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Sarah Palin 'goes dark' on Twitter


She hasn’t tweeted all week. Has Sarah Palin "gone dark?"

That’s the word from AL-ASK-AH, where the self-retired former governor has left the hearts of Twitter fans all aflutter. Since she quit on Sunday, bowing out 18 months before her term ended, the ex-governor, ex-mayor of Wasilla and ex-vice presidential candidate has also exited the microblogging service without so much as a, well, tweet.

And her Facebook fans are logging such plaintive queries as: "Is there any way you could somehow let us know you’re reading this? Maybe a little tweet sometime when you get your Twitter up again."

In her final months as governor, Palin was all over Twitter, tweeting about state business and other subjects, the Associated Press in Anchorage noted, "including domestic energy development, the death of Alaska-based soldiers and dismissals of ethics complaints against her. Nearing her gubernatorial departure, she indicated she would use a personal account on Twitter to continue to stay in touch and more freely speak her mind." "10 dys til less politically correct twitters fly frm my fingertps outside State site," the then-governor tweeted July 17.

Palin attorney Thomas Van Flein promises that Palin will return to Twitter. And some fans think she deserves a 140-character rest. "Sarah can’t even go 4 days without tweeting?" commented one Facebook supporter. "I think she’s smart to go ’dark’ for a while."

-- Mark Silva

Image: screenshot from Sarah Palin's Twitter account (AKGovSarahPalin)

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Slow news day?

I don't know what's sadder: that Mrs. Palin cannot go with Tweeting for 4 days....or that people actually miss her pronouncements when she does not.

I'll bet that's putting the media and libs on the edge.....their probably losing sleep at night.

The longer she is away the better off we ALL are.
Please Sarah, go far, far, far, far, far, far, far away.
And STAY away!

She's BRAIN DEAD anyway, looking for the stupid Party Faithful to send her $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. And, they'll do it, because their stupid!

Who cares what she thinks

Palin is currently negotiating with William Shatner for a cut of the profits from his recent Conan O'Brian show appearances. As soon as that deal is done, she will resume her tweets. Or so I assume. has a story that she and Todd are divorcing, that is the real reason for her resigning. Personally I tink it would be a terrible thing for Democrats and Independents if she truly did leave the public eye, because every time she opens her mouth is an indictment on the GOP.

Oh she can go dark permanently. Please go away Palin. You really don't know how many people despise you. You bring out the worst in people.

Sarah Who?

I listened to her last speech. Weird. Hard to believe she's a public figure. I can only think: dumb as dirt.

dee says "no tweets are driving the media/libs [ie, anyone who's not a neocon] nuts" - wow - get a grip - most people are happy not to hear from Sarah - her groupies would be the ones on edge. Sarah is out of the picture now. I hope she gets some rest. There will be few asking for campaign help because her credibility is gone - she only appeals to Rove's Base. Eventually (if not already) she'll be offended by Republicans because none (only 2 or 3) have indicated any desire for her to help campaign. She alienated most "lame ducks" by implying they sluff off and waste taxpayer money during their last term. What a piece of work. And such as these ("supporters") think someone is afraid of her - I'd be more afraid of Forrest Gump. Sarah went down in flames and much was her own doing - a man (or woman) has to know their limitations - cheerleading a bunch of lunatics by slinging mud doesn't work anymore - she never has a rational solution for anything.


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