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Joe Biden's weekend schedule: _____________

Democrat Vice president Joe Biden eityher getting on or off of Air Force Two The president will be out town-halling across the wild American West this weekend and all over summertime television.

Just so no one worries, though, about not seeing much of Joe Biden since his return from not being seen on vacation and not being seen during his national security briefing before returning unseen to Delaware, here's the vice president's official White House schedule for this weekend:

Vice President Biden will be in Wilmington, DE, on Saturday and Sunday. There are no public events scheduled.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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Photo: Getty Images (Biden before his recent disappearance)

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Joe Biden may have a lackadaisacal schedule, but at least he's not "inserting his foot in his mouth"! Always seems to occur when he opens up his mouth! Perhaps Obama has put invisible duct tape on his mouth! Obama can't risk any more snafus!


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