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Obama's green jobs czar Van Jones quits under fire

Democrat president Barack Obama's appointee Van Jones

Van Jones, the onetime Marxist whose controversial statements about Republicans and 9/11 have made him a distracting lightning rod as Barack Obama's environmental jobs czar in recent days, resigned tonight.

Now, the Sunday morning political talk shows (guest listings here) will have something really hot to talk about.

On Wednesday, as The Ticket reported here, Jones was forced to apologize when a video surfaced of his February remarks in Berkeley, of all places, using a reference to a lower anatomical orifice to describe Republicans.

The next day Jones again had to apologize for having his signature on a petition to then N.Y. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer seeking an investigation into the 9/11 attacks as possibly an inside job planned by then-Pres. George W. Bush to soften opposition to a war in Iraq.

On another video here Jones was seen mocking Bush physically and rhetorically as "a crackhead" for his addiction to petroleum.

Jones was special adviser for green jobs to the White House Council on Environmental Quality. As such, Jones, who was arrested in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots, was supposed to.... reduce American dependence on foreign oil. But recently he had become the much-bashed target of conservative talk show hosts and readers leaving comments on countless blogs, including this one.

Additional criticism mounted when many major media outlets, especially TV, ignored the growing controversy.

With the healthcare and deficit debates certain to heat up now as Congress returns to Washington and with the president seeking to refocus political discussion this coming week with a controversial speech of his own to the nation's school children on Tuesday and an address to a joint session of Congress Wednesday evening, another bloody fight over an outspoken appointee was not in Obama's gameplan.

Especially one with such crudely-expressed views of the minority party that Obama wouldn't mind getting some support from.

Although Jones disavowed his previous remarks this week, on Friday with the president out of town at Camp David the White House said that he would remain a part of the administration.

However, the lack of the usual full-throated official endorsement -- "Mr. X has the president's fullest confidence and he looks forward to working with him in the years to come to improve life for American citizens" -- signaled to many that the controversial Jones' hours in this Democrat's White House were numbered.

Tonight, right around midnight, the bewitching hour when not by chance few media were paying attention, those hours ran out for Jones.

In his resignation statement, he said, "On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me. They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide." Jones added he could not ask colleagues to expend time and energy defending or explaining his past.

Council chair Nancy Sutley did not argue with Jones' resignation, saying only he had been a strong voice for renewable energy jobs and wished him well in the future.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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It's the media who allows things like Obama's speech to kids to be labeled "controversial". I mean... every president tells kids to worth hard and go to school. They didn't close schools when Bush did it. Now, suddenly ... it's controversial? Because Murdoch controls the press? The LA-Times used to be a conservative rag... but I thought better of it to buy in to the "controversy". There is no controversy except what you are trying to stir up to generate traffic. And no, I don't click on your ads.

Geez, aren't people fired from the government anymore ? He will go on living with tax payers money in his pockets for life. Where was His interest in our Beautiful whats left of Environment ? Is Obama color blind ? His Discernment seems to be whimsey in His choices for any of His so called Team. Maybe when we get our heads out of our anatomical orifice we'll resume control. I echo the words and thoughts I hear " My God what have we done" ? ?

Van Jones is a 9/11 Truther and a conspiracy theorist. People who believe this are idiots and shouldn't be listened to.

Also when people find insane videos of things you said that is not a smear. That is the truth.

see that's WHY i LOVE america AFTER 8yrs.of being under halicheney/bushcrimefamily CONTROL(and we know where that got us)america STILL allows the people on the right to HATE Americans.

Another communist bites the dust.

Van Jones believed we attacked ourselves on 9-11.

Van Jones is a racist and has revealed he was so on tape and video.

Van Jones said he was a Communist 3 years after the Berlin Wall fall.

Van Jones is an anti-Semite and did a song about it.


...and this who the whitehouse had as an adviser? How many more kooks, racists and nutjobs does the Obama whitehouse have?

Another racist, radical black man married to a white woman

You PAID GOP bloggers are IDIOTS.

What is the likelihood that the public would have tolerated George W. Bush having a "former" John Birch Society, Klan, or Aryan Nation member among his closest and most trusted advisers?

You can bet your bottom dollar that there are plenty more just like Van Jones still hiding in the woodwork inside the Obama White House. How many more times will we have to find out about another one of Obama's radical friends before the truth finally sinks in that HE IS ONE OF THEM?

Lame. This guy was smart, he lived the street life and the book life. He wasn't afraid to speak his mind. Awhile back some republicans were distributing racist Christmas songs about Obama, oh but that's because the dems were just too P.C. to get the joke. However, now someone from the opposite party calls it like he sees it and it's "OMG OMG He's a marxist, and he's black (he's probably a muslim, too!!)"

Politics in America are some of the most disgusting embarrassments in the modern world. It's a fuc*ing Freak side show. There is no real positive discourse anywhere to be seen. It's a joke. This country is becoming a joke.

Van Jones: "They are using lies and distortions to distract and divide."

Hilarious! The opposition used his actual words as the focus of their effort to force him out. Mr. Jones has no one to blame but himself.

To those lefties who are disappointed that Obama didn't stand up for Jones. My question is: Why are you disappointed? How could you be surprised? Haven't you figured out yet that Obama has loyalty to only one person...himself.

I blame President Bush for Van Jones quitting in disgrace. Had W only prevented 9-11, then Mr. Jones wouldn't have needed to show himself to be the disturbingly unstable and crass political thug that infects his vicious psyche against all Americans who have other opinions to his.

Too bad. Otherwise, he would've continued breaking bread at the table of Glorious Dear Leader, next to Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Bill Ayers and a slew of more professional whack jobs that obama presents as versions of Bambi.

By the way, will somebody please memo the NY Times about this huge 10 day old story? Their reporters haven't printed a single word because, I guess, of continuing planned cutbacks--in credibility, that is.

Nobody cares that he called Republicans names. We DO care that he's a racist and a very proud Communist. And a person who says "white polluters" intentionally poison people should not be in charge of anything, let alone anything having to do with the environment.

Posted by: Jenna Reed | September 05, 2009 at 10:47 PM

Dear God!! They do!! I'm White and even I know that! Take a couple college courses, Turn of Fox News, and READ.

Ironic that the "Green Job Czar" is looking for a job now. I hear Fidel and Hugo are hiring.

I say, good riddance! And thanks to WND and Glenn Beck too!

Van Jones is an America-hating, cop-hating white-hating racist eco-terrorist. It's no wonder Obama appointed him. They are peas in a pod!

Glad he’s out! Problem is, Obama’s administration is full of them!

It's 1776 all over again!


and thank you to poster Cleo Watts! I agree.

About time ! As a black man I can tell you I am sickened by the hatred and racism by the people our president surrounds himself with. jeremia wright,van jones,rom emanuel. All these people say crazy mess and try and lie about the facts later.....aint no better than the liars in the previous administration.

I really was hoping for a change but not like this.Pbo cant keep putting people like this in these "czar" positions and saying he doesnt think like them like he did on Wright. I have been to the trinity church many years ago when I was stationed in chicago and Im telling you them folks are RACIST.
Im not saying we got no beef but damn these folks are just as bad as white folks were in the 50s.

Thank God. 38 more to go..... or have we added more during the night?

Where in the Constitution does it say you have to be a capitalist to hold a job in the government? Like it or not this country has a long sad history of dealing with many minorities. Their anger is real and justified.

Coaxing these people back into the mainstream is a success story of the system. Jones was a US citizen and paid his taxes just like all you red-necks. The man was politically lynched and you people are buying into it hook line and sinker.

If you looked at the man's resume and awards you'll see he'll have no difficulty getting a job.

Cheers to Glenn Beck! What brilliance will Commie Keith Olbermann have to come up with this time to explain and Spin this! So I guess if you attach your name to the Saving the Environment, your past should be overlooked! They do better background searches at Chuckee Cheese's! These appointees are crazier than any Political Party that we have in Canada, and that's pretty Crazy! MSNBC is worse than our CBC for Liberalism!

I could care a less if this country runs itself into the ground in the not too distant future. Obama being elected is the first time I have held a national pride for being an American. We finally get somebody that is articulate, intelligent, completely self-made (i.e. pull yourself up by your bootstraps), and more concerned for the people than I have ever seen a president be. Republicans dislike intelligent people with new ideas. They are so used to the way the machine works (even if the machine is broke and will destroy its operator) that anything contrary is 'communism' 'socialism' 'anti-democratic' 'racist'. It's a sad day when you get to see the true colors of capitalism and the greedy self-centered offspring it has produced (I'm afraid we will never recover from the damage the 'free market' has done to solidarity and the bonds that humanity has shared historically). Karl Marx rest in peace (which I hope that thoroughly pisses off all you slimy, self-righteous, a*shole Republicans out) . The problem with Marx's theory is that the workers are too f*cking stupid to realize they are being conned while the guys on top laugh and pretend to care about them. Comedy, or tragedy?

This is a great day for America. The people have been made aware of this person by his own words and actions. When did free speech give someone the right to try to fundamentally change our CONSTITUTIONAL rights. Marxist, Communist or Socialist, whatever this guy was his anti-american views have no place in out government. Good riddence to this racist biggeted Communist. Obama is really showing his true colors by the people he surrounds himself with. I can only hope that he does not cause too much damage to the American way of life. FREEDOM!

Per Andrew Austin (commentor): It doesn't matter what Obama does or says. It matters who he is.

Pardon me??? I think there is no question that it matters what Obama does, just like it matters what any president or congressman does. It truly is the action that dictates who the person is. I don't see how you can separate the two.

What's wrong with communism? They're our best friends!!
Don't forget if it wasn't for those loans from China, Bush wouldn't have been able to afford his war in Iraq!
Just think about it, the biggest free market country in the world up to it's ass in hock with the biggest communist country!!

Good riddance Pig Boy! Now can your Master, Obama say "I resign" as well. The President with no brains, no morals and no leadership has made another bone-headed mistake. A Special Prosequetor should be appointed by the Senate to find out how Van "Marxist" Jones could have possibly been put in His Illigitiamacy's Cabinet! Un frickin believable. Go back to the city of Al Capone O'bama and take your hateful wife with you!

I always see the petty rationalizations from this guys supporters. Truth is, as a black man myself I found it offensive.

Czars have got to go. There is a process in place to vet these appointees. Clearly not using these existing czar system is a disgrace at taxpayers expense. We pay to be misrepresented by convicted communist criminals.

Van Jones - next stop the stand-up comedy club circuit. Yet even that is a disgrace.

I served my country, I've dealt with a lifetime of racism and my life is so much better than my fathers. What gives me the greatest joy is the lives of my children will be better than mine has been. This country is moving forward on the race issue, it pains me ever day to see the advances of my lifetime backsliding to advance the political agenda of bigoted black politicians.

The question is not just Van Jones and how did he got through the gates of the White House.

The bigger question is, except for FOX News, specifically Glen Beck (thank you),where was our media who are supposed to be a watchdog of government and report for the people?

Something in our media is seriously broken.

Van Jones was never an environmentalist. He's a Green. There's a big difference. Greens get bored and irritated with too much talk about the environment.

This is awful. A good man has been burned by the mob. Glenn Beck, in all his idiocy, has actually won. NOT a good sign for America.

Such vicious swill. The full moon is bringing the Neanderthals out of their backwoods woodwork to howl and lust for blood. They've been silent for a little while - out of sight since the last McCain / Palin mobfests, but now they sense a crack to rise to the surface again, as the noble Barack Obama struggles to deal with the many-sided disaster left by Bush/Cheney and the rest of the "wreck government" crew. I'm sure none of these baying wolves have ever heard of Van Jones before or know anything, beyond what the hate-mongering rabble-rousing mouthpieces dredged up, about the life work of Mr. Jones, centered on social justice and environmental preservation. A fine and passionate person who has stood for the best of human possibilities, and whose spirited eloquence gives the pinheads another target for their destructive fever.

This guy's high-profile problems hide another huge issue: the green jobs czar is an idiot about economics. He apparently thinks you can eliminate carbon emissions and not only will it not cost a dime in economic output, it will lead to higher employment. The man knows nothing about economics or science; all he does is parrot Marxist ideas and spout anti-American propaganda.

Rahm Emanuel is next. Valerie Jarrett should resign too.

The republicans who attempt to discredit this man area bunch of lower anatomical orifices, why should this man have to apologize for being outspoken and honest. Obama and his team should not allow the media's obsession with neutrality over an informed stance, or "bias," break down the most promising group of advisers this country has ever seen, or men and women who can truly do good and speak the truth.

It's all so darned frightening yet I have to laugh at all they white people crying racist...ooohhh the irony...

yeah, he is silly but it gives cause for concern that he actually had a prominent position in public service in the exec branch. but really what i scratch my head at is that, being that he must be related to the singer "van morrison" counldnt he have been a singer too instead of a mere political extreamist?

Congrats, L.A. Times. A fair article on a topic you have ignored up to this point. I guess the resignation makes it tough to continue to play ostrich though, eh?
BTW Van Jones was a self-avowed "Communist", and has never denied his earlier position. But "Marxist" will work if you lose the "onetime".
Van Jones was basically just like Jeremiah Wright, but younger and with more power.
"Surprising" that Obama would choose all these radicals as buddies, doncha think?

(Thanks. But if we ignored this story before, how can we link back to it as we do here? Fact: We have been writing about it. We're glad you found this one.)

I'm not angry at Right-Wing Republicans taking their orders from Glenn Beck. I'm not even angry at the people who write this blog or who comment on this blog (Andrew, you're going to be Glenn Beck one day, just you wait!).

No, I'm an Obama supporter angry at Obama. The Right-Wing says and does what it wants, no matter how reckless, feckless or dangerous, and liberals walk away with their tail between their legs.

Our discourse is being run by lower-body orifices.

Throwing Jones under the Obama bus was a no-brainer. The lies coming from Jones about his Truther connections were easily refuted, and Trutherism is a line the White House will not cross...yet.

Saturday evening is odd timing, though.

"“That’s exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and it’s exactly what the Soviet Union did,” Broun’s statement continued. “When he’s proposing to have a national security force that’s answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he’s showing me signs of being Marxist.”

That would be Republican Representative Paul Broun. He is comparing Obama to Hitler for having a national security force, something Obama has never, ever proposed.

Okay, who's calling for Broun to resign?

What kind of president hires a guy who signs a petition to "investigate" his own government as a suspect in the 911 attacks? End of story. A story that never should have had a beginning. What an utterly despicable episode.

" pains me ever day to see the advances of my lifetime backsliding to advance the political agenda of bigoted black politicians."

Posted by: Danny Rutherford | September 06, 2009 at 12:15 AM

Thank you Danny for expressing something which has saddened me for years but which I've never been able to express in just the right words. Although I believe there are whites as well as blacks who have promoted racial division to advance their political agendas and/or to make money. All of them are despicable. And although it's sad, I believe ultimately they will fail. The advances you and I know have happened will not be undone. You, your children, me, my children, will not let it happen.

It appears that freedom of speech is only for the right wingers. With the track record of the Bush Administration of lies to the American people about Iraq and with their republiklan ideology to deceit to get their agenda implemented, there is a possibility that 9/11 attack was allowed as an excuse to eventually attack Iraq. Americans have a right to question their government, otherwise it wouldn't be America.

Who's next? Why not Valarie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to Obama. Connect the dots and you discover this administration is nothing but a socialist regime based out of Chicago. Where is the media??????

"Van Jones, we were so delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House. We've been watching him really for, he's not that old, for as long as he's been active out of Oakland and all of the ways that he has, the creative ideas that he has. So now we have captured that."

Connecting dots...
Jarrett’s father-in-law Vernon Jarrett worked closely with Frank Marshall Davis, Communist Party activist in Chicago, in the 1940s.

Frank Marshall Davis, Communist, goes to Hawaii, hooks up with Obama's mother and mentors B Obama.

Obama moves to Chicago, Vernon Jarrett uses newspaper columns to promote Obama’s political career.

Valerie Jarrett hires Michelle Obama, becomes friends with Barack and ends up advising him in the White House.

Valerie Jarrett is overjoyed at bringing leftist Van Jones into the White House to keep leftist Barack company.

You left out the most significant revelation about this guy.

And that is when he stated that the entire Green Jobs thing is a scam. It's a ploy. They seek to use environmentalism to destroy American capitalism and replace it with Communism. He's on video saying this.

It's similar to Obama's plan, the so-called Cloward Piven Strategy of Manufactured Crisis. (Google for that, and look for an article of the same name at American Thinker)

Jones also referred to "the Right" as bigots and fascists. He villified "white" people on many occasions. Jones repeatedly separated "whites" from every other group of colored persons, always citing ppl of color as having the right values...He segregated people in what he himself undoubtedly sees as a noble effort.

Note: see RBO for a complete Van Jones reader -

I am so sick of this divisive presidency. America was much further in moving toward positive race relations before Obama ever entered the scene with his cast of angry characters. Now I am angry at him for setting us back!



It's amazing there are so many people out there who've never done or said anything stupid in their lives. Anyone so pure is probably an uptight [lower body part euphemism].

Too bad. The man is tossed out for telling the truth. Republicans, and we all know it, are just what he says they are.

It's actually Beck's revenge, because of the huge loss of advertisers that has caused the real madman here. Doesn't matter that Jones only founded the organization, and did not have anything to do with the boycott campaign. I despair for this country when a carnival clown like Beck can gather anything more than a curious mob on the streetcorner to watch his psychological breakdown.

The only good republican is a convicted felon...

I have never once watched FOX news. But, I have noticed lately through neighbors, friends, and family that there is an increasing movement for more to watch it, albeit just for the reason of "getting both sides" of the story, in an effort to sort things out. I must admit that my cake has sort of been topped, and I am becoming more interested in wading into acquiring information about extremists, because it is becoming increasingly clear that there are reasons to attempt to understand both sides.

I've always forced myself to be somewhere in the middle, and that's always been quite comfortable, sensible, logical, etc. for me. It has worked in progressing myself, my family, my community. But, the Professor Gates incident left a really bad taste in my mouth, for our President, and it has been compounded by Van Jones, who clearly to me, should have never been put in the position of Czar of anything. I'm hoping this will all pan out to be nothing of substance, but it seems the mistakes are taking their toll on the position I had believed our country was in, a post-racial society.

I'm hoping Obama, who I supported, will take the responsibility for cleaning up his house, and his personal biases, and focus on the job of serving our great country, and all of her taxpaying citizens. I'm not saying that prejudices do not exist. They do. But, they are the vast minority, on all sides. I don't believe that their numbers are substantial, and I haven't believed that they are worth noting in todays America.

And I do believe that the majority of Americans have no tolerance for racial discrimination, in any form today. We've come too far to go backwards, and it was a heart-wrenching endless struggle to get to where I thought we were today. It could not have all been in vain. There's too many who gave everything to get here. Going backwards is not an option. And I'm hoping our President can take the "blind to any color" stance that he undoubtedly should have been taking from the beginning. We are all individuals today, to be judged on an individual basis. To do otherwise, is to take great strides in the wrong direction.

Van Jones is an extremist. He never had any place in the hierarchy of our government.

Folks, the resignation of Van Jones is not a total victory. The same kind of mentality that he represents continues to dominate the environment of our president. Like a snake in the grass, Van will slither into the inner recesses of the administration -- beyond public perception -- as he continues to corrupt traditional American values.

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