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Beer Summit twist -- Sam Adams joins Obama, Prof. Gates and Sgt. Crowley

Having a few beers  

OK, it’s not as dramatic as a hanging chad, or the long-stalled Al Franken-Norm Coleman race for the Senate, but The Ticket’s exploration of beer preferences has hit a snag. Earlier today, in honor of the Beer Summit at the White House, we asked readers to cast their vote — did they prefer Bud Light, Red Stripe or Blue Moon?

But it seems that, as with everything connected to the Harvard Professor Incident, things got complicated.

Our admittedly unscientific poll was in honor of the meeting of President Obama, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sgt. James Crowley of the police department in Cambridge, Mass. The professor and....

... sergeant famously tangled after Crowley went to investigate a report of someone trying to break into Gates’ house. That someone turned out to be Gates, and things got messy from there. Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct, the charges were dropped, Obama criticized police and people have been talking about it ever since.

This all prompted Obama to invite the men over for a beer to hash things out, which led to our question. If you had a chance to raise a glass with the president, which beer would you choose of the three to be served — Blue Moon, Red Stripe or Bud Light?

Well, it turns out that Gates had a Sam Adams Light. And a surprise guest, Vice President Joe Biden, had a Buckler, a low-alcohol beer. Obviously, the results of earlier voting have been thrown into question, though Blue Moon consistently led with hundreds of votes cast.

So, in the interest of transparency, we present a second chance to cast your vote.

Oh, and the beer summit? Stay tuned to for the latest. For now, Obama’s statement following the summit:

I am thankful to Professor Gates and Sergeant Crowley for joining me at the White House this evening for a friendly, thoughtful conversation. Even before we sat down for the beer, I learned that the two gentlemen spent some time together listening to one another, which is a testament to them.

I have always believed that what brings us together is stronger than what pulls us apart. I am confident that has happened here tonight, and I am hopeful that all of us are able to draw this positive lesson from this episode.

-- Steve Padilla

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Photo: Biden, Gates, Crowley and Obama in the White House beer garden. Credit: Associated Press

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All this concern around a contrived "beer summit," a silly, silly spin and fascination around communal beer, and yet, more truthfully, just a signature ritual when macho egos are involved.

The only real "teaching moment" in all this is Lucia Whalen. Her integrity, honesty, and courage, is something to be celebrated... with or without the beer.

If the President hadn't jumped into this mess before knowing the facts, the Beer Summit might never have taken place.
When will he make sure brain is engaged before activating mouth?

Obama learned how to handle the race issue from his pastor, Rev. Wright!

I am ever amazed at the little minds that actually listen to the news . It is obvious that everything he does is under scrutiny and I dont think it is about right or wrong with you all I think it is about you just dont like the fact that he is your president and of course not a republican white man. He hasnt comitted any crime, just the fact that he is alive is enough for you little miinds to look for something bad. What is obvious is that no matter how hard you try you guys cant ruffle his featherst. It does however drive you crazy that he is a bigger person than most of you criticizers. He has been smart enough to make it to where most of you will only get to see on T.V. Get over it and spend time teaching the young people you can influence that they shouldnt drink beer or stronger alcohol. But it appears that you would rather criticize than do something constructive.


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