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First Dog Bo sports a new leash. Of course he loves Obama (photos)


T-shirts featuring First Dog Bo Obama were all the rage when the First Family vacationed in Martha's Vineyard August 2009

They were all the rage at Martha’s Vineyard when President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama and their daughters, Malia and Sasha, vacationed there last week -- T-shirts with first dog Bo Obama’s image, like the one pictured here in an Oak Bluffs shop.

 So we suppose no one should have been surprised Sunday when Bo came off Marine One and bounded off the steps toward the White House sporting a new leash.

 Yep, it says “I Love Obama.”

First Dog Bo Obama with his new

The guy handling the dog in the photo is Sam Sutton,  a White House aide. But the puppy evidently knows who the boss is, hence the new leash. Actually, the leashes were first popularized during the 2008 campaign, so maybe Bo got his on sale.

First Dog Bo Obama with his new  

-- Johanna Neuman

Photos: Reuters

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Gag me!

Obama "me,me,me,me,me,me,me,me......" ad nauseum.

So cute!

people are hating on dogs now...Obama derangement syndrome in full swing

Not sure why it is nauseating...not any different than the "My Mom Rocks or I Love My Dad" t-shirts parents make their kids and babies wear.

He looks like a pup with end-less energy!

I think Bo Obama will make a great "First Dog". The little Obama girls deserve a great dog for all the support they gave their dad during his presidential run and win! Congratulations Malia and Sasha. A dog has a great calming effect on people under stress as our president is and what could be better than a loving wife, two great daughters and a DOG?


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