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'Lightning Rod' Blagojevich launches website


Has Blago gone blogo? Disgraced former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich has launched a personal website touting his achievements and pitching for work.

Branding himself a "champion for ordinary people," as well as a "lightning Rod" on controversial issues, his site also says he is "the first former elected official still facing charges to be named host of his own radio show."

The site also highlights his TV appearances, public speaking engagements and a book deal for "The Governor," scheduled for release in early September. Blagojevich describes his forthcoming work as "a clarion cry, remarkably, against cynicism in modern governing."

Blago also asserts on the site's home page that he is innocent of all the criminal counts he faces, which include corruption and extortion and involve accusations that he tried to sell President Obama's former Senate seat.

Dig deeper into the hosting site and you discover a link to the website of his wife, Patti Blogojevich, which is centered around her appearance on NBC's "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here."

The former governor was barred from competing in the reality TV show set in Costa Rica by a federal judge, who labeled Blago a flight risk.

For fans of Blago's continual push for publicity, and his seemingly endless fascination with Elvis, there's always the former governor's latest YouTube rendition of The King's “Treat Me Nice.” Somehow we got the feeling it wouldn't be "Jailhouse Rock."

-- Craig Howie

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Nobody wants to see you or hear anything you have to say. Rot in jail you crook!

His name URL ( shows a timeline of his life, with focus on his deeds since his December 2008 arrest. It's mindblowing all the things that he has done (mostly self-promotional) since then. Check it out -


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