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Liberal frog tricks conservative Glenn Beck

This is a weird story having to do with much-beloved conservative commentator Glenn Beck pulling a stunt on his Fox News TV show that may or may not have resulted in the death of a frog. No, not them. The amphibian.

He was apparently trying to make an obtuse point about much-beloved President Barack Obama fooling the American people with his ultra-liberal agenda, without which folks like Beck and his viewers and Keith Olbermann and his would have little to fulminate about while elevating the level of political debate.

Not sure we fully understand Beck's possibly staged stunt. Our blogging colleague has the full story over here at L.A. Unleashed.

But, first, watch this video as background.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Glen please use a live lobster next time!

How can anybody take Glenn Beck seriously?...once a addict....always addict...his mind is so wasted he does not make sense. He is a entertainer trying to appeal to the radical right wing. He is more dangerous than the Taliban. Some idiots actually believe in the hate he puts out on the airwaves. Fox News is not news but a place where you can blame every event that happened in the last 9 years on Obama, like Bush never existed.

The racist socialist is trying to destroy America, and you think I care about a FROG? I would gladly kill buckets of frogs if it would bring about the total and absolute failure of your Obamasiah.


I would boil a box of kittens if it would stop the racist socialist from destroying this nation.


Glen, please put your own head in the boiling water next time. That will make better sense and be more appreciated. Thank you

"Froggies and the boiling water": This is just another FACT that GB gets wrong...

Glenn Beck isn't fit to untie Keith Olbermann's shoes. How you can even lump them into the same category is beyond me. Olbermann deals in FACTS. All Beck does is act like an idiot and play with fake frogs.

Keith Olbermann deals in facts? Wow. It's frightening that people are so indoctrinated . . . shocking really. Olbermann is a hate monger. Something Beck is often accused of being . . . by those who don't watch his show. If all you know about Beck comes from MSNBC. If you get your news only from MSNBC, the major networks, HuffPo and the LA Times, then I pity you for going along willingly. Maybe you should try being less dogmatic. It was a trick that Beck performed - yes, he even said frogs don't jump from a boiling pot on the show - no, he did not throw in a live frog (though 'frogger' conspiracy theorists continue to believe). The trick was on liberal bloggers and those who blindly oppose him by watching poorly cut youtube videos that manipulate you. It was to show the utter nonsense they chase after to disparage him. He just released a book, Arguing with Idiots, and he wanted to demonstrate that there were a lot of them out there. Watch the interview with Couric . . . he owned her. She seemed to seethe with disdain for him . . . she doggedly tried to push him to create more false controversy. Typical of the oh so tolerant left . . . attack those you disagree with. Silence the free speech of those you disagree with. The hypocrisy of tolerance and free speech values they espouse is laughable. And the liberal bloggers are the worst . . . like little children. Some of us are ready to move past all of this and deal with the real issues .. . you know, growing government, 100 billion in new interest on our debt every 5 weeks, a boondoggle in Afghanistan . . . I mean really, you care about Beck getting one over on you and act like . . . er, uh, no, uh, it was a real frog. I mean really, even PETA came out with a note saying he was innocent. It shows how out of touch with the average citizen some folks are. Don't continue to embarrass yourselves, you have already lost virtually all of your credibility.

Glenn Beck you are so clever. I love your hour of news and truths. FOX NEWS TV IS THE BEST.

Why is anyone seriously upset over this? If you would watch the full clip, it is revealed that the frog is in fact fake. I think there's worse things to worry about then a newsperson supposedly killing a frog.


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