenegger as you've seen him before

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves recent partisan budget talks with state legislators

Now that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has laid down the state cellphone law to his wife, Maria Shriver, he's going to be all over television this weekend reminiscing about his previous cinema life, B.S. (Before Sacramento).

In those simpler days he could more easily play the good guy, retakes were always possible, someone else worried about budget details and people voted with their purchases of movie tickets.

Tomorrow, the Encore channel is devoting most of the day to Schwarzenegger movies. In fact, nine of them in a row. Sprinkled throughout with interview excerpts of the big fellow recalling his cinematic experiences.

It does start early ("Conan the Destroyer" launches at 5:30 a.m. Pacific). So you might want to activate the futuristic TiVo.

At 7:15 comes "Red Sonja," 8:50 "Kindergarten Cop," 10:45 "Last Action Hero," 1 p.m. "Batman & Robin," 3:10 "Twins," 5 p.m. "Eraser," 7 p.m. "The Running Man" and the day terminates with you-know-what at 8:45 p.m.

Then, at 11 p.m. you can turn to your local news in the Golden State and see the same guy watching a fire, flood or signing yet another piece of much-argued legislation.

-- Andrew Malcolm 

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Photo: Gov. Schwarzenegger leaves recent partisan state budget talks.

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I think that Schwarzenegger have chosen his carrier path very wisely. He was moving through, body building, movies, business and political stage, step after step. When one phase is exhausted he was going to another direction. It seems that it is better to leave some area on time, rather than to become obsolete.


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