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Sotomayor hearings: 'Many Americans are left to wonder'

July 13, 2009 |  9:27 am

A new Supreme Court justice can take one of two paths, posited Republican John Cornyn of Texas (and, as you might imagine, he believes only one of those paths is correct).

Cornyn said that, in recent times, the court has “created new rights spun from whole cloth” and stuck its nose into places it doesn’t belong -- even “defining the rules of the game of golf.” (He cited the case.)

“First, the Supreme Court could try to get us back on course, demonstrate renewed respect and return us to constitutionally written law rather than judge-made laws,” Cornyn said. “Or the court could alternatively veer off course and follow its own star. … Which path would you take us on?”

He cited some of Sotomayor’s speeches as among the things that concern him. (Indeed, so far, most Republican senators are expressing worries about her words outside the courtroom, not her opinions.)

“In 2001, you argued that there is no objectivity, only a series of perspectives. In a 2006 speech, you said judges must change the law to meet the needs of an evolving society ….

“Judge Sotomayor, no one can accuse you of not being candid about your views. Yet many Americans are left to wonder what many of these statements mean and what you are trying to get at with these remarks. …

“These are some of my concerns, and I assure you, you will have every opportunity to address these.”

-- Robin Abcarian

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