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Sonia Sotomayor is a rightie! Did Obama know?

All those days of testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee (not to mention The Ticket's transcripts) — with the questions about judicial philosophy and court precedents and sometimes-not-so-subtle partisan viewpoints — and not one of those high-paid legislators on either side last summer thought to ask would-be, now-actual Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor which way she throws.

Yes, duh, like a girl. But which hand? Is she like the president who nominated her — a leftie, in more ways than one?

And not one of those Southern conservatives uncovered that the nation's 111th justice and first Hispanic is a Yankee, born and bred.

Well, today, folks, we found out. The Bronx-born Sotomayor is a lifelong fan of the American League team with the owner who spends money on salaries like a drunken Democrat in D.C.

Today Sotomayor threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the team's game against some guys from Boston (imagine if it had been Obama's team with the other colored sox).

The newest Supreme Court justice looked pretty excited, unlike the crewcut guys standing around her watching the crowd so closely.

No, Sotomayor didn't wear her judicial robe. Yes, they let her creep up on the plate a good deal. And she should probably keep her day job. But the justice got the ball there, a little outside the strike zone. And she got a Bronx cheer -- and gave a wave back with all fingers.

See how she did on the video below. Then click on the "Continued" line to see the president's delivery from the other side.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Associated Press

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she should quit her day job. she'd do less damage as a yankee pitcher.

Good for her. Let her have some fun before she finds herself being outvoted 5-4 time and time again. None of those guys decides anything according to the law any more. Just according to their political philosophy.

Sotamayoris so far to the that she might as well be holding Stalin's hand from his Moscow memorial. LA times is so far to the left wing that they will edit this comment and not post it. Ideological censorship - if you don't agree censor it, that is the way of the left. It is wrong rather than right.

(Oops, gotcha!)

No one is more certain than the person who believes that which is palpably not true.


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