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Limbaugh compares Obama's new healthcare logo to Nazi swastika


Godwin’s Law states that the longer a debate goes on, the probability of a comparison to Nazis or Hitler rises.  It seems the debate over healthcare is no exception.

Over the last few days, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) has repeatedly accused people at a recent protest against President Obama's healthcare reform of wearing swastikas and SS symbols -- a claim that was later bolstered by a series of photographs

"I think they’re AstroTurf, you be the judge," said Pelosi. "They’re carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare."

Perennial Obama critic and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh was quick to respond to the accusations, arguing today on his radio show that it was in fact the Democrats who were using Nazi symbolism to advance their agenda.  He cited a post on the conservative blog Sweetness & Light that compares Obama's new healthcare logo -- a combination of his campaign logo and the ancient Greek symbol of medicine -- to the Nazi swastika symbol.

“They accuse of us being Nazis, and Obama's got a healthcare logo that's right out of Adolf Hitler's playbook,” said Limbaugh.

Limbaugh then proceeded to describe the ways Democrats are like Nazis -- a list that included their dedication to animal rights and their opposition to smoking and pollution.

Well, the Nazis were against big business -- they hated big business. And of course we all know that they were opposed to Jewish capitalism. They were insanely, irrationally against pollution. They were for two years mandatory voluntary service to Germany. They had a whole bunch of make-work projects to keep people working, one of which was the Autobahn. They were against cruelty and vivisection of animals, but in the radical sense of devaluing human life, they banned smoking. They were totally against that. They were for abortion and euthanasia of the undesirables, as we all know, and they were for cradle-to-grave nationalized healthcare.

What do you think? Is Obama's new healthcare logo really a symbolic reference to Nazism?

--Brendan Bigelow

Photo: The Nazi swastika, left, as it appeared at the Mauthausen death camp (credit: Simon Wiesenthal Center) compared to Obama's new healthcare logo, right.

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Democrats or I should rephrase socialist democrats are far more like Hitler then any American protesting Socialized health care...the symbols are very similar in many ways and with Obama enlisting a "" website to turn in our neighbors and fellow americans is HORRIBLE AND UN AMERICAN....SHAME SHAME SHAME on my democratic party for supporting this. If we don't stand up Obama is going to ruin our great democratic party...

Yes, it's horrific that Obama is asking citizens to turn in people who speak out against him. I don't think I need to remind anyone what this says about the messiah's presidency and what our country is in for.

I migrated to US from a communist country, and I am very sensitive to use of logos..and I actually have been surprised to see Obama's admin has a Logo person on hand at all times. They are very quick to product them, so in that sense, they remind me of back home... I don't know about Hitlar although he was found of his logo a lot!


Just from an artistic standpoint you either have to be Rush or just another person high on cocaine at the time to see a resemblance. Last time I checked it was nut job religious republicans that banned marijuana stating lies that it causes people to become violent and rape. Hell before that they tried to ban alcohol... yeah that went well; it lead to the greatest crime spree ever to hit America. It seems like these idiots who call themselves republicans really need to stop with the BSing and start doing some factual research on things. Using hate symbols, propaganda, and scare tactics can only work so long, until the people realize they been lied to. Once that happens I take our founder Thomas Jefferson's approach. Revolt! Revolt to ensure the liberties and freedoms for all not just the insane and wealthy religious few.

Valerie, that has got to be the absolute worst attempt at pretending to be a Democrat that I have ever seen.

Mr. Malcolm:

The photo series you linked to hardly bolsters claims of swastika sporting protesters!

In the first photo the swastika is overlayed with a "no smoking" type red slash. It's impossible to see what the message on the letter-sized piece of paper in the second photo even says, and the really big, in your face swastikas in the third photo were being carried by anti-Bush protesters.

This is hardly the stuff of white supremacists and right wing nazi wannabes that Pelosi was clearly trying to evoke.

That's about as convincing as saying the Rush looks like the Michelin man.

Mr. Bigelow, the angle of your piece is completely off. It shouldn’t be focused on Rush Limbaugh’s statement, but rather on Nancy Pelosi’s irresponsible and hypocritical statements. First, the Washington Times piece you link to as a “smoking gun” provides not a “series” of photos, but two. One of those photos doesn’t even have a swastika, but the “SS” sign, which doesn’t even refer to Obama anyway.

Second, do you not realize that the very Wash Times piece you cite provides are links to no less than six photos comparing Bush, the U.S., or Israel to Nazis, complete with swastikas and other relevant symbols? These posters are shown by left-wing protesters right in Pelosi’s home district of San Francisco. Dozens more can be found at watchdog sites like, many of which were shown in SF. Has Pelosi ever denounced these displays? Don’t know. You didn’t tell us.

Furthermore, Democrats’ claims that protestors are “Astroturf” is a lie (, yet curiously all of the aforementioned left-wing protests are peppered with the professionally printed signs of ANSWER, Code Pink, and other organizations.

Finally, you’d benefit from educating yourself a little before mocking Rush Limbaugh’s statements about the Nazis, which are all correct and historically accurate.
The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary

I don't like the fact that it incorporates the OBAMA symbol and not an USA symbol...

Republicans, I am really getting tired of all your hateful garbage! Get over yourselves, please! Your disruptions of town hall meetings are pathetic. You are acting like children. If you don't like Obama's health care plan, then come up with your own. That would be a lot more productive than what you are doing. Stop listening to that idiot Glenn Beck & actually do something to help this country. Beck needs to be in a padded cell, anyway. He needs mental help.

this whold healthcare thing amazes me. there are 5 bills floating around, obama hasn't read any of them, he's telling us what we need when he doesn't even know what's in the bills. the democrats want to just pass something, and worry about the details later. Obama wanted to get this thing passed before the recess. thanks to the blue dogs he didn't. now he's seeing how the american people feel about his plan. His backers are getting drilled in the town hall meetings and they deserve it. bad press for the administration but a blessing for the american people.

The fact is, the longer we debate this left/right paradym, the longer those who really pull the strings, can get away with the demolition of the constitution. Let's question everything. There is no denying that something is awry ~ neither party is doing their job. And both parties are full of corruptness, inefficient, wasteful, and rich. There are satanic and Nazi symbolism all over America and especially when talking about the government. WAKE UP AMERICA! Turn off the TV, watch what your reps are voting for, make them accountable, uphold and defend the constitution, no matter what. DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP! Find out what's really going on ~ !

thats just like republicans all they know is scare tacticsfron the treaded color terrorist level to you going to lose everything,the ex dope head head Rush is good to lead the republicans he will never lose his health care making over 30 million a year

LMAO ... The fascist calls the liberal a Nazi. What's the matter Rush? You behind on Zionist favours?

I think the Far right are acting like fools at these Town Hall meetings. It's alright to disagree, but to act uncivil is inexcusable. One Senator has already had death threats and one senator was hung in effigy ( I hope I spelled that right.)

I think people attending these events should act with a little of decorum.

Seriously?!? This is obviously a low-blow from Rush Limbaugh. He couldn't get more creative and compare the symbol to something besides Hitler? Maybe if Rush had a real job like most Americans and made "next-to-nothing" for a hard days work, he might not have so much free time to sit around and think about what he can use as meaningless Republican propoganda. I can see why health care reform is not high on the list of a wealthy radio personality. He probably has excellent coverage, but comparing health reform to Naziism is simply ridiculous! I hope America does not fall for this shameless propoganda!

The Cadeusus is NOT a symbol of the Nazi's. the only similarit is that both have a bird (eagle). Following this logic then the grat seal is also a symbolizm of the Nazis.

Have fun with that Rush!

I don't think it is about anything to do with Nazi simbolisim, but more to do about his own brand, kindda like Oprah everything has to have her "O" initial and now Obama has to put his "O", I think congress needs to intervine here and inforce the law and regulations regarding National Brands, shields and such.

Are you guys all morons?! The symbol on the website is called the Caduceus. It is a traditional Greek symbol long used in North American as a representation for the practice of medicine. If you open your eyes you will see it all around you in Hospitals, professional medical buildings and in the yellow pages. Wake up people and stop being led around like a bunch of sheep by racists like Limbaugh, Beck and the Fox News Crew.

No, not like a Nazi symbol, but it is certainly a bastardization of our beautiful American flag. Look at it; the red and white stripes of our flag laying horizontal, as if our flag is laying on the ground. It looks like Obama and his communist version of the yellow brick road. Walking along and all over our flag to arrrive at his socialist objectives. And it looks a lot like the old Pepsi logo. The designers have no clue at all about how to show respect for our flag, but maybe subliminaly they are showing the flag on the ground being walked on. Way to go Obastard!

No way. Rush's previous drug addiction permanently altered his state of perception.

Don't forget, American people, Obama's plan is for a SINGLE-PAYER system, not for socialized medicine! 2 years ago I moved from Wisconsin to Ontario. I sincerely applaud the single-payer system in Ontario. Nobody is denied coverage. I get to choose my doctor from all -- this wasn't the case with my HMO in the Wisconsin! Obama is right to put a cap on the outright lies being spread by ignorant and shallow "journalists".

The Martist Party (oh, I forgot, the Democrat party) has NO ONE to blame about the state of the ecomony but yourselves. You know Czar Barak I was a Marxtist and you voted for him anyway! Do I believe Obama is as dangerous at Hitler- YES!!!

I am a seasoned graphic designer and I can definitly see the similarities between the 2 examples.

What I don’t like nor appreciate is that the Presidential “in-house” artist uses the same graphics used in the Obama campaign and Obama-EVERYTHING!

Let’s see a little originality–focused on the entire country, not just Obama, for gosh sakes!

If anyone thinks that logo is NAZI inspired, they are directly insulting SEVERAL branches of the US military, one being the MARINES for one. Also, the symbol in his healthcare logo is AGES old. It's been around since WAY before Hitler.

Shame on Limbaugh and anyone who believes him. The reporter shouldn't even ASK. Where the HELL was your research? I'm 27 and I've known the origins of that symbol since before I was a teen.

And lastly, calling each other "nazis" is vile and disgusting rhetoric. Those people at those townhall meetings are PAID to be there. They could care less.

And if you hate "socialized" medicine so much, give me back my money for paying for your old, decrepit behind.

I looked up that It only requested that people forward emails and other [dis]information about "Obama's" healthcare reform to the address so that they could answer and/or repudiate it. There was nothing there that even remotely suggested "turning in your neighbors." That's silly.

The eagle that Limbaugh is so worked up over... It's the caduceus. The freaking medical symbol. What an inflammatory d-bag.

Wow. Perhaps I'm too intelligent to buy into propaganda but...did anyone actually LISTEN to this? We just finished up eight years of oppressive, nazi-like leadership. Comparing logos? How about you compare INVASION SCHEDULES. Bush was most fascist president we've ever had. Period. Obama's yet to invade an innocent country (as Bush invaded two THAT WE KNOW OF.), and as far as I'm concerned Obama is doing one hell of a job with the joke of a country Bush left him.

If you believe Rush, I don't want to be considered part of the same citizenry as you. Honestly.

America needs to wake up. Our government can act freely regardless of our RIGHT TO ABOLISH IT. They've now made two natural plants illegal (Cannabis and Salvia), I guess they can do whatever the hell they want.

I wonder what God has to say about one person restricting plant-life from another person. Maybe America will wake up when trees are illegal. Probably not.

What the Obama-compliant news media doesn't want to talk about, is how Rush was reacting to Pelosi's charge that people speaking out against Obamacare were using swastikas (which is an outright lie, there is zero evidence of that Nanci just made it up). Ergo, Rush was saying that the Obamacare emblem is closer to a Nazi symbol than anything conservatives are displaying. I streamed the show that day, I heard the context. And candidly, if anyone knows history, they'll understand that fascism is actually a LEFT WING construct...conservatives are for less government, whereas fascists want more control.

By all measures the 1920's Germans were nice folks. They didn't stop Hitler. We are not stopping the ReTHUGlicans.

I am fed up with you left wing liars. You were the guardians of democracy and you have failed us, which is why most of you are going out of business. Are you people afraid of Obama? Those pictures you linked proved to most people that you can't tell the truth and can't be trusted. You the press, failed us, and now we are all paying for it.

I don't think the symbol itself looks like a nazi symbol. It's just the medical symbol. What does remind me of the nazi's is the use of the same symbol over and over again. The swastika was the symbol hitler, not germany, used for himself much like what Obama is doing with his symbol. At this point I'm just aware of it, not really worried about it. If starts using it on flags behind him then I'll worry.
As far as the town hall meetings, it's foolish to believe all those people were PAID to be there. If you go on, you will see that only 12% of the people that have viewed it, support the bill (as of 8/7/09).
And if you research the facts (don't take my word) and watch the video of the AIG protest, it was all ACORN workers that were actually paid to be there. Both sides do it to a point so it's really a mute point to bring up in the first place.

The democrats have an organized web campaign of disinformation and that's A-OK.

However, write something bad about Obama's health care plan and get a bunch of lefty brownshirts reporting you to

The D-bag above, Chris Hatcher, clearly thinks it is OK for the government to ask for people to turn in folks who are supposedly spreading disinformation.

Funny how that's what happens in North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and other totalitarian systems where anything against what their leader says is deemd "disinformation".

If Bush had people report folks at for spreading lies about the war in Iraq, Jack "Our Soldiers are Cold Blooded Murders" Murtha would have been busted and a bunch of liberals would have whined like they've never whined before... but at least they would have been right if Bush had done something like that.... but it isn't Bush doing it, Chris. It is Obama.

Criticism will be dealt by what Obama learned in "Rules for radicals". And by that, figure out what "In war the end justifies almost any means" and that war is Obama against anyone who opposes him.

He has lied and continues to lie about his health care plan. The guy is a piece of garbage.

Is Limbaugh really so stupid that he doesn't recognize the caduceus? Never mind. I answered my own question.

I saddens me that such an important issue to all Americans is trivialized and marginalized by such inane smoke screens. Who cares about graphic arts? I'm concerned about the huge cost of protecting my family and the undue influence of insurance companies on what should be medical decisions arrived at by thoughtful discussion between physician and patient.

Let's bring the discussion back to the key issues of the debate -- meaningful and substantive reform that is affordable and accessible.

I LOVE these over the top ravings by the drug addled "Rush", obviously back on the the Oxycontin (with a vengeance) and hallucinating again! Good news for him: he already destroyed both eardrums with his drug abuse, so he has nothing to lose on this round. The bad news for him?: With each of his wild assertions that Obama is a Nazi, his slavish "Ditto-head Mind-numbed robot" followers with their inherent Nazi and Fascist tendencies will get turned on to their new champion--they will begin to adore our new President--Barack Obama. LOL!

So... what, anything with wings on it is a Nazi symbol now?

Feel however you want about Obama and healthcare reform, but this is just... stupid.
I don't use that word often, but c'mon. I don't believe anyone-- including Rush Limbaugh-- actually thinks the healthcare logo looks anything like a Nazi symbol, and I can't believe ANYONE is defending or repeating this.

It's a caduceus. It's a medical symbol. You know that.

Why do people want to fill the air with noise?

Oh, and, JMHanes and EricTheRed:
I'm hardly a fan of Nancy Pelosi, but she never said-- or implied, or evoked-- that the protestors were Nazi sympathizers. She very clearly said they were carrying (not wearing) Nazi symbols (plural).

The quote is right at the top of the page.
English, people. Do you read it?

Or are you just deliberately misunderstanding her so you can hate her some more?
Guess what, there are much better reasons that this made-up flap.

Democrats/liberals/lemmings/socialists or whatever you call yourselves today, please take a moment to actually look at a few facts: yours is the party/group that uses organized/paid for rallies, yours is the group that lives and breathes influence through community organizers, yours is the party that turns the other way when there is voter intimidation at polling booths, your team calls out union thugs to "counter" free speech at rallies... in the words of Larry the cable guy, "I can do this all day!"

Most of America is sane and reasonable, often asleep at the switch, but sane and reasonable nonetheless. They are waking up and don't like what they see: federal government (the gang who couldn't shoot straight) taking over their healthcare and lying about it at every turn. I agree lying is not unique to Democrats, you just do it better than the other guys. You love to talk about free speech when it involves porn or your point of view. You act like a bunch of little girls when others speak up and ask you difficult questions, which you never seem to have answers for. You demonize those who dare to ask. You present yourselves as the bold and beautiful, yet in practice you look like scared sissies and spoiled brats.
You say you're for open dialogue, but you cry foul if anyone asks a question that you don't like. You whine like 6-year olds when you don't get your way.

And your president puts himself above America and you don't see it. Why would he have an Obama healthcare logo? Why not an American healthcare logo? Why have a logo in the first place? Perhaps because HIS ego needs it. Perhaps yours does as well.

Not that anyone cares, but the Caduceus is not a medical symbol. It's a symbol of money-crazy Hermes the messenger. The Obama people have confused the Caduceus (2 snake helix with wings) with the staff of Asclepius (one snake, no wings), which is the real symbol of medicine. Check out the AMA website, or the one for the Osteopaths or the Veterinarians. They all use the staff of Asclepius, as they should. Asclepius was the god of healing. The confusion between the Caduceus and the Staff of Asclepius is common.

Fasicism was supposed to be where corporations ran the government. That was why Hitler received so much support from Jewish bankers and industrialists. Later, he roasted them. Obama's take is that government should run the corporations. A reverse Fascist, or Hope and Changer.

Let me start off with saying I am ExMilitary. I served In the Army as does My Brother and My Brother inlaw Was In the Marines. First thing I Strongly Oppose in this Healthcare Bill the The fact they are Requireing Everyone to Get it Or pay a Fine. I want to Ask Since when Did Myself and Other Military Members of my Family Ever Agree top support A Country that is taking away Or Freedom to Choose for Ourselves if we want it Or not , I thought I lived in a free Country. Not a DictatorShip. Yes I can See how Some can Compare This Healthcare Bill They want to Cram down Our throats to Dictators Of the Past and Maybe the Present. I already Emailed The senator Of my State and asked Since when Did I Live in The Old USSR , China , Or Cuba. I had Totally forgot about Old East Germany. I Do Not Want Or Need this Heathcare as I Would Trust a Native american Medicine Man Anyday, My Trust In these So Called College Doctors is Zero. Do not want them Nor Need them. Do Why Should I Pay for Something I will Never Use Or Have to pay Some Fine . All I have I have Left to say Is wake Up People , Your Losing your Rights and freedoms To chose. If It Looks like a dictator, Acts Like a Dictator, And Sounds Like a dictator , and Smells of a dictator,, Gee Common sense ( Which Seems Not so Common anymore) Says It must Be a Dictator.

At least the debate about Obama's Nazi logo raises serious concerns of where he is taking our country. Taking over health care is just one more step to becoming another Cuba. Obama has already seized majority control over the banks and the auto industry. What's next?: Obama, just like Germany in the 1930's, will try to take away freedom of speech with his upcoming "Fairness Act." Getting rid of the opposition is what every dictator must do to conquer. Obama will be going after our guns. And just wait for his 2 million soldier civilian army, disguised as friendly peace officers, to hit the streets, to make sure nobody can appose the 'chosen one'. COMMING SOON TO A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU. Write to your congressman, show up at town hall meetings, and most of all, vote him out of power next year--BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

I agree with JoPro. Why is the symbol incorporating OBAMA's signature "believe" campaign logo?!?
Hitler incorporated the swastika into everything after he got in power...strange coincidence?

Arn't you Yanks forgettign what the real issue is here? Private Healthcare companies worried because they are worried they will lose their business?
What Obama is trying to do is get you chaps a healtcare system where everyone has a chance for decent healthcare like we have here in the UK.
I think it's disgusting that the healtcare companies are actually funding anti Obama demonstrations.

Grow up.

tlsmith1963 and the rest of you liberals - Wake up - You got the "Change You Can Believe In" I am glad to see some people are waking up. I was on to Obama from the beginning. I new he was a socialist - he just called it by another name.

We are angry and fed up with the lying, spending and rushing through bills that our elected officials don't even take the time to read. Why the rush? Why not take time to read it and do it right? This so called stimulus bill - hurry hurry or the economy will collapse - and most of the money hasn't been spent. Oh it was such an emergency. Well unemployment is over 9%. The reason for the rush is because they do not want people to have more time to get to know about what they are trying to force on us.

How many of you liberals have even read the health care bill? or are you just listening to the Obama media MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS? And if you argue that they are not in his back pocket - did you see the clip when he is thanking them all for voting for him?

It kills me that you people talk about Nazi symbols now - where were you when they were used on signs for Bush? Again - double standards. You are all saying that Republicans should stop the protesting and hatefulness - again double standard. What of the 8 years of hate and disrespect for our last president (and I am not saying I agree with all of his policy)

Shame on all of you liberals for not seeing Nancy Pelosi and Obama the wonderful for what they are. More and more people are waking up - not just Republicans and I think it is about time we start letting our elected officials - who are supposed to be working for us - that we have had enough of this government take over of every aspect of our lives and start working for "We the People".

A last note - all of you liberals who think that Obama will not tax the middle class are in a pipe dream. Every last American who actually work for a living will be taxed to pay for this Health disaster bill.

Mr. Limbaugh has a long record of pimping for corporate America while disguised as a "conservative". You need to really look at who advertises on his daily diatribe to see who calls the shots. The corporate state is fascist ideoligy; Hitler admired the fascist state. Under fascism the governemt, corporate interests and to a lesser extent unions act in tandem to support the corporate state which in some ways is socialist but respects private property.

Now, you add an overweight drug adict (Rush does resemble Herman Goering) who is overpaid and in a former life a failed disc jockey.

His ditto heads do not take the time to realize that the very corporations that have been screwing them for years sponsor the Rush Show.

It is long overdue for Congess to reconsider the fairness doctrine in broadcasting.

Open the VA hospitals for indigent care or or for all people. see who goes there for help twice. The structure doctors nurses are all developed and in place. In fact make congress and all government use the VA.

The healthcare logo is similar to the Disabled Veterans symbol...even the red stripes of our flag as it waves. It does not lay on the ground. I proudly wore my Army Nurse Caduceus for 4 years including 2 years in Vietnam
Now thousands of our Veterans receive help thru the Disabled Veteran organization. Please check out their logo and send them a donation..I worked 19 years in Germany for the American Military School system. I stayed 19 years because I found that the German people I lived with treated me, an African American, as a family member. When I returned from duty in Vietnam in 1967, I could not find a rental as a black Army Captain when I was assigned to Fort Ord California. I think it is a disservice to the German people who are our allies to bring up Nazism as a broad brush. My Mother died at the age of 34 because we had no insurance for her needed mitral valve surgery. Ten years after her death I was an Army Nurse serving with my Cadeuceus.

Except for brutal implementation of Nazi ideology, the only major difference between the Nazis and the "Liberals" (both brands of non-Marxian socialism) is that the Nazis openly advocated eugenics while the "Liberals" implement dysgenics without advertising it.

In other words:

Nazism = socialism + eugenics

"Liberalism" = socialism + dysgenics

Here is a link to a brief analysis of these facts:

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