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Joe Biden update: An open morning, an afternoon briefing, and then, finally, home

Democrat vice president Joe Biden either getting on or off of Air Force Two

He's baaack!

And this time Vice President Joe Biden means business.

Many of you probably remember the man who was a Democratic senator from Delaware since way back, years before Elvis is said to have died in his Graceland bathroom.

Well, Sen. Barack Obama picked him as vice president (Biden, not Elvis). Graceland Elvis Presley's home during the early years of Joe Biden's Senate tenure

Then, suddenly earlier this summer, Biden just disappeared.

One day the No. 2 guy is holding private meetings with unknown persons just like dangerous Dick Cheney. Or, rather, meetings closed to the press.

And then the next day, poof! Gone. No gaffes to report. No Biden meetings at all, public or private. Not even a single swearing-in.

The White House cover story is that Biden and his wife were in the Carolinas, on a private vacation from the demands of the vice presidency.

Anyway, the White House announced Wednesday that Joe and Jill returned from somewhere last night, not to Washington but to their home in Wilmington, Del. As opposed to their free VP home in D.C., the observatory one with the secret bunker that Joe shouldn't talk about.

In fact, today Biden will spend all morning in Wilmington.

Then he'll travel down to Washington for a national security briefing.

Then he'll go back to Wilmington. The White House schedule says nothing about any other meetings in either place.

We'll have to wait until later today to find out Friday's plans.

(UPDATE to this update: 3:18 a.m. A sharp-eyed Ticket reader with a calendar points out that today is the 100th day since May 5, when Biden promised that the Recovery Act would create 600,000 new jobs in the next 100 days. So no doubt the VP will be detailing all those new employees very soon.)

--Andrew Malcolm

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Top photo credit: Getty Images

Bottom photo: Graceland, where Elvis Presley lived during the early years of Biden's long Senate tenure. Credit:

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They may as well have let him run free the last month. He couldn't have possibly made any more dumb statements than Obama has. I suspect he doesn't quite agree with Obamacare....perhaps he has personal knowledge of what the "Obama death squads" for a sick old man really mean.


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