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Obama's healthcare 'pocket cards' may be the silliest donation gifts ever

July 20, 2009 |  2:22 am


Normally when we receive e-mails from the Democratic National Committee promoting a new program or "alerting" us to an upcoming political event that had been on our calendars for months, we give a quick glance and then swiftly toss them into the digital trashcan.

But the one we received recently titled, "Take these with you," had us reading it twice. So, we thought we'd share.

To encourage DNC members (or those too lazy to voluntarily unsubscribe from the mailing list) to donate, the committee was offering "pocket cards" that outline President Obama's plans for healthcare reform. A donation of at least $20 will earn you 50 pocket cards.

But it looks like the organization quickly pulled the promotion, perhaps acknowledging how ridiculous it was. Either that or they sold out. A DNC spokesperson with knowledge of the cards couldn't be reached, but it's unlikely that the committee distributed a boatload because the link to download and print them has also been removed.

"Unfortunately, our pocket card offer has expired," according to a note on the donation page. "But your donation can still make a huge difference in supporting the fight for real health care reform."

According to the pocket cards e-mail, they were created to combat the public confusion about Obama's healthcare reform. That confusion was most certainly caused by the evil lies spread by "special interests and Washington attack groups."

The cards were to encourage "one-on-one conversations with friends and neighbors" about the program. Card holders would presumably pull one of these nifty cheat sheets out of their pockets and wave them frantically in front of acquaintances, shouting about the misinformation and lies that mainstream consumers have been fed.

Apparently, Obama's healthcare goals are to "reduce costs," "guarantee choice" and "ensure affordable, quality care for all," according to the pocket cards.


-- Mark Milian

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