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Now president, Barry Obama still disputes one college grade

Democrat president Barack Obamas application photo for Occidental College 1979

Would you buy a healthcare reform plan from this kid?

Or change his college grade?

It's been 28 years now.

But President Obama, it has been learned, still disagrees with an Occidental College professor who gave him a B on a paper during his collegiate days in Eagle Rock.

According to our blogging buddies over at L.A. Now, Roger Boesche awarded the future ex-senator a B for his adequate writing efforts about European political thought.

The fellow then known as Barry Obama argued -- unsuccessfully -- with the professor back then, seeking elevation to an A.

Now that he's the 44th president, the man now known as Barack Obama brought it up again during a recent White House reunion with the professor and his family.

And the professor still hasn't amended his evaluation. The transparent White House also did not offer comment. More details here.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Occidental College (1979).

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Maybe his grade should have been a C, and his professor was just giving him a breaqk.

So you're saying that even in his college days the 44th President believed that his every thought and word was a pearl of wisdom that could not possibly be evaluated as anything other than perfect in form and scope?

That's hilarious, because Obama still hasn't released his transcript from Occidental, or any of his other academic institutions. Apparently he's keeping them with his birth certificate. For all we know, he never took the class.

Yeah, I just think that with health care reform and gang-run totalitarian government quickly approaching, we should all take a Jesus moment to read this story:

Since none of his education records have been released, nor has his original birth certificate, no one really knows whether BHO is a college graduate or not. No one really knows what it says on his birth certificate, I'm guessing that it refers to his muslim family connections even if he really was born in Hawaii.

We will never know Obama's college grades. He and wife Michelle, like their friend Gates were affirmative action students. Obama's continued everyday campaigning and lying and changing his story about things he said, helps prove he have no leadership and knows nothing about governing this country.

This is what you get from a child that got whatever he wanted and was fully supported by his loaded grandmother. No one ever told him he couldn't have something.

Being president and having people tell him NO must drive his pampered ass absolutely insane.


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