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Tom Daschle invokes Ted Kennedy in road map to healthcare reform

As President Obama prepares to address Congress and the nation on healthcare, Tom Daschle, his mentor and first choice for health czar, weighs in with what could be a road map to the Obama game plan.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Daschle invokes Ted Kennedy’s fighting spirit and tells Democrats they should not be afraid to act even if they cannot get a bipartisan plan.

“Should Republican intransigence continue, Democrats cannot simply stop,” Daschle writes, adding later: “The choice between complete legislative failure and majority rule should not pose a dilemma for any Democratic senator.”

Daschle was supposed to lead the Obama healthcare reform effort until an income tax problem derailed his nomination to become head of the Department of Health and Human Services. Still, even as a lobbyist, he remains close to Obama and recently met with the president to discuss healthcare reform.

His article gives the outline of what Obama could say next week when he speaks to Congress and more importantly to a country that polls show is increasingly worried about healthcare reform options. The former Senate majority leader argues that healthcare reform is financially necessary; Democrats (and Obama) need a political victory and should not fear using Senate reconciliation to get it.

But Daschle seems to imply that a less robust version of the public option would be acceptable, a position that will likely make liberals uncomfortable. Daschle mentions creating healthcare exchanges, a plan Obama has cited among other alternatives. Here's a checklist of Obama’s positions.

Stay tuned.

-- Michael Muskal

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Yes, I hope the Democrats go it alone to move forward with healthcare reform for the sole reason of ensuring that Votes in the USA will kick the Democrats out of office come the next Congressional elections. While Americans have short memories I am very confident that Votes will not forget or forgive Democrats for once again attacking the Middle Class by placing more financial burdens on them with the adoption of a radical health care reform measuure. Democrats seem to enjoy giving Middle Class taxpayers money away for all sorts of social programs, to banks, to Wall Street businesses and spending billions and billions of dollars on Wars, giving taxpayers money for a Cash for Clunckers Program and borrowing billions of dollars from China. The bottom line results of all these programs is to send the USA further into the poor house, by placing unealistic financial burdens on the Middle Class. Along with this wild spending spree by the Democrats is the continued practice by Wall Street Businesses with support of the Democratic Party of sending American jobs overseas. The only reasonable solution is to Vote the SOB's out of office.


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