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What's with Obama and Pittsburgh, of all places?

Stanley Cup Pittsburgh Penguins

(UPDATE: Due to the interest in this article generated among Pittsburghers, a humorous video has been added below.)

President Obama, who couldn't muster enough interest to drive several blocks from the White House to watch the exciting Washington Capitals during the professional hockey playoffs last spring, has instead invited the hockey team from somewhere in western Pennsylvania all the way over to the presidential residence today.

The Pittsburgh team is champion of something called the National Hockey League, which really should be called the International Hockey League since it's got teams in the U.S. and Canada.

Last winter the American president, who grew up in those known hockey hotbeds of Indonesia and Hawaii, cheered for Pittsburgh's once-woebegone football team because its owner campaigned for him.

And later this month Obama has invited the G-20, the so-called Group of 20 really important global finance ministers and central bank governors, to hold a crucial two-day summit in that ... 

... place, if their pilots can find it on the map. Sure, Joe Biden fled the state. But Pennsylvania has a lot of electoral votes and that turncoat old senator who's now a Democrat.

But Pittsburgh?


The Pittsburgh Penguins are named for a bird unable to fly that doesn't live anywhere near that city. After losing ignominiously in 2008, this year the Pens won something called the Stanley Cup.

Winning that trophy is a very big deal -- in Canada, whose teams have been unable to capture North America's oldest professional sports trophy since seven years back into the last century when a club from somewhere in Quebec sneaked passed the Los Angeles Gretzkys, four games to one.

The cup is a very heavy trophy -- see the team captain struggle with it in the photo above -- awarded to the first NHL team to win 16 playoff games after 82 regular season games. That's a hard thing to do.

Welcome to Pittsburgh

And hockey is a hard game to play with sticks and armored elbows, skating at some 20 miles an hour around opponents approaching at similar speeds and, in between fights, shooting a 7-ounce chunk of rubber at 90+ miles an hour toward a man willingly standing there to stop it.

Which explains why every NHL club employs a team dentist.

The city of Pittsburgh was founded in the early 1800s by Pennsylvanians who weren't strong enough to make it all the way to Ohio or were rejected at that border.

There, at the junction of two dinky Pennsylvania streams that form the mighty Ohio River, they built a city based on making steel. They've had running water, sewers and electricity there for years now.

But when the steel-making thing didn't work out, the rusting burgh turned to building sports stadiums so its people could wave yellow towels and scream obscenities at visiting teams.

That has actually turned out pretty well for people into that sort of thing. As many Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters recall, the state of Pennsylvania is that place that primary candidate Obama was caught on tape saying was full of bitter small-town losers clinging to their guns and religion. He seems to have changed his tune now.

She won the Democratic primary there. But he won the party nomination and the support of the football team's owner. And Obama returned that support at his successful, taxpayer-financed White House Super Bowl party last winter, cheering against Phoenix. See what Arizona gets for electing John McCain?

In fact, the Pittsburgh football team has won so many Super Bowl trophies that the Democrat president may consider passing some of them out to other cities because in a country that can put a man on the moon, no one should feel left out or uncovered.

After nearly moving to Kansas City or back to Canada because they too wanted a new arena, this past year the Pittsburgh hockey team hired enough Canadians and Russians to defeat Detroit's Canadians and Scandinavians in the cup finals that so many people missed on TV.

They'll likely miss today's White House ceremony too because it's conveniently planned for dinnertime, which means fewer U.S. TV crews will bother.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo credits: Top, Associated Press; bottom, Pennsylvania State Archives (Pittsburgh before it could afford color).
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In consideration of this article, strategically it is sheer genius to have global leaders meet there plus from an identity standpoint it makes perfect sense.
Here's why:

1. Heard the expression: "Stand next to a dog that the person loves and some of the love will come off on you. Stand next to someone that person dislikes and some of that dislike will come off on you."

So, based on that statement, for him to go there and stand next to a team that was an underdog and came back is to say "I may be down although I am on my way to victory." This strategy is confirmed by taking a look at how he went to Europe and stood in the same spot as JFK and delivered a rousing speech. This is not your daddy's and mommy's political game anymore. This is high tech and intelligent plus somewhat covert political dancing and using the tools of a Madison Avenue Ad Agency. Marketing, subliminal advertising and programing come together to say, "They came back, so will I. I am a star. Look at me and you know you wish you were me. I am a Rock Star and a viral Hockey Star."

2. Arlen Spector is set to face a hard battle in that state. There is the guy challenging him that's a democrat and the republicans are challenging him as well. He is the old dog on Capitol Hill and they want to keep him. Seems to me that he started out a Dem. then went Rep. now back to Dem. Not sure I have that correct. He wants to win. He is the comeback kid as he stands next to these Hockey Heroes.

3. Bringing world leaders to Penn. says that Obama and Spector can bring it. Something that is new that the Reps can't.

So, there's the 2 cents of a Texan Lady!


This article is marked "humor" but I have read it twice and found none. Strange.

I hope someone kills your pet

I think you may have some sort of psychological issues.

Winning the Cup is a big deal anywhere. If you ever had the opportunity to witness the Cup in person, you might understand it better.

Best of luck with your career.

wow man, you are really out of it. its tradition for the president to invite the winning team of a league to the white house.

no wonder you write in california. its so far west, all the other states must have rejected you.

You're dumb and old.

so how are your kings doing? pittsburgh may not be la but atleast we can look forward to our teams winning. with a shitty article like this im surprised the wildfire didnt target you.

I do not know who you think you are or what you think your writing about, but you may want to study and add some more substance to your article next time. You are writing a political article . . . and you rip on a sports team? Wow . . . great job. Your a joke, and you always will be a joke.

Did you lose money on the Finals by betting on the Wangs? What is your problem?

could you have used a lower resolution photo of the penguins with the cup?

Hey Andrew,

How's LA's pro football team looking this year?

One of the biggest mistakes one can make is putting a comment section on an article flaming Pittsburgh. I'll sit back and watch this one unfold.

using insults to make a point just makes you look unprofessional.

I know you must be bitter, being a conservative in California and all, but keep your rants to your side of the coast please! I know it's hard in newspaper industry and you're probably only a week away from being fired. And I know that ripping Pittsburgh is probably the only way you can sell papers, but this is just dribble! I know there aren't any Lakers or Kings in LA either, but where does that get us. The fact the you were a finalist for the pulitzer price is an embarassment to anyone that's every written anything!

You sir, are a tool bag. You clearly have no knowledge of the sport of hockey so stop writing about it.

You don't understand Geography either. "when a club from somewhere in Quebec sneaked passed the Los Angeles Gretzkys, four games to one."

Do you mean Montreal? It's metropolitan area consists of almost 4 people.

How you are employed as a writer astounds me.

Firstly, if you were intelligent, you'd realize that every president gets to invite each American team that has won a major championship, from baseball to football and including hockey. That's been a long-standing tradition. When the Penguins won in 1992, they visited with then President Bush. When the Steelers won Superbowl XL, they visited with his son, Pres. G.W. Bush. Previously this summer, they visited Obama for winning Superbowl XLIII. It is a tradition, regardless of the president. If you want to make a partisan political issue out of a tradition that isn't at all based on politics but rather a celebration of American athletics, you are showing how completely out of touch you are. People who try to make things partisan just to get attention (such as yourself) are one of the major problems facing America today.

The last time I went to a hockey game was in Philadelphia, where the Flyers played the Flames. The game was pretty important to the 20+ thousand fans in attendance, as well as the hundreds of thousands of Philadelphia sports fans in the surrounding area who watched it. Go tell one of them to their face that the Stanley Cup isn't important to Americans. You would learn just how ignorant you. Just because something like hockey isn't personally important to you doesn't mean you can needlessly and childishly insult it. That, sir, is rude.

Personally, I also take great offense at your making fun of the city of Pittsburgh. I was born 30 miles from Pittsburgh, did my undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh, and return there frequently because my parents live nearby (I moved to Philadelphia for graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania). Pittsburgh is full of good people, who have pride in their city and their sports teams. There is nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with that. Pittsburgh is home to good hospitals and is becoming more of a center for biomedical research. It has good universities like Pitt and Carnegie Mellon where important technological developments are made. Your insults are silly and have no substance. This is possibly the worst piece of childish garbage I've ever read. Grow up, old man. After reading this article, I think the worst person in Pittsburgh is probably better than you on your best day. I hope your editor takes note of this piece. I for one am forwarding it to every person I know so they can see the low standards of the LA Times.

Really? the president invites every league champion and national championship teams to the white house.

But you already know that since you have blog.

Hello Sir,

I understand that you hate Pittsburgh. That is quite interesting. In fact maybe you should try to write something about it. Maybe if you get it into words it might make you feel better.

I also have heard that you have some kind of writing credentials. You got really close to winning some kind of writing award. I won that, back in kindergarten. I would come with some clever nickname for it, but I'm just not quite as smart as you are. Maybe it's because I'm from Pittsburgh; some genius once said something to the effect of idiots being bred there.

My comments, however, would have no effect on a man from LA. That city is for smart, beautiful, rich people. People who go to whine (yes I spelled it this way on purpose, just in case you thought you would call me on spelling) and cheese events. People who look at multicolored lines on a paper and call art. People who like to stick things in each others assholes.

I also understand that you look like PedoSanta which is very interesting. You have the perfect cover that every child molester looks for, a beloved childhood character who brings "presents."

There is a lot of sarcasm in this piece, for a man located in a state that had to issue IOUs a few months ago because apparently, no politician in the state seems to understand what a budget is. Then, even more sarcasm in the sports world. I guess when you're one of the country's largest cities and currently have five franchises, you're bound to win a title here or there. After an article like that, there's no wonder you didn't win the Pulitzer.

This is insulting. I have friends from Pittsburgh, and I've been there several times. I'm disappointed that the LA Times would allow you to post such drivel.

haha this article is a complete joke.

Have you ever been to Pittsburgh? Or is this all based on the misconceptions that have plagued Pittsburgh's image since you were born back in the early 1800's (when Pittsburgh was NOT founded by the way, try the 1700's when the French built a Fort at the confluence of our worthless rivers... so worthless they were one of the focal points of the French and Indian War, right?)

Maybe if you didn't look like the Santa Claus from 'Miracle on 34th Street' you could spend your time adducing logical and factual articles instead of listening to what whiny kids want for Christmas.

Please do not type/write about hockey if you know NOTHING about the sport. If you think 35 pounds if heavy, then you have issues. No penguins in Pittsburgh? No Lakers in LA! No A's in Oakland! No Dodgers in LA!

Great article, who cares what someone from LA thinks about hockey?

Wow, you clearly are a clown Mr. Malcolm. Now I really wish you we're eaten in the first two Jurassic Parks. I guess Bulls are very prevalent in Chicago and Bengals are running all over Cincinnati if your justification for sports team names holds any water. With journalism that extraordinary, it's no wonder you couldn't inch out that little extra to get that Pulitzer. Second place is first loser you clown. By the way, our arena looks like and is nicknamed the Igloo, hence Penguins, but you wouldn't know that after your 4 second google search for Pittsburgh Penguins to research this article. When the Kings win anything other than a medium drink playing Subway Scrabble, give Pittsburgh a call. Until then, do not talk about the NHL, the Penguins, or the City of Pittsburgh unless you want to call down the thunder of a lot of proud people. Your existence is a joke, you're an irrelevant journalist, and good like finding a job because traditional newspapers today aren't suitable for anything more than a blanket to the homeless guy living under your porch, clown.


"The Pittsburgh Penguins are named for a bird unable to fly that doesn't live anywhere near that city."

Um, do any Kings live in L.A.?

Are there even lakes in L.A? (I know they moved from Minneapolis.)

Does L.A. have enough fan support to keep an NFL team?

Jobbing a city like this is just silly, political biases aside.

Oh, and by the way, the Pittsburgh Penguins are an expansion team formed in 1967 and have never been affiliated with a Canadian city. So, they could have not possibly moved "back" to Canada. What a well researched article.

You are moron, The Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup has absolutely nothing to do with any political race what so ever. Who is your target audience with this article anyway? What's your beef with Pittsburgh and steel? Yes, in Pittsburgh there are no actual penguins, wow u got us...much like the Lakers, Kings, and Angels. Then you make a comment about Steelers fans screaming obscenities...have you ever seen a Raiders game. Plus the Penguins getting a new arena has to do with Mellon Arena being built in 1967, being the smallest and the oldest, not because the steel industry dried up. You are an idiot, I am now dumber for reading this garbage. California is overrated, go ration your electricity.

Your a Joke. This is the most ignorant article I have ever read.

This is what the west coast really reads?

That article just made me dumber

Hey, Wilford Brimley, have you ever actually been to Pittsburgh? Or for that matter watched a hockey game? Just because you don't understand the sport or the city doesn't entitle you and your "never won anything" condecending self to bash a whole populous. Perhaps you missed the part where we built an empire of HealthCare, technology, and a budding financial banking district. No, instead we're just a bunch of gun-bearing rednecks who only watch sports and drink beer. That's about the most bigoted article I've read to date. You stay classy, Left Coast.

Why all the hate for Pittsburgh, or Obama for that matter? Last time I checked we are all Americans. It's time for people in this country to start realizing that and stop hating on each other. The author clearly has a chip on his shoulder and it shows. This article reads like it was written by an angsty teenager.

If you dont know anything about Hockey, whey even comment? Just another "reporter" stretching for a story..

gosh your real good ejecated huh?

Was this an article or the ramblings of a confused old man with dementia setting in? What was the point of this? To show that you are ignorant about a city that singlehandedly made more steel than all of Germany in WWII? To show that you know not a single thing about a city where two elite collegiate institutions and some of the best medical facilities in the world take up residence?

I bet you'd prefer LA, where gangs and smog pollution are two very good reasons to stay inside your house and bar your windows.

(Pittsburgher admits Pittsburgh has no gangs or smog, just elite colleges.)

The Pittsburgh Penguins are named for a bird unable to fly that doesn't live anywhere near that city. Apparently there are Kings in LA, Jaguars in Jacksonville, Pirates in Pittsburgh, Lions in Detroit, Tigers in Detroit, Angels in LA, Giants in San Francisco and New York, Indians in Cleveland, etc.

It's a team nickname!

Get off your high horse and take your sorry excuse for journalistic writing ability with you.

(Pittsburgher points out Penguins just a team nickname.)

Sounds like a bit of sour grapes there Andrew. Is it because the Pens won the Stanley Cup and the Kings didn't make the playoffs? Is it because the Steelers won the Super Bowl and LA still doesn't have a pro football franchise? Is it because Pittsburgh is home to 8 Fortune 500 companies to LA's 6? Admittedly, Pittsburgh is no hotbed of cosmopolitanism, but we did figure out how to rid our city of smog about 60 years ago. Good luck with that LA.

(Pittsburgher revels in lack of smog.)


(Another Pittsburgher trying to say something.)

sounds like sour grapes to me

You are joke. How many people actually read your blog? And by the way, what is a "laker" and are there any left in LA?

Don't slam people's cities especially while your own is burning to the ground.

I understand you're trying to convey some humor. I would hope that you've actually visited and spent time in the city to write about it. Pittsburgh is actually very centered around the health-care industry. UPMC and Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh are top hospitals in the county. Therein may be the president's interest in Pittsburgh.

Of course, all we have to offer is sports teams...

First of all, this is a pretty great article.
Usually when you bash another city, it is full of bad jokes.
Could this be less accurate on Obama's infatuation?
Kudos to you, Mr. Malcolm. This needed to be said.
Your valuable and clever insight is always appreciated.
Obviously, Pittsburgh people will not be happy about this.
Unlucky for them, because they really do need to understand.

your a complete Idiot.

(Pittsburgher, so profoundly moved by article, speaks plainly.)

No offense man, but what did Pittsburgh or the sport of hockey ever do to you? Were you beat up as a child by Lemieux or something. The city of Pittsburgh has accomplished many things in existence. You turn your nose up at the "dirty" city that created steel, but without that steel where would the "great" cities of today be. None of those famous skyscrapers in New York, Boston, DC, or heck even LA would exist with the hardworking people of Pittsburgh. Do you scoff at the people who work hard everyday to manufacture the things that make you life the way it is? Blue collar workers are what this country runs on and if people like President Obama recognize and appreciate that fact who are you to laugh at it. It's the characteristics like that that brought many immigrants to the city in the early 1900s, including everyone of my greatgrandparents. They saw that in Pittsburgh you could work hard and make an honest living, and that's the way it should be. Because of the hard work of my greatgrandparents my grandparents (3 out of 4) had the opportunity to go to college in a time when it wasn't as common, and make a better living then there parents had. Yes, my greatgrandparents were steelworkers and miners. The type of person you insult in your article as too stupid to make it into the next state. You should be ashamed of yourself, especially since you claim that you are the son of immigrants. And, yes, after the steel industry was sent abroad the people in Pittsburgh suffered tremendously and many left. But they left only physically, as many (like my parents) remain true Pittsburghers at heart. But maybe you haven't been to Pittsburgh in the last couple of years. The city is getting back on its feet again and doing a pretty good job about it. Pittsburgh is ranked as the most livable city in the United States by the Economist (maybe you've never heard of's a publication full of REAL journalists). Do you need me to explain what livable means (you might not understand coming from LA)? The major criteria used by the Economist are stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. In the last decade or so Pittsburgh has transformed from a rustbelt loser to the most livable city in the United States. Maybe you missed it while you were taking a nap. Yes, steel was once the only game in the city, but now it's about robotics, technology, and medical industry. There's a good reason for the G20 to be held there. Pittsburgh has shown that is possible to reinvent and economy from industrial age to the modern age.

And about the hockey, maybe you've never seen a game because your ignorance reaches new levels of idiocy when talking about it. Sure, maybe hockey does get the attention it deserves on tv, but if you are judging quality on popularity especially in the tv world you must be crazy. Have you seen what dominates tv broadcasts today? Reality tv, really do you think that's quality. Sure, lots of Canadians play hockey (along with Russians, Swedes and others), but what sport isn't international these days. If we ranks our sports on nationality should we move MLB to the Dominican Republic and other the other Caribbean Islands. And plus, there are millions of fans of hockey who disagree with your assessment of the popularity of hockey. You mention some of the basics of hockey: how fast players skate, how hard they hit the puck; but you forget that there is more to sports then just the technicalities. Hockey is the ultimate team sport. Every player is responsible for every aspect of the game a defenseman could score a game winning goal and forwards need to get back in the defensive zone just as fast as the d-men to move the puck out. And even more than that you don't seem to realize that sports can be more than just a game. It's about tradition, honor and sacrifice, and that's what we tell our kids when they sit in front of the tv to watch. We tell them that the people who cheat get penalized and the team that plays the hardest wins. Maybe you forget the most iconic and important sports moment of the the 20th century. In 1980, hockey was more than just a game when the US team defeated the Soviets in the Olympics. It gave Americans hope when there was no gas to buy, Iran held American hostages, and no one had pride in America. A couple of college kids showed America that with a lot of hard work and determination anything could happen. It gave many Americans something to believe in for the first time in a long time.

Maybe you should think before you put words down on a page. It looks like you tried to pick on two easy targets, but I'm afraid you've come up looking ignorant and like a bitter old man with nothing better to do other than mock other people. Perhaps you should open your eyes to the world around you. I realize this will probably end up in some internet trashcan and my comments will never see public viewing, but when you read this I hope you reconsider what you wrote. If not enjoy be the old unappreciative curmudgeon you most likely are, but I hope you know that despite everything you said both hockey and Pittsburgh will only get better as you become more parochial and ignorant to the world around you.

Dear Mr. Malcolm- I assume that this is what passes for droll wit in your fair metropolis. The erstwhile scribes of the Algonquin Roundtable pale in comparison. Why, at this very moment, I can imagine the late Dorothy Parker saying to herself, "Why didn't I ever write a column based on outdated geographical/economic/political ignorance just to (hopefully)extort a cheap laugh from the poor people who buy the paper?" The answer would be: she had talent and good taste. Good luck to you, sir. Perhaps some day, you will too.
Robert D. Sebastian, Pittsburgh, PA

(Another Pittsburgher confuses print newspapers with online, wishes author good luck.)

Wow, this article is full of absolute nonsense. It is is full of factual inaccuracies and shortcuts, and is written in a disrespectful tone that has no place in journalism. Quite honestly, it shows a complete lack of knowledge about each and every topic discussed in the article. The readers certainly "[saw] the team captain struggle with [The Stanley Cup] in the photo above," insinuating some form of "weakness" on his part. Mr. Malcom, that man in the photograph has more respect, fans, and not to mention money, than you ever will - and he performs his job at a highest level - something that you, as a journalist, will never be able to do so long as you continue to write articles such as this. If your intention was to garner website views for your article, you succeeded. You were also successful in exposing yourself as one who lacks any sort of journalistic or editorial integrity.
If I had to guess, I'd say you rushed this article because of a deadline after one day brilliantly thinking "Why is Pittsburgh getting all this attention," and then doing about 10 minutes of research via Google. If this is what passes as an Op-Ed article at the LA times, then I can certainly see why the paper is in such a sad state of financial affairs. If you have a political axe to grind, leave my city out of it.

Wow, now you can see why he didn't win that Pulitzer.

(Another Pittsburgher thinks writer should get an award.)

Wow...exactly what is your malfunction or do you always get up on the wrong side of the bed? I can now see why you didn't win that Pulitzer you were nominated for.

No Penguins in Pittsburgh? That's very profound! What's next? Redskins in Washington DC? No Indian Chiefs in Kansas City? No Vikings in Minnesota?

Why be so down on hockey? As a conservative, you might recall someone named Palin who didn't disparage an entire city or a game simply because they don't have a clue.

Since you seem so ill-informed, perhaps some facts to enlighten you are in order:

--Surprise!: GW Bush ALSO honored the Stanley Cup winning Anaheim Ducks at the White House....did you also go off on a rant about Anaheim? I mean, you'd be the last person to want the label hypocrite associated with your name.
-The LA Kings also have Canadians, Russians, Europeans, etc. on their roster.
-Do you also hate MLB because all the teams have "foreigners" on the roster?
-Ohio didn't exist when the French settled the area now known as Pittsburgh.
-George Washington knew the importance of Pittsburgh when as a British officer he came to eject the French.
-Pittsburgh is the reigning #1 Most Livable City in the USA
-Pittsburgh's skyline is rated #2 most beautiful by "Places Rated"
-The motion picture industry was 1st started in Pittsburgh before it went to the 'land of bankruptcy' and pompous fools.
-Many of your movie and TV stars hail from Pittsburgh.
-Many notable motion pictures were filmed in Pittsburgh
-Stephen Foster was a fellow Pittsburgher.
-The 1st commercial TV and radio stations (KDKA) in the USA were in Pittsburgh.
-Westinghouse Electric & invention of train air brake saved many lives.
-1st Baseball World Series.
-1st Carnegie Library.
-1st Federal Hospital.
-1st Continuous-Roll Printing Press
-1st Motion Picture Theater.
-1st Road Map.
-1st Picturephone
-1st Petroleum Refining
-Gulf Oil.
-The Golden Gate Bridge (and suspension bridges in general)
-Bingo was invented in Pittsburgh.
-1st atomic submarine reactor (USS Nautilus)
-1st atomic electric power plant
-1st heart, liver and kidney transplant done in simultaneous operations at Presbyterian-University Hospital.
-Pittsburgh alone produced more steel during WWII than all of Germany, Japan, and all allied nations combined.....without it, we may not have won.
-Jonas Salk discovered the Polio Vaccine in conjunction with Pitt University.
-Carnegie-Mellon University is a world leader in hi-technology.
-Pittsburgh was chosen for the G20 because of it's beauty, success, and renaissance from a steel town into a leader in technology and medicine.
-You and anyone who actually reads your drivel probably have a bottle of Heinz ketchup in your home.
-You may have heard of ALCOA aluminum?
-You may have heard that the original WWII JEEP was designed and produced just outside of Pittsburgh?
-What about the world's first oil well being near Pittsburgh?
-Perhaps you've heard of the Ferris Wheel?
-What about celluloid film?
-Among many Pittsburgh 1sts are the Big Mac and Banana Split.
-Among Pennsylvania 1sts are such things as the Conestoga Wagon which made it possible for people to move to the 'land of bankruptcy'.
-You might have also heard of something called the Declaration of Independence and the Liberty Bell which hailed from our nation's 1st Capitol City of Philadelphia?
-Does Gettysburg ring any bells?
-Does the name Tom Ridge ring any bells?
-Pennsylvania built the 1st limited-access highway (freeway).
-Since you seem to believe that Pittsburgh still looks like an old photo taken before color film was invented, I invite you to view:

Just for the record..... I'm a conservative, a Republican, and a Pittsburgher who happens to enjoy hockey and other sports. I don't have to belittle others, their towns, or their sports to give anyone the illusion that I have any right to do so.

I also don't like the taste of my own foot in my seem to relish it.

(Pittsburgher finds article attempting to demean the Pennsylvania city. Cites many good things about it, also finds author award-worthy.)

NBA and MLB have teams in Canada too you retard.

(Pittsburgher says other sports leagues are in Canada too.)

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