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Hey, Keith. Here's what pals say while you sleep

So the morning crew on the Obama administration's favorite cable channel was talking a while back about the same old Emanuel-Begala-Stephanopoulos-Carville talking points on Rush Limbaugh being the head of the Republican Party.

And even though it was early in Connecticut, Ari Fleischer, the former VOB (Voice of Bush), looked wide awake and still bald.

And he came right back at the MSNBC host with a simple question about her evening colleague, Keith Kountdown Olbermann, that caused Mika to quickly seek refuge in sipping her wake-up drink because she didn't actually have an answer ready to defend what's-his-name.

Check out the brief video below.

Also for the record, KO fans will want to read this latest ratings report from the ever-alert Noel Sheppard showing, among other developments, that CNN's Campbell Brown beat Olbermann last week (you read that right! CNN's CB KO's KO).

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Keith Olbermann is a flaming loon. MSDNC is losing ratings as we speak. What do they offer? The Mr. Dead Show at 6 PM, a Softball rerun at 7 PM, Keith the Loon at 8 PM, Rachel Maddog (whose sex change operation clearly did not take) at 9, and then the whole thing repeats...meanwhile, the entire lineup gets less viewers than ONE PROGRAM on Fox News. Heck, Glenn Beck just hit 3 million viewers PER DAY...which is, I believe, what MSDNC gets weekly.

It is no wonder the liberals are losing the arguments over health care. They have flaming loons defending the indefensible on tv, while the American people are listening to real news and opinion on Fox. Sorry, liberals - you suck.

Happened to catch Olbermann in a brief profile shot during some irrelevant rant of his. Woah, Nasty!

I wondered why they always seem to have a downward looking face shot for him. Now I know.

Dude get some plastic surgery for that double (triple?) chin.

Olbermann is a fierce defender of Secular, Liberal, Humanist values. Good on him. Fixed News and the wing-nut right spew so many lies and foster so much fear, that they begged to have an intelligent, truthful progessive like Olbermann appear on the scene.


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