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Shut the Oval Office, Obama's out campaigning again today

Democrat president Barack Obama aboard Air Force One

Now that he's reportedly called Kanye West a "jackass" -- unofficially, of course -- President Obama forsakes the sedentary business of governing again today to head back out on the campaign trail, which is more fun anyway in his profession.

On Monday the president flew to New York City to straighten out the financial mess one year after it blew up and to issue new warnings and announce new regulatory efforts.

Today he's on the road again. He'll make three stops -- one in Ohio and two in Pennsylvania, including his newly adopted favorite city of Pittsburgh. In Ohio, the president will talk economy with auto workers and, as he did Monday in New York, likely profess that he sees more signs the hard times are truly ending.

Not an easy argument for anyone to make, even if they are eloquent, with unemployment still above 9%. And the anxiety and fears almost palpable among many.

This morning the new Washington Post-ABC News Poll reveals that Americans aren't buying Obama's assertion of economic improvement, at least not yet. The results show only 51% approve of the....

...freshman president's handling of the economy while an even worse 39% approve of his job addressing -- or not addressing --  the gargantuan federal deficits projected way out past Obama's two terms.

Nearly 60% of Americans, according to the poll, are worried over job losses and pay cuts in coming months. This is not usually fertile ground for acceptance of the kind of major, ill-defined, costly changes that Obama seeks to impose in so many areas.

In Pittsburgh, Obama, having just slapped special tariffs on Chinese tires, will be heartily welcomed by his union pals at the AFL-CIO convention.

And then it's on to Philadelphia to keep part of his promise to campaign for ex-Republican-now-Democrat Sen. Arlen Specter. There, the president will appear at a reception and fundraiser for Specter, who would really like a sixth Senate term. But he's facing a rigorous primary challenge from Rep. Joe Sestak, despite the Democrat president's support.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the struggle over healthcare reform measures has been recently overshadowed by public debate over whether the weekend crowd of D.C. tea-partyers was either something like 60,000 or 2 million.

Also being argued: the outrageous impropriety or courageous lone voice of Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina, who called the president a liar over healthcare reform coverage of illegal immigrants. (They aren't covered, but there's no way specified in the legislation to check a patient's immigration status.)

The president calls these disputes media sideshows. And perhaps he means it. But they also serve him well from a strategic communications viewpoint.

By his unsolicited shout during Obama's address to a joint session of Congress, Republican Wilson handed Democrats an ideal distraction that's endured nearly a week already. (Think also Rush Limbaugh earlier this year.)

Remember back in August when members of Congress visited where they used to live and folks started looking at the actual details of the healthcare plans and sharing their detailed opinions out loud at town hall meetings? What happened then?

Poll support for the plan began to crumble, especially among independents who didn't realize they were voting for quite so much expensive change last November. The new polls also reveal, the more people know about the proposed reforms, the less they like them.

So the argument gets turned around to whether these unhappy town hallers were being rude or maybe even racist. Nevermind their specifics.

Now with the president off drawing attention touring two nearby states, the public argument in the Capitol is whether Wilson needs to re-apologize and he says no way and back and forth they go, all the while both sides raising money from the skimpy skirmish's gullible spectators.

While outside the spotlight, the committees quietly wrap up the details of the healthcare measures largely free of intense scrutiny.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Obama in new massage chair aboard Air Force One. Photo credit: White House
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For a clown that worked so hard to get to the White House, I sure wish he would give the country a break and stay there and keep the big fat nose and ears out of the business of business!

No mention of ACORN....?

Mr President, please stop campaigning and start governing.


Obama has already become the worst president in American history. This pathetic socialist is inherently unamerican in everything he does, from coddling terrorists to redistributing wealth. I can hardly wait for his impeachment!

The democartic campaign fund should pay for Obama's campaigns not the taxpayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

He's out campaigning again. Out there running his mouth again. Who's running the country? He's never there. EVERY SERIOUS FINANCIAL GUY-(Those who are NOT in this Morons' pocket)-say that we're headed over a cliff. He SPENDS and he SPENDS and he SPENDS. Where's the STIMULUS MONEY? How is it, that the 'STIMULUS' bill was written by a group headed by a CO-FOUNDER of The WEATHER UNDERGROUND? (The other co-founder is the guy-Bill Ayers-Obama chose to kick off his political career with, in Ayers' living room) The Apollo Group. And how is it, that this is NOT a MAJOR STORY in places like The L.A. TIMES? How about a FACT CHECK, now and then, on President PATHOLOGICAL LIAR? Don't you people at this paper have KIDS? Have you got any GRANDKIDS? Do you like your HEALTH CARE? Or would you rather go to CUBA, or CANADA, or ENGLAND, for some of that Universal Health Care this LIAR is selling? And ask yourself...WHY has Congress EXEMPTED ITSELF and THEIR FAMILIES from THEIR OWN PLAN? Why would ANYONE want a Health Care System, that the guys writing the Legislation don't want anything to do with? Can you imagine, if the L.A. TIMES actually DID ITS' JOB? Hey, L.A. TIMES. How about asking PELOSI and BOXER and FEINSTEIN why they're NOT going on this plan? Does that sound like a STORY? And ask them: WHERE'S BIN LADEN? That USED TO BE a big deal for these hipocrytes. Including the guy in the White House. WHERE'S BIN LADEN? Where's my Country? When will you people wake up. This guy is DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY. And he's doing it FAST.

The fact is that over 70% of Americans support the option chose a public option.

New Poll: 77 Percent Support "Choice" Of Public OptionAug 20, 2009 ... A new study by SurveyUSA puts support for a public option at a robust 77 percent, one percentage point higher than where it stood in June. ... - Cached - Similar

Pensito Review » Survey USA: 77% Favor Public Option in Health ...Sep 1, 2009 ... Pensito Review publishes news and commentary about politics and media. - Cached - Similar

Two ways to reduce unemployment in America.
Buy American hire Americans.

American that traded in the clunker for an American cars
did the right thing. Now those car buyers and other borrowers can be helped, buy reinstating the tax deduction.
for interest paid on consumer loans. This would help consumers pay of their debts and free up money for other uses.

Right on. Best if the Obama keeps out of dc. Looks like Mr YesWeCan is turning into NoWeCant. This has been the most absurd administration. It's only accomplishment is a record for burning jet fuel. Nice carbon foot print Obama.

Why is this man smiling? Most of the country has OD'd on OB. He has failed to organize the community. Many of us worry about next months bills and our hope for change in 2010 is greater than it was in 2008. Wake up Steele, Newt, Romney, Jindal. Speak up, show the way, give us the feeling you're still with us. Join Palin in helping us find our way back to the United States of America. We'll do the work, we always did, without help or assistance...but we need leaders. Forget the mainstream media. Just speak up, we'll make sure you are heard.

Republicans need to learn from dare I say, Clinton and remember "It's the economy stupid!". Why are we even talking about anything else. Hello, unemployment is at 9.7% more if you count the people that have given up looking. Every time republicans get in front of a TV camera they should hammer on this failed stimulus bill.

He can go to NY for Walter Cronkite days before 9/11
then return to 9/14 to slap wall st but on 9/11 speech about national day os service??? All you need to know abouth the boy wonder

Of course he's campaigning again, it's the only thing he knows how to do! I'm so sick and tired of seeing this president on TV 24/7 trying to push his socialist agenda.

Eight months in office and we've seen nothing but a continuous string of photo ops and pretty speeches written by his staff and delivered from a teleprompter. He castigates Republicans for using "scare tactics" and then tells us we're all going to die unless government controlled health care is passed immediately. Never mind that it won't go into effect until 2013. He pulled the same thing with the so-called "Stimulus" bill. Don't bother to read it, just hurry up and pass it before the entire economy tanks and unemployment goes beyond 8%. Well, how's that working out? Do you feel stimulated yet? The deficit is through the roof and he still wants to spend more and more of our hard earned tax dollars to "spread the wealth" among his special interest groups like unions and ACORN. We were promised that THIS administration would be transparent and free from corruption. Instead we have tax cheats and avowed communists in appointed positions of power. We have rogue nations with nuclear weapons making threats and our president goes on a world tour to apologize for our sins of democracy and capitalism. Do you feel safer yet? I sure don't.

Instead of going to Ohio to thank the unions, wouldn’t it be nice if the president made a trip to Afghanistan to support and thank the troops?

It's all about his image not the job he has no clue on how to do.

The poor democrats, they can't handle the fact the crowd was bigger then anything they have done. But then again, democrats never could handle the truth on anything.

People are tired of America turning into a socialist nanny state, and are finally speaking out against these parasitic policies. If the democrats want socialism, then they should move to King Fidel's island prison.

Yet ANOTHER trip...this jug-eared moron takes more trips than Tim Leary. I can't help but wonder what his carbon footprint is compared to previous presidents...he seems to be in non-stop campaign mode...I mean it's GREAT FUN to go to the lawn & garden store and browse and research and finally purchase that shiny new garden tractor...but sooner or later you need to MOW THE YARD. This mouth-breathing idiot is in so far over his head he needs scuba gear.


It is way beyond the time when this president? should begin presiding over this country and keep his face and mouth off the campaign trail and in Washington where he is losing the fight for health care, the economy and foreign relations. The only thing he is winning is the election which was held over nine months ago. His administration is plagued by those felons, tax cheats, and commies who he has appointed to positions of trust in our government. This will be and probably already is the least trusted administration in the history of the American Republic. Now we have a tax cheat writing our tax laws (Rangel) and another tax cheat (Geithner) spending our tax money. A commie (Johnson) was just fired from his gift job and Obama's largest support system (ACORN) accused of voter intimidation, voter fraud, aiding and abetting prostitutes, pimps and child labor violators in a scheme to defraud us of our tax money. How about all the other thousands of community organizations into which ACORN is evolving. They will continue to get the $billions which ACORN was promised. What a president we have. All good Americans need to unite and get this fool and his commie friends to all go back to Chicago.

Of course he's out "campaigning again." He can't properly do his job as president so falls back on something he did well. Shame he can't run for president for four years, maybe that way he'd leave the country alone.

While the President is taking care of a travel schedule that would put most salesmen to their knees, who is running the Country???? Emanual??
There is no way possible he can have his finger on everything and still make daily speach even with a telepromptor. Unless he is.....

The China tire tariff will undo us all.

Joe Wilson did not call the president a liar. He said, "You lie." There's a world of difference being called out on a lie and being called a liar.

And, lest anyone was not paying attention, just before Mr. Wilson's outburst the president was speaking of the misinformation and referred to part of that misinformation as "a lie." Mr. Wilson simply volleyed that same accusation back at the POTUS.

But again, typical MSM spin on the news.

Please, to all reputable newspapers, start investigating and asking probing questions of this administration. You do not serve your readers well by doing this administration's bidding. What Obama and his cronies have proven they do well...non-stop campaigning and drawing the race card at every voice who dares to protests their proposals and lies. We the people deserve so much better than what most of the mainstream newspapers, magazines, and networks have given us. Hats off to those who have been debased at every turn for broadcasting the truth. To the rest of you, please, step up to the plate before it's too late.

Who is running this country in this time of crisis when Obama is out campaigning? Oh, it doesn't matter. Obama doesn't seem to be running the country when he is IN the White House. Should have voted to just put Acorn or SEIU as president. They seem to be calling the shots. SEIU wants government health care to bring the health professionals into the union and make billions. Acorn seems to want to help child prostitution. Go figure.

When is Obama on TV again. It has been almost a week.

Why don't you do a poll on how many of us think he's a crook and a communist?

Nearly two million came to Washington and voted in person this past weekend.

Clearly Obama is not the one running the show, just the spokeperson/model charged with promoting the agenda.

All the truly smart ones are behind the scenes.

Outstanding! Andrew, you should run for office. Thanks for for capturing what many of us feel.

Very surprised to see some real journalism out of the La Times on Obama.

Well done. The President still thinks he is campaigning and has never left the campaign trail since being elected.

First the whirlwind "World Apology Tour" to play on anti American sentiment, with Obama standing on the Temple mount waving his finger at America from overseas.
Then we had the dismantling of the automakers with much of the wealth of shareholders being redistributed to the unions (including a big new equity stake & the taxpayer now being responsible for union pensions) and political supporters.
Now a trade war with China that tire manufacturers did not want, but a handful of United Steel Workers (remember what happened to our steel industry?) demanded as payback for the $400 million unions gave to his campaign.

It seems pretty clear the only thing Obama is commited to is a perpetual political campaign as President judging so far...

Did you miss the memo that Air Force One's call sign has been changed to Oval Office?

I wouldn't exactly call Rush a distraction, since he was actually very prominent as one of the only people outside the (R) side of Congress who fought against some of the legislation that's so far passed in the House (and through the Senate) this year. I also wouldn't call Joe Wilson's outburst a distraction, because, some of the things people are talking about are:

"Wow, so Obama WAS lying about illegal immigrants! Despite saying for months that they wouldn't be covered, they finally admit that the bill needs to be changed! What else are they lying about?"

If obama hasnt tripped down the White House by 2010........something tells me that he will be dragged oyut...

I am truly suprised that this article was written in the LA times. An article critical of Obama???? This paper must be racist.

Obama is flopping like a fish out of water. He's already toast 8 months in

Does this clown ever actually do any work?

While I don't think Obama's perfect, your blog post has the tone of high school sneering at the opposing team. Where were the Republican deficit hawks when GW Bush was running up $5 trillion in debt. Where was truth-loving Joe Wilson when the prior administration was lying its way into war with Iraq. What aspect of Obama's health plan do you so dislike? The health exchange? The public option? Electronic records? Universal coverage? Subsidies for poor Americans? Tort reform? What Republican alternatives do you think would be more effective at cost control? Make a positive contribution and give us a serious dialog on health care reform.

Obama has to "talk", trying to keep us back in the happy box. Watch him stick his hand out when he gets pressed, as if to want us to settle down and get back in the box.

He's not up to the real task of governing and execution. All drama and words and posturing. Solve it with a few veneer czars..keep the headlines sounding as if some real governing is being done.

We're going down the drain while he continues to try to talk us into recovery.

Where's the ACORN story? Busted in three different cities?
Come on, West Coast, scoop the East Coast! Tell the story!

The more the American people do not believe this guy, the more he campaigns! He obviously believes in the repackaging of lies and failed domestic policies in order to get people to believe him.

Not a single mention of Acorn (can hardly wait to see the 4th scandalous tape today) and the now estimated 1.7 million people who protested at the Capital this weekend. Of course Obama doesn't want to stay at home. And the rest of us have to scour the internet for the truth about this clown.

Big daddy George Soros has given Obama his assignment for the week and the puppet president is only doing what he is told.

You mean Obama's ONE term, right?

NOW we know why he has all those CZARS... he's out of the office all the time.

Perhaps, Obama could present his LONG form birth certificate to stop the negativity from the "birthers". If he would just SHOW his actual birth certificate his Poll numbers would begin to rise. Why won't he just show his long birth certificate to finally put an end to the birthers contraversy?

What, Me Worry ?

The white house is in good hands with president emmanuel at the helm.

The nation is getting an education in why it is not wise to elect as president, a person who has not yet completed a term in the senate.

obama certainly understands the politics of the inner city streets. he needs to understand the politics of a country before going any further.

None of this would have happened without the broadcast and press apparatus of the country acting as defacto tools of the left party. There are election laws about companies making in-kind contributions of air time. I wonder why no one has the guts to charge the networks with this. After all, we ARE charging church pastors for "political speech" from the pulpit.

obama: stick a fork in him -- he's done.

This man has a serious problem. Doesn't he have a family? Why is he obsessed with speaking to camera? Has he ever been diagnosed with ADD? Has he forgotten that he was given an official office? We are sick of his voice and his face!!!

One reason ObaME has to rush, rush, rush to the campaign trail is that he has to have time to rewind his TOTUS for his big debut on the world stage later this month. He is to be the FIRST U.S. president to head up some counfounded U.N (?) commission. Who knows what it's for? anyhow, ObamME has to solve the world's problems too....busy, busy busy. I suspect there won't be much talk of racism, if he fails to impress...after all, it is only AmeriKA that judges him by the color of his skin......after all, what are failed policies??Just a bump in the road.

It's all about Barry. He only cares about getting what he has planned pushed through so he can get on with controlling as much as possible.
No one's agenda should come before the good of America and no amount of campaigning will erase the fact that we all know he cannot be trusted.

Can anyone tell me how many "hours" he has spent in the White House actually being the President and not on TV or out campaigning?

What a guy, wow!! did you libs elect a loser or what?

Mr. President,

It is becoming increasing clear that the only thing you CAN your mouth! assuming you have your 'promter

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