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Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen step up to support Jerry Brown for California governor

Jerry Brown

Hollywood’s three top political heavyweights didn’t waste any time throwing their support behind Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown, who announced Tuesday that he was filing papers to explore a run for the Democratic nomination for California governor.

An adviser to Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen disclosed this afternoon that the three men would be hosting a fundraiser for Brown on Nov. 18.

The location is TBA, but expect it to be west of La Cienega Boulevard, which, as Angelenos know, is where a lot of money resides.

Geffen, Katzenberg and Spielberg

“This should be a huge launching pad for Brown’s candidacy,” said Andy Spahn, who's organizing the event.

The details are still being worked out, but this much is certain: when the SKG boys get together, the take is usually huge. (Just ask President Obama, who raked in millions at the threesome’s fundraisers.)

Up until now, Brown, a former governor and Oakland mayor, has been quietly raising money in Hollywood, tapping his old friends from the 1970s, including Cindy and Glenn Frey, Sharon and Don Henley, Jena and Michael King, Deborah and Jeff Wald, and Ellen and Ken Ziffren.

Also making the money rounds is San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who is admired in Hollywood for his leadership role against Proposition 8, the statewide measure that banned gay marriage.

The question: Will the industry back the guy they’ve known for years (Brown is 71) or the fresh young face (Newsom is 41) in California’s 2010 Democratic gubernatorial primary?

There’s still eight months between now and the June 8 election to find out.

— Tina Daunt

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Top photo: Jerry Brown in Los Angeles in September. Credit: Getty Images. Bottom photo: David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg in New York in 2004. Credit: Associated Press.

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Out goes Schwartzenneger , down for the count.
In come Jerry scoring a t.k.o. when here comes
Newsom ready to go. The Democrats are in great
shape. Arnold goes back to Santa Monica City
College looking for one skinny kid who wants to
go places.

So now that old retread, Gov. Moonbeam, is trying again? What the man doesn't understand is that he should retire and go away. Any idea that Brown is a liberal should be disposed of in view of his treacherous conduct in the case of medicinal marijuana, where Brown has done his best to undermine the will of the voters. If the choice is between Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown, then Brown can pre-order his rocking chair, the sooner the better.

I'm old enough to remember the last time Moonbeam ran for governor. There were bumper stickers going around back then that said "If it's Brown, Flush It".

Guess we didn't pull hard enough on the handle.

I'm not suprised to read that folks in the fantasy business still support ol' Moonbeam. While Attorney General, where was Jerry Brown when the sub-prime mortgage lenders (most based in his state) took advantage of Americans?

Are you kidding me?!!!! Is there not anyone new and not already been through the system 10 times already? This is a joke right? Wen he FINALLY walks away, or forced, we will owe him what, 6 pensions? There has to be somebody of merit out there that will actually do something for the people of this state.

Being rich doesn't guarantee being smart. I don't know where those guys were living when 'moonbeam' was Governor, but I was living in the L.A. area. Jerry Brown, like all democrat Governors of California, was a fiscal disaster. He left the State in financial ruin, just as the democrat legisators of today have done. I know, all you liberals want to 'feel good about yourselves, but you really should start to realize that California is a job killing organisation ruled by Leftists.

We have already had eight years of "Moonbeam".. Enough is enough.

Those that are old enough to remember know that Jerry Brown had some really unfortunate policies during his tenure as Governor. The one thing that arguably affects the quality of life most negatively in Los Angeles is enduring life in traffic. Think of Jerry Brown the next time you are gnashing your teeth stuck on the freeway. Why?

Because traffic-wise, we in LA would be a lot better off if Jerry Brown had never become Governor of California. Prior to his administration, the California Highway Commission did a fantastic job of planning and implementing freeways throughout Southern California. Most of the freeways that we now have are the result. Imagine what it would be like driving in LA without those! There were others on the drawing board which were killed when Brown disbanded the Commission as one of his first acts in office.

One of the most important was the La Cienega Freeway......all the way up La Cienega and over Laurel Canyon to the valley. The 405 wouldn't be the mess it is if that were in place.

Others were planned that we will never see. Jerry Brown's mantra was "less is more," with the aim of forcing people out of their cars. And so, instead of adequate freeways, we have diamond lanes.

I remember how wonderful California was under Jerry's leadership and the state could certainly benefit by his return.
When Jerry becomes the Gov I just might seriously consider moving back to my home state.

Who cares about what these three people personal political wants are. Look at Obama!!! Poor track record, can't pass health care, worse in Congress fighting in history. He can't even lead his own party. Jerry Brown is a "has been", Gaffen only supports him because he, Gaffen is gay and Brown protects gays, California has voted and it hasn't gone Gaffen way. This is only another try for "Good old Boys". Gaffen should put all is money in to AID research and help all those poor gay guys that are killing themselves daily instead of throwing parties that don't really help the State of Cal, because electing Jerry Brown a life time politician won't.

Jerry Brown is probably a wise choice he knows the tunes and can dance to it, but won't he run out of breath? 72?
People voted for hope and Obama and he didn't cheat on you, y'all got hope and plenty of it.
Newsom doesn't look like a wise choice, he can't keep his mouth shut amongst other things; but then again I wonder, maybe now has come the time to put caution and wisdom in the back seat and who knows he may turn out better than we think it might.

the jewish three stooges are at it again with their zany escapades standing by the socialist dear leader obongo and now behind the moonbeam brown .........cant understand why jews stand behind dumbocrats when they hate israel sad sooo stupid

newsome has been a real failure in san franciscoo moonbeam brown is an old p;olitical hack california doesnt need more of the same liuberal nonsense it needs a real leader vote Meg NOW

How expected. Jerry Brown, over-the-top left-winger, and rich Jewish media liberal figures (I'm sure Babs is in there somewhere, right along with Ari Emanuel, Rahm Emanuel's brother). A marriage made in California heaven. And just FYI, I love Jesus, Jewish Rabbi Daniel Lapin, and the religious side of the Jewish faith. I just don't care for the likes of billionaire Jewish Socialists who love the likes of Obama and Jerry Brown and want to re-make this country into a movie that Dream Works would never be allowed to produce it would be so anti-American.


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