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Joe Biden update: A day of listening, speaking, posing

September 22, 2009 |  1:10 am

Democrat vice president joe Biden either getting on or off Air Force Two somewhere

After an entire weekend off and a fundraiser in Delaware on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden faces a daunting day today.

In the morning while the president speaks at the United Nations and hosts meetings with several foreign leaders, Biden will sit through an entire briefing. Then he will meet with "senior staff." Not the junior bozos, mind you, just the senior ones. Those get-togethers are, just like dangerous Dick Cheney's, closed to the media.

At lunchtime Biden will travel all the way from Washington to Maryland where he's finally being allowed to join the months-long administration healthcare reform efforts with his maiden speech on the boss' latest expensive pet project. Biden will speak to the National Assn. of Insurance Commissioners.

The vice president's afternoon will be devoted to posing for photos with members of Congress.

Understandably, that event is strictly closed to any media coverage due to concerns of one kind or another, perhaps having something to do with several hundred taxpayer-funded elected representatives devoting so much time to posing for pictures with each other instead of doing what they were elected to do. You can imagine how many shots they need to take just to obtain one good one with all 536 people smiling, both eyes open and no one making a silly gesture like rabbit ears behind Nancy Pelosi's head.

Here's how the White House described the VP's afternoon:

In the afternoon, the Vice President will be at the United States Capitol to participate in the official photo for the 111th Congress. This event is closed to the press.

Btw, ABC's Karen Travers reports, at the Monday fundraiser Biden announced that if Republicans re-take 35 normally GOP House seats next year, it would mark a political "doomsday" for the administration and its ambitious agenda. If Republicans win 40 more districts in November 2010, the party would regain control of the House and Pelosi would lose her gavel.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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