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Hawaii tries again to snuff Barack Obama birth certificate controversy

Well, surely this will settle finally once and for all that Barack Hussein Obama was really, actually and factually born in the United States and, therefore, is fully qualified according to the U.S. Constitution to be the president that he has been since he took the oath of office on Jan. 20 and a second time shortly after, just to make sure.


In yet another quite possibly futile attempt to silence the zombie birther controversy that won't die, the director of Hawaii's State Department of Health, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, has just repeated her statement from October that she has personally and with her very own official eyes seen the "original vital records" regarding Obama's birth in Honolulu's Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital on Aug. 4, 1961.

At Monday's White House briefing, press secretary Robert Gibbs also sought to dismiss the issue as "fictional nonsense," suggesting the so-called birthers would never be happy with any evidence.

Nevermind that Obama might have been born on Mars for all anyone cares. The stubborn story of the refusal of many to stop questioning his birthplace as American and....

...therefore, to challenge his presidential legitimacy has become in itself an intriguing, if legally moot, tale.

Various courts have ruled in Obama's favor on the issue or refused even to consider it. (Aha, so maybe they are all part of a Kenyan socialist conspiracy?)

Hawaii's Republican governor is reported to believe Obama is a natural-born American. No one has produced solid conflicting documents that he wasn't born in the U.S.

The Obama campaign released an official state certificate of birth, which The Ticket published here months ago. Hawaii says it's authentic. Critics point out accurately it's not an official birth certificate. They claim the type font is newer than the date. Wonder where the doctor's signature is? And the infant's footprints?

But here's the real catch: Hawaii state law happens to forbid release of original birth records to anyone without a tangible interest in those records.

Barack Obama and his mother

And, so far, the tangible interest of any of the so-called "birthers" including even Alan Keyes here or the famous singer Pat Boone over here has yet to be proven. So the original documents remain transparently secreted in Hawaii while the story strangely simmers all over.

Wait! Unless, as a certain CNN celebrity commentator stubbornly suggests (despite his boss' own suggestion that the guy drop the stupid issue as dead), those historical documents were mysteriously destroyed somehow. Perhaps during computerization of state government documents. Or perhaps as part.....

But then, what is it state health director Fukino claims she looked at? And why exactly were Obama's documents destroyed? What were they hiding?

How did the Obama kid and his late mother ever get his U.S. passport without an actual certified birth certificate like everyone else has to produce? So they could travel to and live in Indonesia all those years ago? What about the report that some African relative recalls Obama being born in Kenya?

And, by the way, where was Lou Dobbs born?

The answer, according to legend, is that the often-outraged TV talker was born in the sparsely populated north Texas county of Childress, the son of two illegal immigrants. No, just kidding about the parent part because LD has made such a big deal out of illegal immigrants from Mexico. According to the little-known story, Dobbs' father Frank was a propane dealer, his mother Lydia Mae a bookkeeper.

What is not so well-known is that the county is named for George Campbell Childress. The very one.

And do you know who GCC was? He was the author of the Republic of Texas' Declaration of Independence from Mexico. The subversive (to Gen. Santa Anna) declaration was adopted on March 2, 1836. That precise date just happens to be almost exactly 109 years, six months and roughly three weeks before the birth of the conspiracist commentator who rails against illegal Mexican immigrants.


-- Andrew Malcolm

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Why don't they just show Obama's original birth certificate and put these stories to rest?

the birth certificate hunt is a distraction.

Which type of citizen is Barack Hussein Obama (assuming Obama's own statements are correct )

A. Naturalized Citizen ( foreigner who legally obtains US citizenship )

B. Native Born Citizen ( person born on US soil from at least one foreign parent )

C. Natural Born Citizen ( person born on US soil from a US citizen mother AND A US CITIZEN FATHER )

answer is B. according to BHO, he is a native born citizen but not a Natural Born Citizen as the office of the presidency requires.

Eventually everyone is going to come to this realization and the effect is going to be devastating

How can Hawaii say or imply that noone has a 'tangible interest' in seeing Obama's birth certificate? Afterall, he is the president of the United States, and our United States constitution demands that all elected officers are proven to be eligible. Only natural born citizens can be presidents.

Simply because an alleged report comes out that his birth certificate exists, does not PROVE he is a citizen.

All he has to do is show the birth certificate. Why is it so difficult if Hawaii claims they have - why not release it?

It is a shame that the media frame this issue wrong, and attack anyone who sides against the president.

The issue is not whether Obama is a citizen, it is, why won't he release the long form of his birth certificate?

Sure there are crazy people who would not be happy with any evidence that Obama is a citizen, but there are plenty of rational people whose only issue is Obama's lack of transparency. These people would be very happy if he released this document.

Tangible interest doesn't mean that the birth certificate cannot be released. It means that it can only be released to Obama, his wife, his immediate family, or his family lawyer. I am not a "birther", but I am curious as to why this has gone on so long. Why does Obama fight lawsuits and such when producing the official birth certificate is within his power and will immediately silence these critics?

why do they keep the original documents a secret if it is all legit?

Hawaii's State Department of Health Official, Dr. Chiyome Fukimo, has a great future on Wall Street selling crap to people who don't demand to see the material facts.

Hawaii's State Department of Health, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, has probably also verified seeing the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus!

Note to author - IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE HE WAS BORN. The birth certificate is just the distraction issue. To be eligible for President he must be a Natural Born Citizen, not just a citizen. The requirements as such were that BOTH his parents were citizens when he was born. Were they?? No they weren't. Ignoring the dubious dates re his mother's citizenship, Obama ADMITS his father was a British citizen. Possible allegiance to another nation is exactly why the founding fathers added the requirement of Natural Born Citizen - to avoid it happening.

Perhaps you will ask Gibbs about THAT??

I do sincerely wish Google News would learn to tell the difference between news and editorials. But as so few Americans evidence any ability to make the distinction themselves I suppose that there's little point in fixing the portal not to lead me to pages like this.

I have a copy of a birth certificate containing the name of Barak Obama on my computer. The only question that I have, is why did they black out the seriial number in the upper right hand corner of the document? Could it be that the number on the document issued did not agree with the numbers listed at the time of his birth.

I think the birthers are, to state it kindly, extremely misguided, and the volume of their conspiracy cries threatens to do real harm to more legitimate protests of the leftward lunge by the president and Congress.

But, if the White House were serious about quelling the controversy, it would tell Hawaii officials to release the actual birth certificate. Until that happens, even those who believe the birthers are nuts will begin to wonder if that little piece of paper contains something worth hiding.

I think BO was born in Hawaii and is ideed an American citizen, but I'm still wondering why he had his birth certificate sealed when he visited his dying grandmother right before the election.
My birth certificate shows my mother's religion and marital status. Maybe since his mother was married to a Muslim, BOs mother listed her religion as Muslim? Or maybe she WASN'T married to a Muslim and BO is illegitimate?
Or maybe BO was just trying to stir up the conspiracy theorists. GWB had the "truthers" and BO has the "birthers"!

FTA: "...the director of Hawaii's State Department of Health, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, has just repeated her statement from October that she has personally and with her very own official eyes seen the "original vital records" regarding Obama's birth..."

So why can't the American public see it, too?

Certificate controversy? There is no controversy. Does anyone really think a black man in America can just willy nilly walk up to the presidency without a thousand people poring over every little detail? Birthers are just sore losers.

From the story: "Dr. Chiyome Fukino, has just repeated her statement from October that she has personally and with her very own official eyes seen the "original vital records" regarding Obama's birth in Honolulu's Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital on Aug. 4, 1961"

Actually, Dr. Fukino didn't mention the hospital by name. That little tidbit was inserted by the writer. So now we have the writer of the story providing cover to the only person saying they've seen the certificate.

The entire issue can be resolved by Obama authorizing Hawaii to release the birth certificate to the media. And while he's at it, Obama can also make public all his college transcripts, his passport travel history, his Selective Service registration documents, his medical records, etc.

Then he can explain how he was able to visit Pakistan in 1981, when American citizens weren't allowed to go there. Next he can enlighten everyone as to who paid for his college education.


You gotta love how liberals come up with catchy derogatory names to describe the opposition: teabaggers, birthers, zombies...

Ridicule and demean the opposition.

"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." - Saul Alinsky, from Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

What if she's not telling the truth? Or are we to believe that people with titles always tell the truth. One way to know for sure - publicize the birth certificate that she claims to have seen. Most birthers, including myself, are perfectly open to the possibiity that he was born in HI. We just think respect for the Constitution demands that people publicly prove it. Show the birth certificate!

It seems Jon Klein of CNN misread a report by the Star Tribune when Hawaii DOH spokesperson explained that Hawaii went paperless in 2001. She didn't say the original records were destroyed, but I guess Klein read it that way, and passed it off in an email, then repeated by Dobbs. Way to check your facts CNN!

Obama, you need show the ORIGINAL one !
Why you refuse to show the origial birth certificate??because you are hiding something, as simple as that !!!!!

!!!!!!! But you cannot hide it forever!!!!!!

It dies (probably) when Obama calls Hawaii and tells them to release his original long-form birth certificate. Since Rathergate no one really trusts non-original forms posted online and to date Obama has never said why he's refusing to release the original. That feeds the fire, not puts it out.

Efforts by others to resolve this aren't helpful and at least somewhat make it look more like he has something to hide. Obama and only Obama can settle this, and with just a phonecall.

When the U.S Supreme Court and Legal Professionals have seen with there own eyes and can form a independent judgment of ALL DOCUMENTS that Mr. Obama should have all ready provided long before now. Without having paid legal personnel to secretly keep this critical information of showing as to having the needed qualifications to be seated as our Commander and Chief.
Mr. Obama " Where's the necessary documents such as your birth certificate and etc.?"

just show the records that Dr. Chiyome Fukinohe has.

what is obama hidding ?

Hawaii's Republican governor is reported to believe Obama is a natural-born American. No one has produced solid conflicting documents that he wasn't born in the U.S.
LOL, are you kidding me? The burden of proof lies with the one asserting the positive. No one can prove a universal negative, PHL 101.

Undocumented Alien: Sir, please issue me a Social Security Number
Social Security office clerk: Do you have documents proving you are a US Citizen?
Undocumented Alien: No one has produced solid conflicting documents that I wasn't born in the U.S.
Andrew Malcolm: Good enough for me!

"Health Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino said Monday she has seen the original birth records that verify Obama was born in Hawaii, and is a “natural-born American citizen.” Natural-born requires two American citizens to be parents. Frank Marshall Davis is American and if the father as earlier stated from a former Hawaii lawsuit won by Andy Martin, he would be a natural born citizen.

That would make his birth certificate that he has shown on the internet to be a fraud as was reported. He was adopted by Lolo Soetoro an Indonesian citizen and lived there about seven years before returning to live with his grandmother while he attended school. His parents were still Indonesian citizens and divorce papers show he was still receiving help with education from his step-father. That makes him ineligible to be president, having dual citizenship at best.

His Selective Service Registration shows many irregularities apparently showing he caused it to be fabricated because at 18 years old he was not a US citizen and did not have to register. When he needed an sss registration for the campaign, evidence shows he had help producing one. Details are at and

Barack Obama deceived voters to gain control of the US government and must be removed along with any he appointed. His policy decisions must be abandoned. If our laws have been corrupted and ineffective leaders in control, then we will be no better off than other nations that had to riot for change. BE AWARE: GUNS WILL MAKE US LOSE CONTROL; IT GIVES THE PRESIDENT AND MILITARY CONTROL OVER US. Prayer and words of truth will overcome lies and deception. It is the promise of God in all holy books.

Since the State of Hawaii now admits that it has the ACTUAL birth certificate in its vital records why is it not released so we too can see it? What is the big personal privacy to protect here?

State Secret? Only those with a "vital interest'? A technicality with no meaning in this case. Well, with Obama's approval it can be released today.

The arguments against "the birthers" are intended to discredit instead of enlighten. Grabbing the wildest claims to try to smear the valid questions is called mis-information and deception.

Since we now are told that a real birth certificate exists can we just see it? Until then the issue will not go away.

Gibbs' lies notwithstanding, claiming you have seen an UFO, or pictures of them, and swearing it is all true, is not the same as actually producing an UFO.

What are they hiding? The more Obama and his minions complain that the question keeps getting asked, the more they try to get Lou Dobbs fired for even asking, the more radio talk show hosts that get FIRED for asking the question, the more I will suspect that they are hiding something bad. it may just be personally embarrassing to The O, rather than disqualifying, but this cover-up smear campaign will not work.

Gibbs can release one document and stop the questions. Allow Hawaii to release the ORIGINAL birth certificate.

And since when did that Hawaiian records official become the judicial authority to determine that the birth certificate, which they won't allow us to even see for some unknown bizarre reason, proves that The O is a "Natural Born" citizen?

The more that The O team pushes back here by attacking and lying, the more I doubt their motives.

Did everyone just forget "Question Authority!" Why would you just take some Hawaiian official's claim as true when they could so easily produce the document itself.

When you look at this logically it is not the "birthers" that are being irrational.

Passport records are forever. Obama's mother has passed on. So there is no one who can object to release of her passport records. They would show when she left Africa. Right before or right after his birth. This should be so easy to solve anyway. Mom's hospital chart. Delivery room record. Hospital and the doctors own files. So far the only witnesses are his family who say they were at the birth in Kenya.

PS I heard Africa keeps records of the coming and goings of tourists also. If Hawaii has a "real" birth certificate" why doesn't Obama get it and put an end to it. His colleges probably have copies. Did he use the African copy and the Hawaiin copy at different times? If there is not a "real" birth certificate" he legally cannot be president. Any president should be quick to prove he is qualified before he can throw his hat in the ring.

This is really sloppy. Here is what Dr. Fukino said:

"I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago...."

Here is what the article above says:

"Dr. Chiyome Fukino, has just repeated her statement from October that she has personally and with her very own official eyes seen the "original vital records" regarding Obama's birth in Honolulu's Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital on Aug. 4, 1961."

Where exactly does Dr. Fukino say that she has personally confirmed the birth at Kapiolani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital? She does not, but sloppy articles like this one continue to try and distort the issue and publish lies.

Was Obama born at the hospital he claims? That is the real issue here. The COLB produced by Obama does not contain the name of the hospital. Obama has publicly stated he was born at the hospital, but he refuses to release the vault records or the hospital records to prove it.

The State of Hawaii has announced they are holding these records that would prove or disprove this fact. Obama could sign a releases and produce these records for $10.00 but he refuses to do so.

Keep in mind that in the 1960's Hawaii was filled with immigration fraud due to the lax laws in place. Basically anyone could walk in off the street and declare that a baby had plopped out at home and get a birth certificate.

So does Obama's records confirm that he was born at the hospital he has claimed, or does this record state that he was born somewhere there were no witnesses. This is an essential burden of proof that until it is answered Obama has not been properly vetted. If the records say that Obama was not born at the hospital it raises the need for further evidence and for Obama to answer the question why did he lie about this?

OK, so Obama was born in Hawaii. Guess what - he still may NOT be a natural born citizen and may NOT be qualified for president because his father was NOT a US citizen. This is the real issue that needs to be resolved. Also, he was adopted and likely became a citizen of Indonesia. This also needs to be resolved. The issue over his eligibility will not go away until these other problems are evaluated. It appears he was born in Hawaii, but that is not the sole determining factor regarding natural born status.

Even if Barack Obama were born in Kenya, he would still be a natural born citizen of the US, and qualified to be President of the United States, because his mother was a US citizen.

That's the law.


Well wasn't that clever of BO to chose to say he was born in a state that doesn't release its birth records? If He had chosen, say, a state that freely releases birth records, he would be screwed!
And are even sure about Michelle's citizenship? That might be worth looking into, too.
And Sotomayor's? And Alberto Gonzolez's? Oh no, wait...he's ok, because he's a, he's a, um you know! He didn't vote for, well you know.....!

Most of these posters are out of their minds or they still cannot get over the FACT that a so called Black man is the president ! of the USA. Amen!!!!!.Give it up people.!!!!The man is president. Get over it, live your life. Do not be consumed with lethal hatred which will end up giving you sickness in your body ,soul and spirit. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SEAN WROTE: "Even if Barack Obama were born in Kenya, he would still be a natural born citizen of the US, and qualified to be President of the United States, because his mother was a US citizen. That's the law."

Actually, assuming Obama was born in Kenya, to be qualified to be an American President BOTH his parents had to have been Americans. Since Obama's daddy was Kenyan that means Obama ISN'T an American.

Obama gave up whatever American citizenship he had when he became a legal citizen of Indonesia to attend the Muslim schools there.

Many counties in the USA accept births/deaths from persons that usually reside in the county, BUT THE EVENT birth/death actually occurred outside said county or even country. The full legal original Hawaii birth document may in fact exist but may contain information concerning a birth from Kenya from parents that usually resided in Hawaii.


Nice try Dr. Chiyome Fukino. So you looked at his Birth Certificate or was it Live Birth Certificate? I guess we are suppose to believe you are as honest as our Government. Can somebody supply Obama's school records? where did he go to school k-12? and where is his college records? Has anyone Check to see when he obtained his passport? and where are his passports? He already told us he has travel outside the United States, Let's see the custom Stamps ?

PS. for the person who said even if he were born in Kenya he would be citizen because his mother was...WRONG.. HE WOULD NOT BE 'NATURAL BORN" READ THE CONSITITUTATION

It's obvious that Lou Dobbs is actually Obama's father,
and even though Obama is too embarrased to own up
to it, Lou Dobbs is not. He just needs the proof, but
who would believe him if he just told the truth, hence
the need for pulling off the gloves and concocting
a pretzel logic to keep people wondering until he
gets his team of plumbers into the record room to
claim his prize, giving him a huge boost in his credability,
and maybe even someday people would even take him
seriously, it's been his life long dream.
Long live the dreamers, they keep things interesting

Of course this is silliness. No one cared one will care now.

now...that doesnt make it NOT true. Every effort has been made to avoid releasing the official birth certificate. How tough would it be for Obama to have done that? Why...not tough at all. Even if he didnt have a copy...& bucks...a quick form...poof...there it is. doesnt exist. Because he WASNT born in Hawaii.

Whackos of the world unite (right here!)!
The best proof that this is all nonsense is that the Honolulu Advertiser (a local daily) printed his birth a week afterward in the basic vital statistics that papers all used to run (i know, i worked for one in the 60s). The info comes from a central reporting source (county or city records) and/or the hospitals. It boggles the find to come up with any logical reason for Obama's mother to go to Kenya so secretly to give birth, yet have someone back in Honolulu falsify basic records (all within a week of brith). This whole thing belong with The Earth Is Flat people.
And what a font of misinformation this all is...
--Obama was never adopted by his Indonesian stepfather, and neither he nor his mother ever changed citizenship.
--It doesn't matter where your parents were born; you're a citizen/natural born if they gave birth in the U.S. Not my optinion--this is one of the legal rulings that inflames those against immigrants.
--Not a person in Hawaii or Kenya has come forth to say that Obama's mother went to Kenya to give birth...and why in the world would she? That would be insane, given the hospital differences.
--A white woman giving birth (even to a child fathered by an African) would have been entered in the records in Kenya, unless she gave birth out in the bush...and the local (Naiirobi) paper, like Honolulu's would have printed it. Needless to say the papers there show no such birth.
--In fact, she would have stood out so much that there would be no end of people who would have recalled the incident. Funny....nobody has.
--But the ultimate" huh?" to all this is why would Obama's mother go to Kenya to give birth--to Obama and this ridiculous "controversy"?
Pat Boone should stick to music.

This is definitely a point! Funny how Gibbs will state that he is a citizen, but refuses to state he is a natural born citizen. It should be then asked would you state that Obama was a Natural born citizen or a citizen of the United states. He would have to answer one way or the other.

Will he perjure himself on this issue? Stating I will not answer any more of these questions is not an option... Natural born citizen or Citizen?

Another great question would be did he ever use the name Barry Soetoro growing up? If he states yes, then Obama lied on his Bar exam stating he never used any other name.

So many lies - when does it end!

Oh and I am neither a Republican or a Democrat - I am a Patriot and proud of it!

There are three contentions in the Obama natural born citizen issue, any one could be a problem to his status as a “natural born citizen”:

1. He may have become an Indonesian citizen if adopted by Lolo Soetero in Indonesia. Were he born in Hawaii, he may have been natural born citizen at birth, but would have lost it upon changing citizenships.
2. He was born a dual citizen of the UK (Kenya was part of UK). Obama himself has verified this. It is contended by most of the cases that dual citizens cannot be considered natural born.
3. The least likely, and the one the media focuses on (because of it’s unlikelihood), is that he was born in Kenya. Purportedly there is testimony to this occurence.

This should have beeen reviewed before Obama was certified, or at least some congressman should have raised the question during the certification. The issue is becoming a political hot potatoe for Obama (not coincidentally restarting in earnest as he attempts to nationalize health care).

The issues are valid enough for a review.

You know--it really would be easy for the birth certificate issue to go away--all the Prez needs to do is to produce the birth certificate and not what has been posted. We ALL know what a birth certificate looks like-it tells where you were born, when you were born, how big you were, who the doctor was, who the parents were. Well, let's see one for the Prez. Or, what about the passport he used to travel on when he was a teenager. This will show whether he is an American citizen or not. Or what about his school records at Harvard. They tell whether he was an American citizen or not.
WHY, WHY, WHY is the President hiding all of this? If someone asked me, I would eagerly produce all of the above. And yet the President continues to pay lawyers lots of money to prevent his having to produce any of these documents.
FACT: his African stepmother said he was born in Africa
FACT: The Prez and his sister cannot get together on which hospital he was born in
FACT: Mother and less than 1 month old son appear in Seattle, which is the regular route home from Africa to Honolulu at that time
FACT: Obama in his book says he had his original birth certificate

If there is a problem, it is because of the lack of transparency in the White House. And please do not refer to that joke of a document that was posted on the internet as a birth certificate. I can create one just like it.

I love that the authentic birth certificate released for everyone to see says that his father was African American. In the 1960's Obama was so advanced that he coined the term almost 20 years before it was put on any other birth certificates. The term would have been Negro or Negroid.

A soldier's oath includes ". . . will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the president of the United States . . "

Now if birthers can't prove his eligibility to be the Commander-in-Chief, then I have a serious question. If the domestic enemy is the President due to his policies, czars, affiliations, agenda, etc., (look at the big picture) then would the military's true faith and allegiance be for the American people regardless of the orders of the president of the United States? What if the American people pleaded for the military to help us against this tyranny? Where would their loyalties be?

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who fasley believe they are free."

It is interesting that on one hand the far right is very upset about pregnant illegals who come to the USA to give birth so their babies will be a US citizens yet are certain that Obama (who's mom was a US citizen, with a certification of birth which states he was born on the island of Oahu, Hawaii) is not a citizen.
Hmmm, so if you are born on US soil with an illegal mom you are a citizen but if your mom happens to be citizen then you aren't????

All Americans have a tangible interest in seeing his original birth certificate. Why is this such a secret?

Just release the document.
Just release the document.
Just release the document.

"Is this really smoking gun of Obama's Kenyan birth?"
"Attorney files motion for authentication of alleged certificate from Africa"

"Taitz Moves For Authentication Of Kenyan Birth Certificate"


The majority of the people demanding to see the Birth Certificate are probably better educated than the average LA Times Journalist.

We have a 1964 Birth Certificate copy from a 1961 Kenyan birth, a grandmother who states she witnessed his Kenyan birth,

A school document proving that Obama was a citizen of Indonesia, and the US law that defines what a "Natural Born Citizen is"

Of course, Obama has a 2007 rendering of a "Certification of Live Birth" without any hospital information on it, that was computer generated, and 2 newspaper prints from Hawaii papers, also without hospital information.

The preponderance of evidence, it seems, shows that Barry Hussein Soetro is Obama's real name and that he was born in Kenya, and is double not natural born.

This man should be impeached! But the LA times and it's state propagandists care more about propping him up than the truth.

Who was Obama's delivering physician? Almost certainly the same one who delivered these on the same day in Honolulu.

Honolulu births, August 4, 1961
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel K Haae Sr. 849A 11th Avenue, son, August 4
Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Highway, son, August 4
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Asing, 2135 Anianiku Street, son, August 4
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. M. Hatchie, 2420 Kaululaau Street, daughter, August 4
Mr. and Mrs Harry Y. W. Wong, 463 Lawelawe Street, son, August 4

Long Form information:
File number
Child's name
Single/Twin/Triplet and born 1st/2nd/3rd
Birth date and hour
Place of birth
Name of hospital or institution, address
Outside city limits?
Usual residence of mother?
County, State, or foreign country
Street address of mother.
Outside city limits?
Mailing address of mother.
Farm or plantation?
Full name of father.
Race of father.
Age of father.
Birthplace of father.
Usual occupation of father.
Kind of business or industry,
Full maiden name of mother.
Race of mother.
Age of mother.
Birthplace of mother.
Type of occupation outside the home during pregnancy.
Date last worked.
Signature of parent and date.
Signature of attendant (M.D., D.O., Midwife, Other) and date.
Date accepted by local registrar, Signature of registrar, and date.

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